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I have used 22 lists (of the 24 100s below) to form the basis of our 2007 Consensus 100.  (X-1 was dropped as another list by the same author has been made available and the Baseball Notebook version of March 15th has been bypassed in favour of the more comprehensive January 26th list).

Players had to be named on at least five of the lists to make the final cut entries.  Players were given 100 points for a 1st place listing, 99 points for second, 98 for third and on and on down to 1 point for a selection as number 100. 

The first column is the number of lists which included the player, then the average score of those listings, the highest score over all the listings and finally the minimum score registered.   I realize this simple system has the potential to skew the results of those picked on fewer lists, but overall I think it presents a good snapshot of the guys you should target for your rosters. 

[Updated March 31 to include the missing Troy Tulowitzki}


                                #  Ave  Max  Min
  1 Matsuzaka Daisuke RHP       7 99.1  100   98
  2 Young Delmon OF            22 96.2  100   54
  3 Hughes Philip RHP          22 95.9   99   82
  4 Gordon Alex 3B             22 95.3  100   65
  5 Bailey Homer RHP           21 90.9   98   33
  6 Wood Brandon SS            20 90.5   97   63
  7 Tulowitzki Troy SS         20 88.6   99   75
  8 Young Chris OF             22 88.3   99   51
  9 Garza Matt RHP             19 87.7   99   75
 10 Butler Billy OF            21 85.3   98   60
 11 Bruce Jay OF               20 84.5  100   32
 12 Gallardo Yovani RHP        21 84.0   95   68
 13 Maybin Cameron OF          20 83.5   97   41
 14 Longoria Evan 3B           18 83.2   94   64
 15 Miller Andrew LHP          18 82.8   91   63
 16 Lincecum Tim RHP           19 82.6   95   62
 17 Pelfrey Mike RHP           20 81.9   97   43
 18 McCutchen Andrew OF        19 80.7   96   37
 19 Laroche Andy 3B            22 80.3   95   53
 20 Braun Ryan 3B              22 78.0   92   30
 21 Upton Justin OF            20 77.8   95   16
 22 Brignac Reid SS            20 75.1   90   16
 23 Miller Adam RHP            21 75.0   94   19
 24 Tabata Jose OF             19 72.4   94   10
 25 Gonzalez Carlos OF         20 72.1   84   41
 26 Elbert Scott LHP           19 70.8   90   10
 27 Martinez Fernando OF       17 70.5   93    9
 28 Hochevar Luke RHP          18 70.1   83   52
 29 Kershaw Clayton LHP        15 70.0   87   39
 30 Adenhart Nick RHP          20 68.0   89   20
 31 Loney James 1B             21 67.0   93   37
 32 Lind Adam OF               21 65.5   94   15
 33 Hirsh Jason RHP            19 64.9   90   34
 34 Pence Hunter OF            21 63.8   83    3
 35 Niemann Jeff RHP           18 62.9   86   32
 36 Jones Adam OF              22 60.6   86   14
 37 Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B        19 59.4   95   26
 38 Pie Felix OF               21 59.1   80   41
 39 Fields Josh 3B             20 58.6   86   21
 40 Rasmus Colby OF            19 58.5   96   17
 41 Ellsbury Jacoby OF         18 57.9   74   25
 42 Humber Philip RHP          17 57.1   75   28
 43 Votto Joey 1B              19 57.1   90    4
 44 Danks John LHP             19 56.0   81   30
 45 Iannetta Chris C           19 55.4   93    9
 46 Stewart Ian 3B             18 52.4   73   31
 47 Lofgren Chuck LHP          17 52.2   70   12
 48 Saltalamacchia Jarrod C    20 52.1   74   19
 49 Hurley Eric RHP            15 51.9   76   24
 50 Snider Travis OF           14 51.4   68   30
 51 Buchholz Clay RHP          16 49.3   69    5
 52 Rowell Bill 3B             14 48.4   71    6
 53 Erbe Brandon RHP           16 47.9   93   21
 54 Barton Daric 1B            20 47.6   81   15
 55 Andrus Elvis SS            13 46.3   62   12
 56 Casto Kory 3B               7 46.3   92   12
 57 Morales Franklin LHP       13 46.2   71    9
 58 Sanchez Humberto RHP       18 45.9   77   20
 59 Pedroia Dustin 2B          16 45.6   92   18
 60 Windsor Jason RHP           5 45.4   82    7
 61 Buck Travis OF             17 44.6   67   27
 62 Dukes Elijah OF            19 43.9   86    1
 63 Aybar Erick SS             16 43.8   70   11
 64 Patton Troy LHP            17 43.4   55   16
 65 Volquez Edinson RHP         8 42.9   76    9
 66 Clement Jeff C             15 40.9   79   12
 67 Barton Brian OF             5 40.8   62   15
 68 Montero Miguel C           17 40.4   85   15
 69 Sweeney Ryan OF            17 40.3   80    7
 70 McGee Jacob LHP            13 40.1   64   10
 71 Carrasco Carlos RHP        16 40.1   78    3
 72 Inman Will RHP             14 39.9   98   10
 73 Veal Donald LHP            15 39.9   67    4
 74 Slowey Kevin RHP           20 39.7  100    3
 75 Albers Matt RHP             9 38.1   76    2
 76 Sanchez Jonathan LHP        9 37.4   93    4
 77 Fowler Dexter OF           13 36.2   62   14
 78 Rogers Mark RHP             5 36.0   56   19
 79 Hansen Craig RHP            6 35.8   65   17
 80 Campbell Eric 3B            8 34.9   85   14
 81 Gomez Carlos OF            12 34.5   67    5
 82 Guzman Joel 3B              6 33.8   56    6
 83 Garcia Jaime LHP            7 33.6   78    5
 84 Rodriguez Sean SS          13 33.2   76    5
 85 Crowe Trevor OF            15 33.1   58   14
 86 Guerra Deolis RHP           5 31.6   73   13
 87 Perkins Glen LHP           12 30.8   80    1
 88 Volstad Chris RHP          14 30.0   61    8
 89 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP         13 29.5   65    5
 90 Owings Micah RHP            9 29.4   60    3
 91 Walker Neil C              11 29.0   67    3
 92 Reimold Nolan OF            8 29.0   52    5
 93 Chamberlain Joba RHP        8 28.4   45   21
 94 Lincoln Brad RHP           11 27.0   40   15
 95 Bowden Michael RHP         13 26.8   68    1
 96 Petit Yusmeiro RHP          6 26.5   67    1
 97 Gonzalez Gio LHP           11 26.1   54    4
 98 West Sean LHP              10 25.8   51    2
 99 Davis Wade RHP             12 25.1   52    4
100 Morrow Brandon RHP          8 22.8   53    5
101 Jeffress Jeremy RHP         6 21.3   50   11
102 Gallagher Sean RHP          7 21.3   29   15
103 Parmelee Chris OF/1B        8 20.8   39    4
104 Suzuki Kurt C              10 20.4   51    3
105 Marrero Chris OF            5 20.4   54    1
106 Patterson Eric 2B           8 19.3   49    6
107 Betances Dellin RHP         8 19.1   43    1
108 Talbot Mitch RHP            5 18.8   44    6
109 Lillibridge Brent SS        5 18.0   45    1
110 DeWitt Blake 2B             6 17.3   28    6
111 Harrison Matt LHP           9 16.9   52    4
112 Conger Hank C               7 14.9   41    8
113 Carrillo Cesar RHP          8 13.3   25    1
114 Hellickson Jeremy RHP       6 12.0   17    6
115 Swarzak Anthony RHP         8 11.4   28    1

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    Baseball America     Kevin Goldstein      Bryan Smith          Dayn Perry
    01-Mar-07            BBall Prospectus     Sports Illustrated   FOXSports
                         21-Feb-07            22-Jan-07            20-Feb-07
 1  Matsuzaka Daisuke RH Gordon Alex 3B       Gordon Alex 3B       Gordon Alex 3B
 2  Gordon Alex 3B       Hughes Philip RHP    Young Delmon OF      Young Chris OF
 3  Young Delmon OF      Young Delmon OF      Bailey Homer RHP     Young Delmon OF
 4  Hughes Philip RHP    Bailey Homer RHP     Hughes Philip RHP    Hughes Philip RHP
 5  Bailey Homer RHP     Wood Brandon SS      Wood Brandon SS      McCutchen Andrew OF
 6  Maybin Cameron OF    Lincecum Tim RHP     Young Chris OF       Bailey Homer RHP
 7  Longoria Evan 3B     Maybin Cameron OF    Upton Justin OF      Wood Brandon SS
 8  Wood Brandon SS      Young Chris OF       Maybin Cameron OF    Martinez Fernando OF
 9  Upton Justin OF      Bruce Jay OF         Butler Billy OF      Longoria Evan 3B
 10 Miller Andrew LHP    Longoria Evan 3B     Miller Adam RHP      Gallardo Yovani RHP
 11 Lincecum Tim RHP     Brignac Reid SS      Tulowitzki Troy SS   Braun Ryan 3B
 12 Young Chris OF       Braun Ryan 3B        Miller Andrew LHP    Lincecum Tim RHP
 13 McCutchen Andrew OF  Garza Matt RHP       Lincecum Tim RHP     Maybin Cameron OF
 14 Bruce Jay OF         Gallardo Yovani RHP  McCutchen Andrew OF  Kershaw Clayton LHP
 15 Tulowitzki Troy SS   McCutchen Andrew OF  Bruce Jay OF         Jones Adam OF
 16 Gallardo Yovani RHP  Kershaw Clayton LHP  Kershaw Clayton LHP  Miller Andrew LHP
 17 Brignac Reid SS      Miller Andrew LHP    Brignac Reid SS      Brignac Reid SS
 18 Gonzalez Carlos OF   Martinez Fernando OF LaRoche Andy 3B      Tabata Jose OF
 19 Laroche Andy 3B      Miller Adam RHP      Gonzalez Carlos OF   Butler Billy OF
 20 Pelfrey Mike RHP     LaRoche Andy 3B      Elbert Scott LHP     Bruce Jay OF
 21 Garza Matt RHP       Butler Billy OF      Martinez Fernando OF Garza Matt RHP
 22 Martinez Fernando OF Tabata Jose OF       Longoria Evan 3B     LaRoche Andy 3B
 23 Miller Adam RHP      Hochevar Luke RHP    Tabata Jose OF       Hochevar Luke RHP
 24 Kershaw Clayton LHP  Tulowitzki Troy SS   Gallardo Yovani RHP  Miller Adam RHP
 25 Butler Billy OF      Niemann Jeff RHP     Jones Adam OF        Rasmus Colby OF
 26 Braun Ryan 3B        Humber Philip RHP    Garza Matt RHP       Tulowitzki Troy SS
 27 Tabata Jose OF       Erbe Brandon RHP     Pelfrey Mike RHP     Upton Justin OF
 28 Jones Adam OF        Adenhart Nick RHP    Rasmus Colby OF      Rodriguez Sean SS
 29 Rasmus Colby OF      Upton Justin OF      Braun Ryan 3B        Danks John LHP
 30 Morales Franklin LHP Pelfrey Mike RHP     Adenhart Nick RHP    Iannetta Chris C
 31 Elbert Scott LHP     Gonzalez Carlos OF   Danks John LHP       Aybar Erick SS
 32 Hochevar Luke RHP    Elbert Scott LHP     Votto Joey 1B        Gonzalez Carlos OF
 33 Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Morales Franklin LHP Hurley Eric RHP      Dukes Elijah OF
 34 Adenhart Nick RHP    Gomez Carlos OF      Pie Felix OF         Adenhart Nick RHP
 35 Niemann Jeff RHP     Lofgren Chuck LHP    Hochevar Luke RHP    Elbert Scott LHP
 36 Saltalamacchia Jarro Veal Donald LHP      Hirsh Jason RHP      Humber Philip RHP
 37 McGee Jacob LHP      Carrasco Carlos RHP  Loney James 1B       Saltalamacchia Jarro
 38 Pence Hunter OF      Hurley Eric RHP      Rowell Bill 3B       Lind Adam OF
 39 Lind Adam OF         Fowler Dexter OF     Dukes Elijah OF      Loney James 1B
 40 Volstad Chris RHP    Snider Travis OF     Saltalamacchia Jarro Hurley Eric RHP
 41 Carrasco Carlos RHP  Buchholz Clay RHP    Pence Hunter OF      Fields Josh 3B
 42 Hirsh Jason RHP      Pie Felix OF         Buchholz Clay RHP    Pelfrey Mike RHP
 43 Votto Joey 1B        Lind Adam OF         Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Stewart Ian 3B
 44 Loney James 1B       Jones Adam OF        Morales Franklin LHP Ellsbury Jacoby OF
 45 Fields Josh 3B       McGee Jacob LHP      Niemann Jeff RHP     Rowell Bill 3B
 46 Stewart Ian 3B       Hirsh Jason RHP      Lofgren Chuck LHP    Pie Felix OF
 47 Rowell Bill 3B       Pence Hunter OF      Veal Donald LHP      Marrero Chris OF
 48 Fowler Dexter OF     Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Fowler Dexter OF     Morales Franklin LHP
 49 Pie Felix OF         Iannetta Chris C     Aybar Erick SS       Buchholz Clay RHP
 50 Buck Travis OF       Rasmus Colby OF      Patton Troy LHP      Lofgren Chuck LHP
 51 Buchholz Clay RHP    Saltalamacchia Jarro Stewart Ian 3B       Jeffress Jeremy RHP
 52 Veal Donald LHP      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Sanchez Humberto RHP Pence Hunter OF
 53 Snider Travis OF     Votto Joey 1B        Andrus Elvis SS      West Sean LHP
 54 Lofgren Chuck LHP    Loney James 1B       McGee Jacob LHP      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 55 Sweeney Ryan OF      Rowell Bill 3B       Snider Travis OF     Volstad Chris RHP
 56 Danks John LHP       Chamberlain Joba RHP Lind Adam OF         Andrus Elvis SS
 57 Sanchez Humberto RHP Patton Troy LHP      Crowe Trevor OF      Pedroia Dustin 2B
 58 Patton Troy LHP      Danks John LHP       West Sean LHP        Betances Dellin RHP
 59 Sanchez Jonathan LHP Clement Jeff C       Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Barton Daric 1B
 60 Gomez Carlos OF      Crowe Trevor OF      Walker Neil C        Snider Travis OF
 61 Aybar Erick SS       Volquez Edinson RHP  Carrasco Carlos RHP  Jimenez Ubaldo RHP
 62 Clement Jeff C       Barton Daric 1B      Humber Philip RHP    Cox Bryce RHP
 63 Montero Miguel C     West Sean LHP        Slowey Kevin RHP     Erbe Brandon RHP
 64 Crowe Trevor OF      Villalona Angel 3B   Iannetta Chris C     Veal Donald LHP
 65 Andrus Elvis SS      Sanchez Humberto RHP Sweeney Ryan OF      Fowler Dexter OF
 66 Perkins Glen LHP     Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Bowden Michael RHP   Tucker Ryan RHP
 67 Barton Daric 1B      Buck Travis OF       Barton Daric 1B      Hirsh Jason RHP
 68 Hurley Eric RHP      Tucker Ryan RHP      Pedroia Dustin 2B    Inman Will RHP
 69 Lincoln Brad RHP     Sweeney Ryan OF      Gonzalez Gio LHP     Niemann Jeff RHP
 70 Garcia Jaime LHP     Stewart Ian 3B       Erbe Brandon RHP     Suzuki Kurt C
 71 Slowey Kevin RHP     Volstad Chris RHP    Perkins Glen LHP     Perkins Glen LHP
 72 Gonzalez Gio LHP     Fields Josh 3B       Clement Jeff C       Harrison Matt LHP
 73 Humber Philip RHP    Sanchez Jonathan LHP Buck Travis OF       Votto Joey 1B
 74 Walker Neil C        Morrow Brandon RHP   Garcia Jaime LHP     Buck Travis OF
 75 Chamberlain Joba RHP Inman Will RHP       Sanchez Jonathan LHP Lincoln Brad RHP
 76 Reynolds Greg RHP    Montero Miguel C                          Hunter Cedric OF
 77 Sinkbeil Brett RHP   Davis Wade RHP                            Crowe Trevor OF
 78 Erbe Brandon RHP     Aybar Erick SS                            Chamberlain Joba RHP
 79 Dukes Elijah OF      Harrison Matt LHP                         Gomez Carlos OF
 80 Samardzija Jeff RHP  Lillibridge Brent SS                      Lindsay Shane RHP
 81 Bard Daniel RHP      Perkins Glen LHP                          Carrillo Cesar RHP
 82 Callaspo Alberto 2B  Gallagher Sean RHP                        Rogers Mark RHP
 83 Bowden Michael RHP   Lincoln Brad RHP                          Hernandez Gorkys CF
 84 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Slowey Kevin RHP                          Sweeney Ryan OF
 85 Albers Matt RHP      Rodriguez Sean SS                         Patton Troy LHP
 86 Barton Brian OF      Bowden Michael RHP                        Lillibridge Brent SS
 87 Morrow Brandon RHP   Jeffress Jeremy RHP                       Carrasco Carlos RHP
 88 Stubbs Drew OF       Conger Hank C                             Walker Neil C
 89 Suzuki Kurt C        Carillo Cesar RHP                         Beato Pedro RHP
 90 Harrison Matt LHP    Parmelee Chris OF/1B                      Sanchez Jonathan LHP
 91 Inman Will RHP       Callaspo Alberto 2B                       Casilla Alexi 2B/SS
 92 Iannetta Chris C     Betances Dellin RHP                       Volquez Edinson RHP
 93 Lillibridge Brent SS Marrero Chris OF                          Conger Hank C
 94 Parmelee Chris OF/1B Sinkbeil Brett RHP                        Patterson Eric 2B
 95 Balester Collin RHP  Hunter Cedric OF                          Clippard Tyler RHP
 96 West Sean LHP        Beato Pedro RHP                           Villalona Angel 3B
 97 Davis Wade RHP       Herrera Javier OF                         Anderson Bryan C
 98 Owings Micah RHP     Feliz Neftali RHP                         Slowey Kevin RHP
 99 Beato Pedro RHP      Drabek Kyle RHP                           Drabek Kyle RHP
100 Betances Dellin RHP  Dukes Elijah OF                           Bowden Michael RHP
    Sickels Community    Project Prospect     MinorLeagueBaseball  MLB.COM
    07-Feb-07            05-Jan-07            Jonathon Mayo        18-Feb-07
                                              Dec 9 2006
 1  Gordon Alex 3B       Young Delmon OF      Young Delmon OF      Young Delmon OF
 2  Young Delmon OF      Gordon Alex 3B       Gordon Alex 3B       Gordon Alex 3B
 3  Hughes Philip RHP    Matsuzaka Daisuke RH Bailey Homer RHP     Young Chris OF
 4  Wood Brandon SS      Hughes Philip RHP    Hughes Philip RHP    Bailey Homer RHP
 5  Bailey Homer RHP     Wood Brandon SS      Wood Brandon SS      Tulowitzki Troy SS
 6  Butler Billy OF      Bailey Homer RHP     Maybin Cameron OF    Garza Matt RHP
 7  Maybin Cameron OF    Bruce Jay OF         Upton Justin OF      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 8  Young Chris OF       Butler Billy OF      Bruce Jay OF         LaRoche Andy 3B
 9  Upton Justin OF      Maybin Cameron OF    Tulowitzki Troy SS   Iannetta Chris C
 10 Garza Matt RHP       Pelfrey Mike RHP     Gallardo Yovani RHP  Hughes Philip RHP
 11 LaRoche Andy 3B      Tulowitzki Troy SS   Elbert Scott LHP     Loney James 1B
 12 Tulowitzki Troy SS   Miller Andrew LHP    Pelfrey Mike RHP     Lind Adam OF
 13 Bruce Jay OF         Young Chris OF       Butler Billy OF      Pedroia Dustin 2B
 14 Brignac Reid SS      McCutchen Andrew OF  Miller Adam RHP      Pelfrey Mike RHP
 15 Dukes Elijah OF      Longoria Evan 3B     McCutchen Andrew OF  Hirsh Jason RHP
 16 McCutchen Andrew OF  Elbert Scott LHP     Longoria Evan 3B     Jones Adam OF
 17 Gonzalez Carlos OF   Gallardo Yovani RHP  Braun Ryan 3B        Braun Ryan 3B
 18 Miller Adam RHP      Braun Ryan 3B        Young Chris OF       Montero Miguel C
 19 Longoria Evan 3B     Upton Justin OF      Miller Andrew LHP    Miller Adam RHP
 20 Lincecum Tim RHP     LaRoche Andy 3B      Adenhart Nick RHP    Butler Billy OF
 21 Pelfrey Mike RHP     Garza Matt RHP       Garza Matt RHP       Sweeney Ryan OF
 22 Gallardo Yovani RHP  Gonzalez Carlos OF   Gonzalez Carlos OF   Pie Felix OF
 23 Miller Andrew LHP    Martinez Fernando OF Tabata Jose OF       Fields Josh 3B
 24 Tabata Jose OF       Brignac Reid SS      Fields Josh 3B       Sanchez Jonathan LHP
 25 Braun Ryan 3B        Lincecum Tim RHP     LaRoche Andy 3B      Baker Jeff OF
 26 Elbert Scott LHP     Tabata Jose OF       Lincecum Tim RHP     Pence Hunter OF
 27 Martinez Fernando OF Miller Adam RHP      Martinez Fernando OF Gallardo Yovani RHP
 28 Hochevar Luke RHP    Adenhart Nick RHP    Stewart Ian 3B       Elbert Scott LHP
 29 Kershaw Clayton LHP  Hochevar Luke RHP    Brignac Reid SS      Miller Andrew LHP
 30 Jones Adam OF        Votto Joey 1B        Hochevar Luke RHP    Casto Kory 3B
 31 Hirsh Jason RHP      Loney James 1B       Aybar Erick SS       Lincecum Tim RHP
 32 Loney James 1B       Lind Adam OF         Saltalamacchia Jarro Niemann Jeff RHP
 33 Pence Hunter OF      Hirsh Jason RHP      Loney James 1B       Wood Brandon SS
 34 Adenhart Nick RHP    Kershaw Clayton LHP  Danks John LHP       Longoria Evan 3B
 35 Votto Joey 1B        Niemann Jeff RHP     Escobar Yunel SS     Votto Joey 1B
 36 Rasmus Colby OF      Pence Hunter OF      Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Barton Daric 1B
 37 Niemann Jeff RHP     Inman Will RHP       Pence Hunter OF      Volquez Edinson RHP
 38 Barton Daric 1B      Veal Donald LHP      Pie Felix OF         Humber Philip RHP
 39 Erbe Brandon RHP     Fields Josh 3B       Lofgren Chuck LHP    Ruiz Carlos C
 40 Lind Adam OF         Rasmus Colby OF      Barton Daric 1B      Dukes Elijah OF
 41 Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Pie Felix OF         Jones Adam OF        Owings Micah RHP
 42 Pie Felix OF         Lofgren Chuck LHP    Kershaw Clayton LHP  Jimenez Ubaldo RHP
 43 Iannetta Chris C     Erbe Brandon RHP     DeWitt Blake 3B      Hochevar Luke RHP
 44 Humber Philip RHP    Humber Philip RHP    Clement Jeff C       Buck Travis OF
 45 Fields Josh 3B       Dukes Elijah OF      Rogers Mark RHP      Slowey Kevin RHP
 46 Stewart Ian 3B       Snider Travis OF     Volstad Chris RHP    Danks John LHP
 47 Saltalamacchia Jarro Buchholz Clay RHP    Slowey Kevin RHP     Gonzalez Gio LHP
 48 Danks John LHP       Barton Daric 1B      Hirsh Jason RHP      Salas Juan RHP
 49 Rowell Bill 3B       Buck Travis OF       Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Broadway Lance RHP
 50 Snider Travis OF     Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Andrus Elvis SS      Sanchez Humberto RHP
 51 Morales Franklin LHP Jones Adam OF                             Hurley Eric RHP
 52 Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Rowell Bill 3B                            Patterson Eric 2B
 53 Hurley Eric RHP      Stewart Ian 3B                            Ellsbury Jacoby OF
 54 Lofgren Chuck LHP    Clement Jeff C                            Callaspo Alberto 2B
 55 Sweeney Ryan OF      Slowey Kevin RHP                          Aybar Erick SS
 56 Sanchez Humberto RHP Saltalamacchia Jarro                      Crowe Trevor OF
 57 Slowey Kevin RHP     Iannetta Chris C                          Gonzalez Carlos OF
 58 McGee Jacob LHP      Morales Franklin LHP                      Koshansky Joe 1B
 59 Clement Jeff C       McGee Jacob LHP                           Patton Troy LHP
 60 Patton Troy LHP      Andrus Elvis SS                           Maybin Cameron OF
 61 Buchholz Clay RHP    Lincoln Brad RHP                          Clement Jeff C
 62 Gomez Carlos OF      Danks John LHP                            Stewart Ian 3B
 63 Andrus Elvis SS      Hurley Eric RHP                           Guzman Joel 3B
 64 Veal Donald LHP      Aybar Erick SS                            McCutchen Andrew OF
 65 Guzman Joel 3B       Walker Neil C                             Kottaras George C
 66 Davis Wade RHP       Fowler Dexter OF                          Reimold Nolan OF
 67 Buck Travis OF       Carrasco Carlos RHP                       Owens Jerry OF
 68 Fowler Dexter OF     Patton Troy LHP                           Suzuki Kurt C
 69 Inman Will RHP       Sweeney Ryan OF                           Bruce Jay OF
 70 Parmelee Chris OF/1B Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B                       Upton Justin OF
 71 Carrasco Carlos RHP  Sanchez Humberto RHP                      Reynolds Mark SS
 72 Pedroia Dustin 2B    Gomez Carlos OF                           Mayberry John OF
 73 Lubanski Chris OF    Gallagher Sean RHP                        Maier Mitch OF
 74 Aybar Erick SS       Pedroia Dustin 2B                         Diamond Thomas RHP
 75 Montero Miguel C     Chamberlain Joba RHP                      Escobar Yunel SS
 76 Campbell Eric 3B     Bowden Michael RHP                        Casilla Alexi 2B/SS
 77 Bowden Michael RHP   Crowe Trevor OF                           Sonnanstine Andrew R
 78 Gonzalez Gio LHP     Walker Matt RHP                           Gardner Brett OF
 79 Crowe Trevor OF      Gonzalez Gio LHP                          Rasmus Colby OF
 80 Chamberlain Joba RHP Callaspo Alberto 2B                       Carter Chris 1B
 81 Sanchez Jonathan LHP Bard Daniel RHP                           Adenhart Nick RHP
 82 Lincoln Brad RHP     Davis Wade RHP                            Saltalamacchia Jarro
 83 Betances Dellin RHP  Jeffress Jeremy RHP                       Rodriguez Sean SS
 84 Patterson Eric 2B    Volstad Chris RHP                         Walker Neil C
 85 Morrow Brandon RHP   Hellickson Jeremy RH                      Brignac Reid SS
 86 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Montero Miguel C                          Snyder Brad OF
 87 Volstad Chris RHP    Guerra Deolis RHP                         Clevlen Brent OF
 88 Guerra Deolis RHP    Rodriguez Sean SS                         Hu Chin-Lung SS
 89 Perkins Glen LHP     Conger Hank C                             Lofgren Chuck LHP
 90 Reimold Nolan OF     Betances Dellin RHP                       Lubanski Chris OF
 91 Swarzak Anthony RHP  Swarzak Anthony RHP                       Tabata Jose OF
 92 Conger Hank C        Koshansky Joe 1B                          Martinez Fernando OF
 93 West Sean LHP        Owings Micah RHP                          Volstad Chris RHP
 94 Hellickson Jeremy RH Suzuki Kurt C                             DeWitt Blake 2B
 95 DeWitt Blake 2B      Talbot Mitch RHP                          Headley Chase 3B
 96 Garcia Jaime LHP     Morrow Brandon RHP                        Buchholz Clay RHP
 97 Carrillo Cesar RHP   Sanchez Jonathan RHP                      Veal Donald LHP
 98 Suzuki Kurt C        Carter Chris 1B                           Carrasco Carlos RHP
 99 Sulentic Matt OF     Anderson Lars 1B                          Moore Scott 3B
100 Lillibridge Brent SS Cueto Johnny RHP                          Petit Yusmeiro RHP
    TopProspectAlert     Diamond Futures      Baseball Notebook    CBS Sportsline
    J.P. Schwartz        Michael Laureano     David Luciani        Eric Mack
    20-Oct-06            26-Jan-07            26-Jan-07            30-Jan-07
                                                                   *2007 Focus
 1  Gordon Alex 3B       Slowey Kevin RHP     Bruce Jay OF         Young Delmon OF
 2  Young Delmon OF      Hughes Philip RHP    Hughes Philip RHP    Matsuzaka Daisuke RH
 3  Matsuzaka Daisuke RH Inman Will RHP       Butler Billy OF      Gordon Alex 3B
 4  Hughes Philip RHP    Weaver Jered RHP     Maybin Cameron OF    Young Chris OF
 5  Garza Matt RHP       Kaaihue Kala 1B      Rasmus Colby OF      Garza Matt RHP
 6  Bailey Homer RHP     Quinowski David LHP  Kaaihue Kala 1B      Pelfrey Mike RHP
 7  Wood Brandon SS      Gallardo Yovani RHP  Tabata Jose OF       Tulowitzki Troy SS
 8  McCutchen Andrew OF  Erbe Brandon RHP     Carp Mike 1B         Iannetta Chris C
 9  Bruce Jay OF         Dunlap Cory 1B       Braun Ryan 3B        Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 10 Maybin Cameron OF    Bruce Jay OF         Upton Justin OF      Igawa Kei LHP
 11 Tulowitzki Troy SS   Votto Joey 1B        Denker Travis 2B     Bailey Homer RHP
 12 Upton Justin OF      Hill Rich LHP        Adenhart Nick RHP    Iwamura Akinori 3B
 13 Pelfrey Mike RHP     Braun Ryan 3B        Wood Brandon SS      Lind Adam OF
 14 Elbert Scott LHP     Litsch Jesse RHP     Young Delmon OF      Botts Jason OF
 15 Fields Josh 3B       Dukes Elijah OF      Lis Erik 1B          Baker Jeff OF
 16 Brignac Reid SS      Jurrjens Jair RHP    Campbell Eric 3B     Montero Miguel C
 17 Gallardo Yovani RHP  Kemp Matt OF         Brignac Reid SS      Pedroia Dustin 2B
 18 Miller Andrew LHP    Reynolds Mark SS     Pedroza Sergio OF    Mathis Jeff C
 19 Longoria Evan 3B     Adenhart Nick RHP    Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Hughes PhilIP RHP
 20 Gonzalez Carlos OF   Milledge Lastings OF Gallardo Yovani RHP  Danks John LHP
 21 Tabata Jose OF       Maybin Cameron OF    Natale Jeff 2B       Hirsh Jason RHP
 22 Hochevar Luke RHP    Lewis Scott LHP      Lind Adam OF         Fields Josh 3B
 23 Braun Ryan 3B        Garcia Jaime LHP     Gonzalez Carlos OF   Pence Hunter OF
 24 Young Chris OF       Pedroza Sergio OF    LaRoche Andy 3B      Niemann Jeff RHP
 25 Lincecum Tim RHP     Eveland Dana LHP     Rodriguez Sean SS    Volquez Edinson RHP
 26 Butler Billy OF      Gordon Alex 3B       Haeger Charlie RHP   Wood Brandon SS
 27 Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Kendrick Howie 2B    Saltalamacchia Jarro Humber Philip RHP
 28 Hirsh Jason RHP      Guerra Deolis RHP    Gamel Matthew 3B     LaRoche Andy 3B
 29 Niemann Jeff RHP     Rasmus Colby OF      Egbert Jack RHP      Casto Kory 3B
 30 Lind Adam OF         Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Blanks Kyle 1B       Loney James 1B
 31 Miller Adam RHP      Robertson Connor RHP Barton Daric 1B      Miller Adam RHP
 32 Buchholz Clay RHP    Fox Jacob C          Winfree David 3B     Braun Ryan 3B
 33 Rasmus Colby OF      Denker Travis 2B     Votto Joey 1B        Gallardo Yovani RHP
 34 Buck Travis OF       Loney James 1B       Garcia Jaime LHP     Sanchez Humberto RHP
 35 Clement Jeff C       Upton B.J. UTIL      McCutchen Andrew OF  Votto Joey 1B
 36 Sanchez Humberto RHP Duncan Eric 1B       Gordon Alex 3B       Brignac Reid SS
 37 Loney James 1B       Sanchez Humberto RHP Pence Hunter OF      Longoria Evan 3B
 38 Gomez Carlos OF      Wood Brandon SS      Cunningham Aaron OF  Miller Andrew LHP
 39 Jones Adam OF        Gorzelanny Tom LHP   Salome Angel C       Lincecum Tim RHP
 40 Saltalamacchia Jarro Hedrick Justin RP    Sosa Oswaldo RHP     Butler Billy OF
 41 LaRoche Andy 3B      Young Chris OF       Hirsh Jason RHP      McCutchen Andrew OF
 42 Votto Joey 1B        LaRoche Andy 3B      Romak Jamie OF       Stewart Ian 3B
 43 Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Cunningham Aaron OF  Moore Scott 3B       Sweeney Ryan OF
 44 Owings Micah RHP     Reyes Anthony RHP    Ramirez Maximiliano  Aybar Erick SS
 45 Pence Hunter OF      Crowe Trevor OF      Erbe Brandon RHP     Pie Felix OF
 46 Martinez Fernando OF Bailey Homer RHP     Patton Troy LHP      Callaspo Alberto 2B
 47 Andrus Elvis SS      Young Delmon OF      Baisley Jeffrey 3B   Jones Adam OF
 48 Barton Daric 1B      Patton Troy LHP      Towles Justin C      Ruiz Carlos C
 49 Reimold Nolan OF     Tabata Jose OF       Mosebach Robert RHP  Hochevar Luke RHP
 50 Carrasco Carlos RHP  Rodriguez Sean SS    Young Chris OF       Maybin Cameron OF
 51 Petit Yusmeiro RHP   Cueto Johnny RHP     Jaso John DH         Bruce Jay OF
 52 Iannetta Chris C     Butler Billy SP      Jones Brandon OF     Elbert Scott LHP
 53 Pie Felix OF         Cox J-Brent RHP      Pie Felix OF         Perkins Glen LHP
 54 Humber Philip RHP    Jones Adam OF        Reimold Nolan OF     Owings Micah RHP
 55 Volstad Chris RHP    Fields Josh 3B       Jurrjens Jair RHP    Hill Shawn RHP
 56 Patton Troy LHP      Gonzalez Carlos OF   Lillibridge Brent SS Albers Matt RHP
 57 Rogers Mark RHP      Talbot Mitch RHP     Anderson Bryan C     Clement Jeff C
 58 Adenhart Nick RHP    Lofgren Chuck LHP    Slowey Kevin RHP     Saltalamacchia Jarro
 59 Kershaw Clayton LHP  Miller Adam RHP      Jones Adam OF        Diamond Thomas RHP
 60 Stewart Ian 3B       Carrasco Carlos RHP  Maloney Matt LHP     Gonzalez Carlos OF
 61 Veal Donald LHP      Brignac Reid SS      Mayberry John OF     Koshansky Joe 1B
 62 Lofgren Chuck LHP    Hernandez Gaby RHP   Dukes Elijah OF      Barton Daric 1B
 63 Slowey Kevin RHP     Carp Mike 1B         Laffey Aaron LHP     Buck Travis OF
 64 Hansen Craig RHP     Hatch Anthony 2B     Barton Brian OF      Adenhart Nick RHP
 65 Snider Travis OF     Drennen John OF      Windsor Jason RHP    Lumsden Tyler LHP
 66 McGee Jacob LHP      Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Fairchild Thomas RHP Herrera Javier OF
 67 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Arredondo Jose RHP   Fermaint Charlie OF  Gonzalez Gio LHP
 68 Sweeney Ryan OF      Brito Javier 1B      Bailey Homer RHP     Huber Justin 1B
 69 Davis Wade RHP       Windsor Jason RHP    Peterson Brock 1B    Crowe Trevor OF
 70 Crowe Trevor OF      Kottaras George C    Reynolds Mark SS     Goleski Ryan OF
 71 Danks John LHP       Ruggiano Justin OF   Barthmaier Jimmy RHP Owens Jerry OF
 72 Lincoln Brad RHP     Sweeney Ryan OF      Garner Cole OF       Guzman Joel 3B
 73 DeWitt Blake 2B      Sowers Jeremy LHP    Fox Jacob C          Young Delwyn OF
 74 Casto Kory 3B        Martis Shairon RHP   Lisson Mario 3B      Dukes Elijah OF
 75 Schierholtz Nate OF  Upton Justin OF      Inman Will RHP       Arias Joaquin SS
 76 Gallagher Sean RHP   Romak Jamie OF       Martinez-Esteve Eddy Ellsbury Jacoby OF
 77 Hurley Eric RHP      Banks Kyle 1B        Dunlap Cory 1B       Broadway Larry 1B
 78 Colvin Tyler OF      Saltalamacchia Jarro Dewitt Blake 2B      Slowey Kevin RHP
 79 Walker Neil C        Ayala Manny RHP      Restko J.T. OF       Bannister Brian RHP
 80 Erbe Brandon RHP     Young Eric 2B        Headley Chase 3B     Carrillo Cesar RHP
 81 Montero Miguel C     Sosa Oswaldo RHP     Drennen John OF      Chico Matt LHP
 82 Inman Will RHP       Gomez Carlos OF      Miller Adam RHP      Mock Garrett RHP
 83 Carrillo Cesar RHP   Karstens Jeff RHP    Iannetta Chris C     Lerew Anthony RHP
 84 Arredondo Jose RHP   Moore Scott 3B       Pinto Renyel LHP     Rasmus Colby OF
 85 Fowler Dexter OF     Gonzalez Angel 2B    Brito Javier 1B      Upton Justin OF
 86 Swarzak Anthony RHP  Lind Adam OF         Psomas Grant 3B      Volstad Chris RHP
 87 Clippard Tyler RHP   Fowler Dexter OF     Craig Casey OF       Buchholz Clay RHP
 88 Albers Matt RHP      Estrada Paul RHP     Ekstrom Michael RHP  Talbot Mitch RHP
 89 Hellickson Jeremy RH Lis Erik 1B          Ward Zachary P       Hawksworth Blake RHP
 90 Stubbs Drew OF       Bowden Michael RHP   Slayden Jeremy OF    Evans Terry OF
 91 Callaspo Alberto 2B  Elbert Scott LHP     Breen Patrick OF     Kottaras George C
 92 Morales Franklin LHP Winfree David 3B     Hatch Anthony 3B     Flores Jesus C
 93 Patterson Eric 2B    Harrell Lucas RHP    Nicolas Cesar 1B     Hernandez Anderson 2
 94 Windsor Jason RHP    Romero Davis LHP     Cain Lorenzo OF      Garcia Jose RHP
 95 Rowell Bill 3B       Cox Timothy RP       MacDonald Michael RH Owens Henry RHP
 96 Harrison Matt LHP    Quentin Carlos OF    Granadillo Tony 3B   Bourn Michael OF
 97 Bonifacio Emilio 2B  Clippard Tyler RHP   Badenhop Burke RHP   Perez Beltran RHP
 98 Maloney Matt LHP     Pence Hunter OF      Corsaletti Jeffrey O Walker Neil C
 99 Lewis Scott LHP      Gonzalez Edgar RHP   Hernandez Gaby RHP   Fiorentino Jeff OF
100 Balester Collin RHP  Egbert Jack RHP      Tintor Eli OF        Sonnanstine Andrew R
    Mound Talk           Sports Weekly        RotoJunkie           Baseball Digest
    Koby Schellenger     09-Feb-07            Jason Collette       Daily
    09-Feb-07            *2007 Focus          13-Feb-07            20-Dec-06
 1  Young Delmon OF      Matsuzaka Daisuke RH Young Delmon OF      Gordon Alex 3B
 2  Gordon Alex 3B       Garza Matt RHP       Gordon Alex 3B       Hughes Philip RHP
 3  Hughes Philip RHP    Sowers Jeremy LHP    Hughes Philip RHP    Young Delmon OF
 4  Bailey Homer RHP     Drew Stephen SS      Bailey Homer RHP     Bailey Homer RHP
 5  Wood Brandon SS      Young Chris OF       Wood Brandon SS      Wood Brandon SS
 6  Upton Justin OF      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Butler Billy OF      Young Chris OF
 7  Maybin Cameron OF    Young Delmon OF      Young Chris OF       Upton Justin OF
 8  Bruce Jay OF         Sanchez Jonathan LHP Tulowitzki Troy SS   Garza Matt RHP
 9  Butler Billy OF      Casto Kory 3B        Maybin Cameron OF    Maybin Cameron OF
 10 Gallardo Yovani RHP  Tulowitzki Troy SS   Bruce Jay OF         Bruce Jay OF
 11 McCutchen Andrew OF  Hughes Philip RHP    Upton Justin OF      Tulowitzki Troy SS
 12 Tulowitzki Troy SS   Igawa Kei LHP        Longoria Evan 3B     McCutchen Andrew OF
 13 Pelfrey Mike RHP     Gorzelanny Tom LHP   McCutchen Andrew OF  Longoria Evan 3B
 14 Elbert Scott LHP     Quentin Carlos OF    Garza Matt RHP       Brignac Reid SS
 15 Longoria Evan 3B     Choo Shin-Soo OF     LaRoche Andy 3B      LaRoche Andy 3B
 16 Braun Ryan 3B        Marte Andy 3B        Miller Andrew LHP    Butler Billy OF
 17 Young Chris OF       Pedroia Dustin 2B    Gallardo Yovani RHP  Gonzalez Carlos OF
 18 Miller Andrew LHP    Thorman Scott 1B     Lincecum Tim RHP     Miller Adam RHP
 19 LaRoche Andy 3B      Loney James 1B       Braun Ryan 3B        Miller Andrew LHP
 20 Garza Matt RHP       Kendrick Howie 2B    Gonzalez Carlos OF   Gallardo Yovani RHP
 21 Martinez Fernando OF Milledge Lastings OF Brignac Reid SS      Pelfrey Mike RHP
 22 Gonzalez Carlos OF   Iwamura Akinori 3B   Tabata Jose OF       Clement Jeff C
 23 Tabata Jose OF       Gonzalez Edgar RHP   Adenhart Nick RHP    Elbert Scott LHP
 24 Miller Adam RHP      Sanchez Humberto RHP Kershaw Clayton LHP  Tabata Jose OF
 25 Adenhart Nick RHP    Albers Matt RHP      Pelfrey Mike RHP     Lincecum Tim RHP
 26 Brignac Reid SS      Villanueva Carlos RH Pence Hunter OF      Braun Ryan 3B
 27 Lincecum Tim RHP     Saunders Joe LHP     Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Jones Adam OF
 28 Fields Josh 3B       Prado Martin 2B      Miller Adam RHP      Kershaw Clayton LHP
 29 Votto Joey 1B        Scott Luke OF        Elbert Scott LHP     Loney James 1B
 30 Hochevar Luke RHP    Floyd Gavin RHP      Jones Adam OF        Iannetta Chris C
 31 Pence Hunter OF      Windsor Jason RHP    Lind Adam OF         Martinez Fernando OF
 32 Lofgren Chuck LHP    Zobrist Ben SS       Hurley Eric RHP      Adenhart Nick RHP
 33 Kershaw Clayton LHP  Gordon Alex 3B       Humber Philip RHP    Pence Hunter OF
 34 Stewart Ian 3B       Perkins Glen LHP     Veal Donald LHP      Lind Adam OF
 35 Loney James 1B       Sweeney Ryan OF      Martinez Fernando OF Saltalamacchia Jarro
 36 Saltalamacchia Jarro Hansen Craig RHP     Lofgren Chuck LHP    Rasmus Colby OF
 37 Lind Adam OF         Hill Shawn RHP       Hochevar Luke RHP    Fields Josh 3B
 38 Jones Adam OF        Burnett Sean LHP     Loney James 1B       Ellsbury Jacoby OF
 39 Iannetta Chris C     Iannetta Chris C     Pie Felix OF         Hochevar Luke RHP
 40 Humber Philip RHP    Callaspo Alberto 2B  Votto Joey 1B        Votto Joey 1B
 41 Snider Travis OF     Butler Billy OF      Iannetta Chris C     Niemann Jeff RHP
 42 Pie Felix OF         Danks John LHP       Snider Travis OF     Pie Felix OF
 43 Hirsh Jason RHP      Eveland Dana LHP     Buchholz Clay RHP    Hirsh Jason RHP
 44 Inman Will RHP       Hirsh Jason RHP      Rowell Bill 3b       Andrus Elvis SS
 45 Clement Jeff C       Beam T.J. RHP        Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Barton Daric 1B
 46 Rasmus Colby OF      Pie Felix OF         Niemann Jeff RHP     Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 47 Danks John LHP       Fields Josh 3B       Rasmus Colby OF      Buchholz Clay RHP
 48 Barton Daric 1B      LaRoche Andy 3B      Saltalamacchia Jarro Stewart Ian 3B
 49 Andrus Elvis SS      Lind Adam OF         Danks John LHP       Snider Travis OF
 50 Buchholz Clay RHP    Masset Nick RHP      Barton Brian OF      Buck Travis OF
 51 Aybar Erick SS       Montero Miguel C     Stewart Ian 3B       Danks John LHP
 52 Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Hairston Scott OF    McGee Jacob LHP      Humber Philip RHP
 53 Veal Donald LHP      Garko Ryan 1B        Dukes Elijah OF      Morales Franklin LHP
 54 Niemann Jeff RHP     Moore Scott 3B       Patton Troy LHP      Rowell Bill 3B
 55 Buck Travis OF       Blanco Andres SS     Buck Travis OF       Sweeney Ryan OF
 56 Rowell Bill 3B       Arias Joaquin SS     Bowden Michael RHP   Carrasco Carlos RHP
 57 Patton Troy LHP      Gutierrez Franklin O Erbe Brandon RHP     Aybar Erick SS
 58 Morales Franklin LHP Pelfrey Mike RHP     Barton Daric 1B      Slowey Kevin RHP
 59 Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Fiorentino Jeff OF   Inman Will RHP       Patton Troy LHP
 60 Walker Neil C        Theriot Ryan 2B/SS   Campbell Eric 3B     Sanchez Humberto RHP
 61 Carrasco Carlos RHP  Corpas Manny RHP     Fowler Dexter OF     Lofgren Chuck LHP
 62 DeWitt Blake 3B      Pena Brayan C        Parmelee Chris OF/1B Walker Neil C
 63 Slowey Kevin RHP     Slowey Kevin RHP     Volquez Edinson RHP  Inman Will RHP
 64 Rodriguez Sean SS    Seung Cha Baek RHP   Montero Miguel C     Volstad Chris RHP
 65 Erbe Brandon RHP     Frandsen Kevin 2B    Slowey Kevin RHP     Erbe Brandon RHP
 66 Rogers Mark RHP      Lowe Mark RHP        Clement Jeff C       Reimold Nolan OF
 67 Reimold Nolan OF     Baker Jeff OF        Volstad Chris RHP    Gomez Carlos OF
 68 Hurley Eric RHP      Litsch Jesse RHP     Carrasco Carlos RHP  McGee Jacob LHP
 69 Dukes Elijah OF      Upton B.J. UTIL      Aybar Erick SS       Suzuki Kurt C
 70 Lincoln Brad RHP     Ruiz Carlos C        Morrow Brandon RHP   Casto Kory 3B
 71 Gomez Carlos OF      Braun Ryan 3B        Fields Josh 3B       Fowler Dexter OF
 72 Escobar Yunel SS     Broadway Larry 1B    Villalona Angel 3B   Hurley Eric RHP
 73 Volstad Chris RHP    Botts Jason OF       Swarzak Anthony RHP  Montero Miguel C
 74 Sanchez Humberto RHP Pena Tony RHP        Bard Daniel RHP      Jimenez Ubaldo RHP
 75 Sweeney Ryan OF      Logan Boone LHP      Sanchez Jonathan RHP Rogers Mark RHP
 76 West Sean LHP        Barton Daric 1B      Rodriguez Sean SS    Dukes Elijah OF
 77 Callaspo Alberto 2B  Hammel Jason RHP     Crowe Trevor OF      Lincoln Brad RHP
 78 McGee Jacob LHP      Hernandez Anderson 2 Pedroia Dustin 2B    Pedroia Dustin 2B
 79 Davis Wade RHP       Castro Bernie INF    Chamberlain Joba RHP DeWitt Blake 2B
 80 Hansen Craig RHP     Bannister Brian RHP  Garcia Jaime LHP     Petit Yusmeiro RHP
 81 Campbell Eric 3B     Kemp Matt OF         Sanchez Humberto RHP Crowe Trevor OF
 82 Casto Kory 3B        Harris Brendan INF   West Sean LHP        West Sean LHP
 83 Pedroia Dustin 2B    Morales Kendry 1B    Perkins Glen LHP     Campbell Eric 3B
 84 Fowler Dexter OF     Garcia Jose RHP      Betances Dellin RHP  Hansen Craig RHP
 85 Gallagher Sean RHP   Romero Davis LHP     Jeffress Jeremy RHP  Davis Wade RHP
 86 Montero Miguel C     Andino Robert SS     Lincoln Brad RHP     Gallagher Sean RHP
 87 Crowe Trevor OF      Jones Adam OF        Smit Alexander LHP   Hellickson Jeremy RH
 88 Conger Hank C        Haeger Charlie RHP   Walker Neil C        Rodriguez Sean SS
 89 Suzuki Kurt C        Dukes Elijah OF      Andrus Elvis SS      Callaspo Alberto 2B
 90 Jeffress Jeremy RHP  Aybar Erick SS       Davis Wade RHP       Denker Travis 2B
 91 Drabek Kyle RHP      Blanco Gregor OF     Meloan Jonathan RHP  Duncan Eric 1B
 92 Swarzak Anthony RHP  Neshek Pat RHP       Mayberry John OF     Sanchez Gaby C
 93 Patterson Eric 2B    Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Harrison Matt LHP    Conger Hank C
 94 Parmelee Chris OF/1B Rivera Oscar LHP     Sweeney Ryan OF      Harrison Matt LHP
 95 Petit Yusmeiro RHP   Guzman Joel 3B       Patterson Eric 2B    Owings Micah RHP
 96 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   McAnulty Paul 1B/OF  Reimold Nolan OF     Veal Donald LHP
 97 Harrison Matt LHP    Votto Joey 1B        Gonzalez Gio LHP     Sanchez Jonathan LHP
 98 Lindsay Shane RHP    Soto Geovany C       Barthmaier Jimmy RHP Huber Justin 1B
 99 Albers Matt RHP      Mastny Tom RHP       Casilla Alexi 2B/SS  Carter Chris 1B
100 Bowden Michael RHP   Willits Reggie OF    Carrillo Cesar RHP   Marrero Chris OF
    RotoWorld            X-1                  X-2                  X-3
    Matthew Pouliot                                                * 2007 Focus
 1  Young Delmon OF      Gordon Alex 3B       Gordon Alex 3B       Young Delmon OF
 2  Gordon Alex 3B       Young Delmon OF      Young Delmon OF      Tulowitzki Troy SS
 3  Hughes Philip RHP    Hughes Philip RHP    Hughes Philip RHP    Gordon Alex 3B
 4  Bailey Homer RHP     Bailey Homer RHP     Garza Matt RHP       Pelfrey Mike RHP
 5  Young Chris OF       Young Chris OF       Wood Brandon SS      Bailey Homer RHP
 6  Wood Brandon SS      LaRoche Andy 3B      Gallardo Yovani RHP  Young Chris OF
 7  Upton Justin OF      Garza Matt RHP       Bailey Homer RHP     Lind Adam OF
 8  Bruce Jay OF         Wood Brandon SS      Tulowitzki Troy SS   Loney James 1B
 9  Pelfrey Mike RHP     Miller Adam RHP      LaRoche Andy 3B      Pedroia Dustin 2B
 10 Martinez Fernando OF Butler Billy OF      Lincecum Tim RHP     Lincecum Tim RHP
 11 Butler Billy OF      Maybin Cameron OF    Braun Ryan 3B        Hirsh Jason RHP
 12 Gallardo Yovani RHP  Tulowitzki Troy SS   Butler Billy OF      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 13 LaRoche Andy 3B      Gonzalez Carlos OF   Young Chris OF       Baker Jeff OF
 14 Braun Ryan 3B        Pelfrey Mike RHP     Miller Adam RHP      Hughes Philip RHP
 15 Miller Andrew LHP    Upton Justin OF      Bruce Jay OF         Niemann Jeff RHP
 16 Tulowitzki Troy SS   Hochevar Luke RHP    Upton Justin OF      LaRoche Andy 3B
 17 Tabata Jose OF       Pence Hunter OF      Miller Andrew LHP    Butler Billy OF
 18 Maybin Cameron OF    Jones Adam OF        Pence Hunter OF      Braun Ryan RHP
 19 Longoria Evan 3B     Gallardo Yovani RHP  Pelfrey Mike RHP     Windsor Jason RHP
 20 Barton Daric 1B      Lind Adam OF         McCutchen Andrew OF  Iannetta Chris C
 21 Adenhart Nick RHP    Niemann Jeff RHP     Brignac Reid SS      Perkins Glen LHP
 22 Miller Adam RHP      Pie Felix OF         Longoria Evan 3B     Pence Hunter OF
 23 Sweeney Ryan OF      Longoria Evan 3B     Kershaw Clayton LHP  Callapso Alberto 2B
 24 Garza Matt RHP       Stewart Ian 3B       Hochevar Luke RHP    Nippert Dustin RHP
 25 McCutchen Andrew OF  Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Hurley Eric RHP      Bannister Brian RHP
 26 Lincecum Tim RHP     Miller Andrew LHP    Lind Adam OF         Mastny Tom RHP
 27 Rasmus Colby OF      Brignac Reid SS      Maybin Cameron OF    Albers Matt RHP
 28 Pie Felix OF         Iannetta Chris C     Elbert Scott LHP     Montero Miguel C
 29 Pence Hunter OF      Adenhart Nick RHP    Martinez Fernando OF Miller Adam RHP
 30 Loney James 1B       Martinez Fernando OF Tabata Jose OF       Gallardo Yovani RHP
 31 Brignac Reid SS      Barton Daric 1B      Lofgren Chuck LHP    Braun Ryan 3B
 32 Hirsh Jason RHP      Humber Philip RHP    Loney James 1B       Danks John LHP
 33 Saltalamacchia Jarro Tabata Jose OF       Snider Travis OF     Owens Jerry OF
 34 Gonzalez Carlos OF   McCutchen Andrew OF  Danks John LHP       Petit Yusmeiro RHP
 35 Elbert Scott LHP     Fields Josh 3B       Hirsh Jason RHP      Volquez Edinson RHP
 36 Danks John LHP       Lincecum Tim RHP     Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Jimenez Ubaldo RHP
 37 Jones Adam OF        Clement Jeff C       Gonzalez Carlos OF   Fields Josh 3B
 38 Hochevar Luke RHP    Bruce Jay OF         Rasmus Colby OF      Aybar Erick SS
 39 Fields Josh 3B       Casilla Alexi 2B/SS  Humber Philip RHP    Barton Brian OF
 40 Kershaw Clayton LHP  Saltalamacchia Jarro Morales Franklin LHP Guzman Freddy OF
 41 Pedroia Dustin 2B    Elbert Scott LHP     McGee Jacob LHP      Devine Joey RHP
 42 Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Votto Joey 1B        Bowden Michael RHP   Sanchez Humberto RHP
 43 Crowe Trevor OF      Buck Travis OF       Buchholz Clay RHP    Owings Micah RHP
 44 Hurley Eric RHP      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Pie Felix OF         Barton Daric 1B
 45 Buchholz Clay RHP    Sanchez Humberto RHP Albers Matt RHP      Guzman Joel 3B
 46 Lofgren Chuck LHP    Loney James 1B       Andrus Elvis SS      Pereira Nick RHP
 47 Patton Troy LHP      Montero Miguel C     Iannetta Chris C     Carillo Cesar RHP
 48 Votto Joey 1B        Aybar Erick SS       Morrow Brandon RHP   Pie Felix OF
 49 Harrison Matt LHP    Perkins Glen LHP     Davis Wade RHP       Tata Jordan RHP
 50 Stewart Ian 3B       Dukes Elijah OF      West Sean LHP        Jones Adam OF
 51 Erbe Brandon RHP     Huber Justin 1B      Sanchez Humberto RHP
 52 Buck Travis OF       Petit Yusmeiro RHP   Niemann Jeff RHP
 53 Niemann Jeff RHP     Pedroia Dustin 2B    Stewart Ian 3B
 54 Humber Philip RHP    Slowey Kevin RHP     Jones Adam OF
 55 Lind Adam OF         Braun Ryan 3B        Montero Miguel C
 56 Sanchez Humberto RHP Davis Wade RHP       Adenhart Nick RHP
 57 Rowell Bill 3B       Lubanski Chris OF    Hansen Craig RHP
 58 Clement Jeff C       Patton Troy LHP      Campbell Eric 3B
 59 Dukes Elijah OF      Callaspo Alberto 2B  Veal Donald LHP
 60 Conger Hank C        Buchholz Clay RHP    Rowell Bill 3B
 61 Gomez Carlos OF      Guzman Joel 3B       Patton Troy LHP
 62 Iannetta Chris C     Carrasco Carlos RHP  Barton Brian OF
 63 Guzman Joel 3B       Mathis Jeff C        Carrasco Carlos RHP
 64 Parmelee Chris OF/1B Gonzalez Gio LHP     Erbe Brandon RHP
 65 Mathis Jeff C        Sweeney Ryan OF      Buck Travis OF
 66 Volquez Edinson RHP  Hurley Eric RHP      Slowey Kevin RHP
 67 Morales Franklin LHP Crowe Trevor OF      Lincoln Brad RHP
 68 Campbell Eric 3B     Danks John LHP       Votto Joey 1B
 69 Veal Donald LHP      Casto Kory 3B        Patterson Eric 2B
 70 Diamond Thomas RHP   Swarzak Anthony RHP  Rodriguez Sean SS
 71 Snider Travis OF     Walker Neil C        Parmelee Chris OF/1B
 72 Slowey Kevin RHP     Carrillo Cesar RHP   Marrero Chris OF
 73 Inman Will RHP       Koshansky Joe 1B     Saltalamacchia Jarro
 74 Montero Miguel C     Lincoln Brad RHP     Clippard Tyler RHP
 75 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP   Bankston Wes 1B      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 76 Carrillo Cesar RHP   Hirsh Jason RHP      Gomez Carlos OF
 77 Huber Justin 1B      Thorman Scott 1B     Talbot Mitch RHP
 78 Gonzalez Gio LHP     Morrow Brandon RHP   Dukes Elijah OF
 79 Fowler Dexter OF     Kottaras George C    Perkins Glen LHP
 80 Nippert Dustin RHP   Tankersley Taylor LH Fields Josh 3B
 81 Haeger Charlie RHP   Parmelee Chris OF/1B Sweeney Ryan OF
 82 Hernandez Gaby RHP   Volstad Chris RHP    Barton Daric 1B
 83 Davis Wade RHP       Baker Jeff OF        Pedroia Dustin 2B
 84 Owings Micah RHP     Sanchez Jonathan LHP Gallagher Sean RHP
 85 Callaspo Alberto 2B  Campbell Eric 3B     Gonzalez Gio LHP
 86 Suzuki Kurt C        Cox J-Brent RHP      Volquez Edinson RHP
 87 Guerra Deolis RHP    Suzuki Kurt C        Harrison Matt LHP
 88 Bourn Michael OF     Owings Micah RHP     Reimold Nolan OF
 89 Casto Kory 3B        Rasmus Colby OF      Clement Jeff C
 90 Lewis Scott LHP      Volquez Edinson RHP  Volstad Chris RHP
 91 McGee Jacob LHP      Reimold Nolan OF     Inman Will RHP
 92 Kottaras George C    Diamond Thomas RHP   Meloan Jonathan RHP
 93 Carrasco Carlos RHP  Rodriguez Sean SS    Snyder Brad OF
 94 Perkins Glen LHP     McBeth Marcus RHP    Swarzak Anthony RHP
 95 Garcia Jaime LHP     Teagarden Taylor C   Olson Garrett LHP
 96 Rodriguez Sean SS    Windsor Jason RHP    Carrillo Cesar RHP
 97 Bowden Michael RHP   Gomez Carlos OF      Barthmaier Jimmy RHP
 98 Clevlen Brent OF     Botts Jason OF       Devine Joey RHP
 99 Albers Matt RHP      Cox Bryson RHP       Neshek Pat RHP
100 Swarzak Anthony RHP  McAnulty Paul 1B/OF  Hu Chin-Lung SS
    Tim Grassey          Aaron Gleeman        Baseball Notebook    ScoutingBook
    Baseball Café                             David Luciani
    21-Feb-07            07-Mar-07            15-Mar-07            23-Mar-07
                                              * Short Term Focus
 1  Matsuzaka Daisuke RH Gordon Alex 3B       Young Delmon OF      Gordon Alex 3B
 2  Gordon Alex 3B       Hughes Philip RHP    LaRoche Andy 3B      Matsuzaka Daisuke RH
 3  Young Delmon OF      Young Chris OF       Rodriguez Sean SS    Young Delmon OF
 4  Hughes Philip RHP    Young Delmon OF      Casilla Alexi 2B/SS  Wood Brandon SS
 5  Bailey Homer RHP     Bailey Homer RHP     Brignac Reid SS      Hughes Philip RHP
 6  Gallardo Yovani RHP  LaRoche Andy 3B      Hughes Philip RHP    Butler Billy OF
 7  Wood Brandon SS      Miller Adam RHP      Wood Brandon SS      Lincecum Tim RHP
 8  Lincecum Tim RHP     Garza Matt RHP       Pedroia Dustin 2B    Bailey Homer RHP
 9  Garza Matt RHP       Gallardo Yovani RHP  Gallardo Yovani RHP  Young Chris OF
 10 Butler Billy OF      Lincecum Tim RHP     Aybar Erick SS       Bruce Jay OF
 11 Miller Andrew LHP    Butler Billy OF      Young Chris OF       Upton Justin OF
 12 Bruce Jay OF         McCutchen Andrew OF  Lind Adam OF         Pelfrey Mike RHP
 13 Pelfrey Mike RHP     Pelfrey Mike RHP     Thompson Kevin OF    Tulowitzki Troy SS
 14 LaRoche Andy 3B      Brignac Reid SS      Callaspo Alberto 2B  Garza Matt RHP
 15 Maybin Cameron OF    Longoria Evan 3B     Windsor Jason RHP    Adenhart Nick RHP
 16 Miller Adam RHP      Miller Andrew LHP    Pence Hunter OF      Niemann Jeff RHP
 17 Longoria Evan 3B     Wood Brandon SS      Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Braun Ryan 3B
 18 Tulowitzki Troy SS   Hochevar Luke RHP    Patterson Eric 2B    Gonzalez Carlos OF
 19 Young Chris OF       Tulowitzki Troy SS   Hu Chin-Lung SS      Longoria Evan 3B
 20 Upton Justin OF      Jones Adam OF        Barton Brian OF      Elbert Scott LHP
 21 Kershaw Clayton LHP  Pie Felix OF         Garza Matt RHP       Miller Andrew LHP
 22 Brignac Reid SS      Adenhart Nick RHP    Valido Robert SS     LaRoche Andy 3B
 23 Gonzalez Carlos OF   Martinez Fernando OF Christian Justin OF  Carrasco Carlos RHP
 24 Adenhart Nick RHP    Maybin Cameron OF    Moore Scott 3B       McCutchen Andrew OF
 25 Martinez Fernando OF Lind Adam OF         Butler Billy OF      Inman Will RHP
 26 Hochevar Luke RHP    Votto Joey 1B        Montero Miguel C     Brignac Reid SS
 27 Braun Ryan 3B        Upton Justin OF      Sanders Marcus SS    Humber Philip RHP
 28 McCutchen Andrew OF  Barton Daric 1B      Klosterman Ryan SS   Tabata Jose OF
 29 Elbert Scott LHP     Iannetta Chris C     Quentin Carlos OF    Gallardo Yovani RHP
 30 Rowell Bill 3B       Pence Hunter OF      Slowey Kevin RHP     Miller Adam RHP
 31 Tabata Jose OF       Gonzalez Carlos OF   Votto Joey 1B        Hochevar Luke RHP
 32 Hirsh Jason RHP      Bruce Jay OF         Lewis Scott LHP      Hurley Eric RHP
 33 Pence Hunter OF      Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Falu Irving SS       Bowden Michael RHP
 34 Lind Adam OF         Humber Philip RHP    Bourn Michael OF     Walker Neil C
 35 Niemann Jeff RHP     Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B  Clippard Tyler RHP   Votto Joey 1B
 36 Loney James 1B       Saltalamacchia Jarro Janish Paul SS       Lind Adam OF
 37 Dukes Elijah OF      Stewart Ian 3B       Dukes Elijah OF      Hirsh Jason RHP
 38 Fields Josh 3B       Tabata Jose OF       Miller Matthew OF    Aybar Erick SS
 39 Carrasco Carlos RHP  Elbert Scott LHP     Willits Reggie OF    Andrus Elvis SS
 40 Snider Travis OF     Loney James 1B       Braun Ryan 3B        Maybin Cameron OF
 41 Hurley Eric RHP      Braun Ryan 3B        Herrera Jonathan SS  Fowler Dexter OF
 42 Albers Matt RHP      Niemann Jeff RHP     Eveland Dana LHP     Buchholz Clay RHP
 43 Jones Adam OF        Rasmus Colby OF      Fox Jacob C          Fields Josh 3B
 44 Ellsbury Jacoby OF   Pedroia Dustin 2B    Ruiz Carlos C        Pie Felix OF
 45 Stewart Ian 3B       Dukes Elijah OF      Happ J.A. LHP        Lofgren Chuck LHP
 46 Danks John LHP       Montero Miguel C     Ehlers Cody 1B       Erbe Brandon RHP
 47 Patton Troy LHP      Buck Travis OF       Johnson Elliot 2B    Pence Hunter OF
 48 Erbe Brandon RHP     Fields Josh 3B       Winfree David 3B     Walker Matt RHP
 49 Lofgren Chuck LHP    Callaspo Alberto 2B  Milledge Lastings OF Snider Travis OF
 50 Andrus Elvis SS      Suzuki Kurt C        Psomas Grant 3B      Iannetta Chris C
 51 Buchholz Clay RHP                                              Barton Daric 1B
 52 Iannetta Chris C                                               Buck Travis OF
 53 Davis Wade RHP                                                 Ellsbury Jacoby OF
 54 Montero Miguel C                                               Jones Adam OF
 55 McGee Jacob LHP                                                Rowell Bill 3B
 56 Votto Joey 1B                                                  Stewart Ian 3B
 57 Rasmus Colby OF                                                Guerra Deolis RHP
 58 Bowden Michael RHP                                             Slowey Kevin RHP
 59 Betances Dellin RHP                                            Saltalamacchia Jarro
 60 Pie Felix OF                                                   Martinez Fernando OF
 61 Slowey Kevin RHP                                               Rodriguez Sean SS
 62 Buck Travis OF                                                 Kershaw Clayton LHP
 63 Humber Philip RHP                                              Danks John LHP
 64 Chamberlain Joba RHP                                           Loney James 1B
 65 Huber Justin 1B                                                Sanchez Jonathan LHP
 66 Drabek Kyle RHP                                                Morales Franklin LHP
 67 Rodriguez Sean SS                                              Patton Troy LHP
 68 Clement Jeff C                                                 Sweeney Ryan OF
 69 Veal Donald LHP                                                Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
 70 Hansen Craig RHP                                               Sanchez Humberto RHP
 71 Morrow Brandon RHP                                             Gonzalez Gio LHP
 72 Lincoln Brad RHP                                               Gallagher Sean RHP
 73 Morales Franklin LHP                                           Pedroia Dustin 2B
 74 Patterson Eric 2B                                              Chamberlain Joba RHP
 75 Saltalamacchia Jarro                                           Rasmus Colby OF
 76 Sanchez Humberto RHP                                           Crowe Trevor OF
 77 Barthmaier Jimmy RHP                                           Dukes Elijah OF
 78 Igawa Kei LHP                                                  Veal Donald LHP
 79 Pedroia Dustin 2B                                              Callaspo Alberto 2B
 80 Anderson Lars 1B                                               Bard Daniel RHP
 81 Gonzalez Gio LHP                                               Davis Wade RHP
 82 Samardzija Jeff RHP                                            Jeffress Jeremy RHP
 83 DeWitt Blake 2B                                                Volstad Chris RHP
 84 Jimenez Ubaldo RHP                                             Hellickson Jeremy RH
 85 Aybar Erick SS                                                 Montero Miguel C
 86 Barton Daric 1B                                                Clement Jeff C
 87 Campbell Eric 3B                                               Petit Yusmeiro RHP
 88 Iwamura Akinori 3B                                             McGee Jacob LHP
 89 Carrillo Cesar RHP                                             Betances Dellin RHP
 90 Hankerd Cyle OF                                                Swarzak Anthony RHP
 91 Marrero Chris OF                                               Koshansky Joe 1B
 92 Mattingly Preston SS                                           Owings Micah RHP
 93 Kennedy Ian RHP                                                Suzuki Kurt C
 94 Meloan Jonathan RHP                                            Talbot Mitch RHP
 95 Hellickson Jeremy RH                                           Morrow Brandon RHP
 96 Reynolds Greg RHP                                              Gomez Carlos OF
 97 Parmelee Chris OF/1B                                           Carter Chris 1B
 98 Lubanski Chris OF                                              Anderson Lars 1B
 99 West Sean LHP                                                  Cueto Johnny RHP
100 Haeger Charlie RHP                                             Perkins Glen LHP