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Reduced to a three-team circuit in 1918, the Regina Northside Baseball League was still the only senior amateur intra-city loop within Saskatchewan having sufficient player personnel to maintain operation. Moose Jaw had an intermediate league but at a level which did not measure up to the Queen City’s triad of clubs. As the Charley OttonAllied powers were putting the squeeze on the Triple Alliance in what would be the final year of the Great European War, one returning Canadian veteran, Charley Otton (right), had recovered sufficiently from wounds sustained on the battlefield in 1916 to take his place on the diamond with the Garrys, one of the two new entries in Regina’s Northside association of baseballers. 

With only the three teams to engage in competition, a much shorter league schedule was drawn up and more exhibition games with outside adversaries, especially for the Garrys, became the norm. The schedule was never entirely completed as the Garrys jumped out into an early lead and were ultimately declared pennant winners. In August, former Western Canada Leaguer Hank O’Day again brought together a number of Moose Jaw area senior level elites to play under the banner of the Moose Jaw Robin Hoods/Millers. They hooked up with the Regina Garrys in a number of exhibition tilts and definitely had the upper hand in the horsehide skirmishes. Overall, O’Day’s dandies were clearly the best team in Saskatchewan. When the touring Winnipeg Arenas, considered the best amateur nine in Manitoba, visited the Mill City in September, O’Day’s charges took two out of three games from the Peggers. The Garrys also played the Arenas three times at Park de Young and once in Winnipeg, with the teams dividing the spoils. 

Four teams formed the Saskatoon City League for 1918, but there were few contests as the Pilgrims finished first winning five of their six games.

There was a hotly- contested Saskatchewan league - overseas, during the First World War, in France, "somewhere" in France !  The Saskatoon Daily Star of August 13, 1918, reported on a four-team league, The No. 8 Stationary Hospital Baseball League. The schedule for August 13th had Saskatoon and Regina meeting in a "second series" contest "somewhere in France".  Moose Jaw captured the championship in the first half of the schedule winning five of six games.   The winners of the second section will meet Moose Jaw in a "world's series".  Duriing 1918, in the last year of the war, No.8 Stationary Hospital was located in Camiers, Charmes, Rouen and Dunkerque.

At the onset, the teams were selected then the four names were put in a hat and the managers drew a team. The clubs also played games against the Americans.

Rosters :

Saskatoon :  Pte. J.Daubs MGR, Captain J.E.Bloomer, Captain O'Gorman, Sgt. N.Hanson, Sgt. P.E.Jones, Sgt. R.Power, Privates J.J.White, R.Robsen, C.L.Hickson, J.McTigue, Patterson, A.Campbell, P.Hoskin, Brewis and H.Thompson

Regina :  Pte. F.Gordon MGR, Major J.F.Irving, Captain H.G.Craig, R.S.M. P.E.Slough, Sgt.Hindson, Cpl.D.Matthews, Sgt.Beck and Privates N.L.Clouston, A.C.Anderson, Funerton, H.Farthing, A.Sutherland,H.Waterer, J.Date and Beauchemin

Moose Jaw :  Pte.Lawrence MGR, Capt. T.Sutherland, Corporals J.Castle and J.E.Johnson, Privates V.Gurr, J.Riddle, Richardson, A.Sicotte, F.Hanna, N.S.King, A.C.Alexander, M.Scott, G.Currie and C.Holford

Battleford :  Pte. J.McGrannahan MGR, Captain J.Thompson, Captain C.Henry, Sgt. G.Heffern, Sgt.McKay, Sgt.Labron, Cpl.J.W.T.Duff and Privates P.Westlake, R.Dougans, W.Mitchell, M.Britton, V.Cruze, W.A.McNeill, S.M.Robinson and W.B.Spalding