1909 Game Reports, Vancouver     

1909 Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley 
1909 BC Interior 
1909 Vancouver Island    


East End
Mount Pleasant Beavers
V.A.C. (dropped out of league in mid-June)

(June 7)  YMCA topped Mainlands 7-5 behind the hurling of Lefty  Smith.

Smith (W) and Starbuck
Lothian (L) and Vernon

(June 8)  East End moved to the top of the Inter-Association League with a 7-4 victory over Mount Pleasant in action at her Bridge Street grounds.

(June 11)  YMCA defeated Mainlands.

(June 15)   The Mount Pleasant Beavers shaded the YMCA nine 4-3 with Weeks posting the pitching win over Lefty Smith.

Weeks (W) and Crookall
Smith (L) and Starbuck

(June 15)   The league announced the resignation of the V.A.C. team from the circuit.

(June 22)   In a crowd-pleaser in the Senior Inter-Association League, Mainlands squeezed by YMCA 9-8.

Vernon (W) and Lothian
Smith (L) and Starbuck

(July 5)   The pitching of Ralph "Lefty" Smith and a home run by Curle paced YMCA, in their red, white and black uniforms, to a 3-2 victory over East End.

Smith (W) and xxx
xxx and xxx

(August 28)   East End dumped Mainlands 12-6 in a ragged game Saturday on the Harris Street grounds. East End has climbed into the league lead with Mainlands second.

(August 31)   A special league meeting has been called to work out the schedule for the final matches of the season. The Association reported a good year for amateur baseball with more than 300 games played in the junior, intermediate and senior divisions and over 300 players registered.

(September 2) 

East End       14 - 5
Mt. Pleasant   12 - 6
Mainland       11 - 6
Y.M.C.A.        7 - 12


(July 7)  In the Intermediate Division, the Clovers captured the championship winning 12 of 15 games. Jack Andrews of the YMCA club led the league in batting with a .429 average. E. Carruthers of the Clovers was a close second at .423.

Clovers      12 - 3
Y.M.C.A.      9 - 6
Eagles        8 - 7
High School   7 - 8