1909 Rosters     



Brandon Angels :  Borleske RaymondV. LF, Brier 2B, Brown 3B/2B, Burleski OF, Cummings P, Earl Charlie P, Grimes Jimmy (Dad) 2B (also MH), Hanson Pete P, Haufmann SS, Hinrichs Henry(Lefty) LHP, Jasper/Jastran 3B/SS, McCartney A. P (also MJ), McCauley/McAuley D. P/OF (also RG), Meehan Pat C, Miller SS, Minnis C, Monette P, Morrell Ray P/OF/2B, Parker Sam SS/OF, Rogers Jack 3B/SS/OF, Ronesch Jerry UT, Roosevelt William K. (Teddy) P, Seaton Joe P/OF, Stanley OF, Stingle Joe C, Taylor/Kaylor P,Thompson Cecil 1B (also LB), Traeger Charles MGR/OF, Vrooman/Vrootman P, Watts Al P, Wheeler Fay UT, Woods Monte P/OF

Calgary Cowboys :  Baker R.W. (Molly) UT, Barnstead Fred P/OF (also Edmonton), Chandler H.J. 2B, Connors William/Mickey 2B, Conan 2B, Cox Eugene (Chesty) (also LB) OF, Crist Charles RHP/MGR, Donovan William(Bill) OF, Geehan Ed P, Goodwin Andy P (also Lethbridge & MH), Gouche/Gouchee Del C/OF, Gray OF,  Hiseler/Heiseler C, Hoar Gordon(Red), Kelly C (also Lethbridge & Edmonton), Killilay Ed P, Lepper Fred (also ED/LB), SS, Miller Jim SS,  Mills 2B, Parkes Clyde OF/P, Rochon (Shorty) SS/2B (also MH), Rush Harry P, Sheehan Jerry C, Smith Wally 3B, Standridge Pete RHP, Vining Ernie P, Wheeler Fay OF, Zwicker (Dutch) 1B/C (also MH)

Edmonton Eskimos :  Barnstead Fred P/OF (also Calgary), Brennan John/Jack 3B, Burridge Harry C/OF, Grady J. P, Gragion Jack 1B, Kelly OF (also Calgary & Lethbridge), Killilay EdP, Lee 1B, Lepper Fred SS (also LB/CG), McGuire Dennis MGR/2B, McNeill F.B. (Tacks) P (also Lethbridge), Moran Pat 3B (also MH), Murphy Connie OF, Nye/Neight Bill C, O'Brien WilliamJ(Obie) SS, Parker OF, Reaves Bill OF, Schultz Sammy 3B, Shea Jack OF, Smith Tom P, Sterling Louis P/2B, Waggon LF,

Lethbridge Miners :  Anderson 1B, Barrett 2B, Bell Ralph SS, Bidne 1B, Canty Thomas LHP/OF (also RG), Chandler Bert 2B, Chick Fred 2B, Corrigan Jack MGR/2B, Corrigan Joe OF, Cox Eugene (Chesty) 1B, Gebeau H.J. P, Gilmour/Gilmore C/1B, Goodwin Andy P (also Calgary & MH), Kelly (also Edmonton & Calgary), Killilay Ed P, Knowlton P, Kolar Steve 2B (also RG), Lepper Fred 3B (also CG/ED), Lezie Phil LHP, Lynch Joe C, McGarry Emmett 3B, McNeill F.B. (Tacks) R. P (also Edmonton), Menzel C.W. P, Nelson P (also MH), Niedenfuer P (also Regina), O'Hearn, Pieh Cyrus RHP, Reis P, Taylor John 3B, Townsend F.W. 1B

Medicine Hat Mad Hatters :  Bennett Si 2B/OF, Blackburn Billy P, Campbell Billy 2B, Campbell Bobby P,  Childers Wallace 3B, Davidson Sam C/1B, Dunn Bert P/1B, Goodwin Andy P (also CG/LB), Grimes Jimmy (Dad) 2B (also BR), Hamilton/Hulen Billy MGR, Harper Alex SS, Moran Pat 3B (also EDE), Nelson P (also Lethbridge), Rochon (Shorty) SS/2B (also Calgary),Townsend F.W. 1B (also Lethbridge), Ward Davey C (also MJ), Welch Paddy P/OF (also MJ), Whisman Ray P/OF, Williams Kid OF, Wilson Jimmy 2b, Wilson Lester W. (Tug) OF, Zimmerman Lloyd OF, Zwicker (Dutch) 1B/C (also Calgary)

Moose Jaw Robin Hoods :  Anthony F. OF, Carroll Andrew OF, Carson P, Currie Clarence RHP, Gilchrist J./W. P/2B, Godfrey OF, Kane 2B (also WPG), McCartney P, McMahon Robert SS (also WM), Middlestead/Middlestadt D. OF, Myers A. OF (also Regina), O'Hayer Harold 1B, Olmstead F. 3B, Rosevear A. P., Smith Joe P, Steele David C, Taylor M.O. (Kid) MGR/UT, Walters Louis (Roxy) P/SS, Ward Davey C (also MH), Welsh/Welch Paddy P/OF (also MH), Williams OF

Regina Bonepilers :  Anderson 2B, Blackburn Charles R. MGR/UT, Brennegan 1B, Canty Thomas LHP (also LB), Collins Luke UT, Farr 2B, Farrar/Farrer P/1B, Gardner Frank C/MGR, Geimein George 1B, Goldrich W.S. P, Harper, Hooker John P/OF, Jones OF, Kolar Steve 2B/SS (also LB), Livingstone Lorne 2B, Matt Eddie SS, McCauley/McAuley P (also BR), McDonough Ed OF, Myers/Meyers OF/P, Niedenfuer P (also Lethbridge), Peterson P, Quinn Jack 3B, Ritter Fred C, Rochon SS, Roos, Sporer Joseph Lefty LHP, Summers Frank OF, Ward Ed OF/C, Watson/Walton/Dalton 2B

Winnipeg Maroons :  Anderson Archie OF, Beatty J.W.(Jack) 1B, Becker A.G. 2B, Bond Harold OF, Brown P, Cierzan Pearl P, Collins John P, Edmonds/Edmunds Fred(Jerry) C, Grogan Joseph 2B, Hartman P,  Holmes MilanC.(Ducky) 2B, Kane/Kain 2B (also MJ), Krueger William(Heinie) SS, Lohr Frank MGR/OF, McIntyre OF, McMahon Robert SS, Miller J.L.Joe P, Owens E.J. OF, Piper LawrenceC. OF, Shuster J., Speiser Frank RHP/UT, VanZandt Ike P, Wright SS/2B

Swift Current :  Hill BM, Emms Bert, Dobbs Ernie, Black JA(Dr), Schoonmaker, Hodgson Reg



C.N.R. : Boyd 1B/SS, Carter OF, Corbin SS/OF, Decker OF, Gibbons C, Gilday Eddie OF, Grundley OF, Hall C/OF, Harkness Billy C/1B, Heidman 2B/3B, Higgins Frank 1B, James OF, Kain/Kane 3B/2B/P, Lee SS/2B, Neville F. P/OF, Nichols OF, Purvis OF, Roos "Dutch" SS/2B/OF, Smith OF/SS, Smithers OF, Soisett OF/P/1B/3B, Stewart SS

Lyceums :  Ackrey/Akrey P/SS, Carroll OF, Curle Jack 1B, Decker P/3B, Fillmore/Filmore OF, Harkness C, Higgins Frank 2B, Hogan OF, Holden Barney OF, Hunter 3B/OF/2B, Irwin A. 3B/OF/2B/P, Jackson 1B, Lydon 1B/OF, McDonald OF, Miles OF. Roche SS, Rochon OF, Roos "Dutch" OF, Shorey SS/P/OF, Stein 3B, Stewart OF, Sullivan OF, Tait Bill OF/P, Tittlin 1B

Shamrocks : Bell Norm P/3B/2B, Cannell G. OF, Field OF, Hall 2B, Harkness OF, Holmes Bob P, Jackson OF, Johnson 1B/3B, Jones P/3B/2B, Lawrie Jimmy SS, McLennan OF, Murphy OF, Neil C, Neville W. OF/3B, O’Dwyer OF, Rodney OF, Stewart Mal 2B/OF, Thordarson 3B, Tinney Doug OF, Tinney Fred 1B/2B, Wilson OF, Youngblood OF/2B

Arenas (Intermediate) :  Marskell Eddie C, Marskell W.(Barney) 3B


Clippers :  Anderson P, Brockie C

Cubs :  Goodmanson P, Kelly P, Main Billy P, Miller, Latimer C, Phillips

Ramblers :  Cameron OF, Coutts OF, Crawford P, Cuff SS, Currie OF, Fenwick 2B, Jewis 1B, Smith P, Trumbell Cal C, Williams 3B

Thistles :  Baynton 2B, Campbell C, Darlington A. 1B, Darlington Dick OF, Johnson  #1 3B, Johnson #2 C, Kelly Alonzo P/SS, Kelly #2 OF, Petrick OF, Storey/Story P


Carman :  Ardell C, Watson P

Cypress River :  Anderson C, Bedford George P, Bird 2B, Connon 1B, Cousins H. OF, Cousins W. OF, Gunning 2B, Newby SS, O’Donnell 3B, Scissons OF, Scott C, Stein 3B, Thomas OF, Owens E.J. C, Williams “Pike” P, Young C/SS

Glenboro :  Burgess OF, Cline OF, Davies 1B, Hall C, Kilbough P, McLean 2B, Perrie C, Shuster C, Siddle William(Snake) SS/P, Smeaton OF, Walley 3B

Holland :  Campbell OF, Cummings OF, Fay P, Hillis OF, Jones SS, McLean 3B, Mullin 1B, Reid C, Watts P/2B

Rathwell :  Peterson P, Smith C

Treherne :  Anderson C, Murphy P

1909 Brandon City League All-Stars : Crawford P, Cuff OF, Currie OF, Darlington Dick OF, Fenwick 2B, Goodmanson SS, Johnson 3B, Kelly Alonzo P, O’Connor P, Storey/Story P, Trumbell Cal C, Williams 1B

University of North Dakota : Brennan OF, Campbell P, Farnum 2B, Jacobson SS, Kyllo C, McClintock 1B, Nelson P/3B, Sundley OF, Wenzell P



East End : 

Mainlands :  Lothian P, Vernon C

Mount Pleasant Beavers :  Crookall C, Weeks P

V.A.C. (dropped out of league in mid-June) : 

Y.M.C.A. : Curle, Smith Ralph(Lefty) P, Starbuck C



Kolts :  Burnes George OF, Davis, Klopf Gus SS/MGR, Matthews 3B, McDonnell, McIllmoyle George, Moore Frank OF/P, Northcott OF/1B, Peden Bob LHP, Plummer 2B, Robertson Brock C, Schaefer Dutch LHP/1B, Schwengers Bernie, Spencer C, Surplice Charlie P, Terriault Babe P, Wattelet Leonard OF, Woodside

Chemainus :  Devitt SmilingJoe

Duncan :   Dickie 2B/3B, Gabouri Dan P, George Tommy C, Gidley Jess C, Green P/OF, Humes 3B, Nelson Kid OF, Peterson SS/OF, Piensdaly OF, Powell OF, Smythe 1B, Smythe B. 2B,Truesdale OF

Oak Bay :  Coulson OF, Dunaway SS, McDonald C OF, McDonald E. OF, McInnis 3B, McQuade Pete 1B, Nason F. 2B, Todd Ernie P, Tuson C

James Bay Athletic Association :  Brewster 2B, Brooker OF, Brown Fred SS, Carne Gus, Gregg J. C, Hughes 1B, Jeffs OF, Keppock OF, McIllmoyle Fred OF/P, Peden Bob P, Shanks Sam(Babe) 3B, Terriault Babe P, Whyte Robert(Bob) OF/P, Winsby Sid OF/P

North Wards :   Baines 1B, Coates OF, Cousins C. 3B/OF, Dakers Joe P/SS, Harrison SS, Humber S. OF, Johns OF, Johnson J. 2B, Mahon/Mahan OF, Menzies Ted C, Moore Frank P, Robertson C, Schaeffer OF


Cranbrook :   Clarke 1B, Debeck OF, Hogan SS, Mathews OF, Miller 2B, Nielson SS/P, Stinson C, Strand OF, Sullivan 3B, Wilson OF, Windell P

Creston :   Cameron Jack 2B, Cartwright A. 1B, Corbett C. OF, Corbett Gordon OF, Long J. 3B, Malone F. “Teddy” P, McLeod A. SS, Merrill Claude OF, Ryckman Ernie OF, Telford Roy C

Elko :   Ayre Charlie, Flaherty C, Fritze SS, Hanbury George MGR, Johnson 1B, Keet OF, McDonald OF, McKee A. OF, McKee D. 2B, McNeal 3B, Todhunter P

Fernie :   Davey C. OF, McDougall SS, McKellar N. 1B, McMillan D. 2B, O’Day OF, Roberts J. 3B, Roberts W. OF, Skeffington P, Whelan Con P/C

Hosmer :   Cole 1B, Gordon SS, Hamilton 2B, LaBelle OF, Lighthouse OF, McDonald P, Miller OF, Oliver C, Patterson 3B

Michel :   Carney J. 1B, Cook 2B, Dock SS, Easterbrook C. 3B, Easterbrook D., Easterbrook M. P, Passmore 3B, Prildey SS, Purdy OF, Smith B. OF, Spence C. C, Woods C

Moyie :   Battell OF, Crisler/Crissler Ray P, Crowe OF, Dashbach SS, Grady C, Hesley SS/OF, Holland 3B, Kamm 1B, Kelly OF/3B, McIntyre OF, Seaton 2B 

Port Hill ID :   Bayle, Compton Charlie 2B, Cotterill A., Holloway, Huscroft C., Kirschoff, McDonald, Metzer, Patterson W.

Waldo :   Burcaw OF, Coffey P, Gillis 3B, Herman C, Johnson F. OF, Johnson G. OF, Kern, McDonald 2B, Roby R. SS, Sweet 1B


Enderby :  Anderson, Barry, Becker 2B, Davis OF, Ferguson, Fisher 3B, Hancock Ray P, Holtby Sid C, Hyslop, Magwood OF, McDonald P, Murphy C, ,

Revelstoke :  Blackadore OF, Calder M., Calder W., Conrad C, Lang/Laing OF, McDavie, McEachern, McInerney, Proux, Scott P,