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Dowbiggin NL, heading into its 30th season, is one of the longest-running leagues in the Scoresheet fantasy baseball game. Three Dowbiggin brothers -- Gord, Bruce and Stewart -- were the organizers of the loop in 1990, thus the name. In 2013, Bruce's oldest, Evan, joined the fun. 

The National League has 10 teams and operates in a perpetual format which allows for up to 15 players (plus 6 rookies) to be protected year to year.  No AL players are allowed (they simply slide over to the same owners' AL team). 

          Mah champ

The EBBETS FIELDERS of Jay-Dell Mah, who broke the CHEATERS string of four straight titles in 2017, won back-to-back titles edging out Gord Dowbiggin's Noble Rotters in the 2018 final. The Fielders topped the league during the regular season with 97 victories.

James McPherson's KNIGHTS made up the most ground in 2018 over 2017 with 15 more wins.