1922 Game Reports / Alberta     

While senior level baseball was going over in a big way in many small Alberta towns during the 1922 season, the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge, although both with a intra-city league, experienced difficulties within these circuits as player interest waned and performance on the diamond suffered accordingly. Edmonton’s senior amateur city league was far better organized on an operational level and produced the eventual provincial champion. Medicine Hat’s senior aggregation, the Byngs, was suspended from entering provincial playdowns as per their usage of two players deemed ineligible by the AABA.

Seven baseball clubs registered with the Alberta Amateur Baseball Association to contest the 1922 senior championship. From the northern area, Brule and the Edmonton Red Sox vied for honors. Representing the central part of the province were Big Valley and the Calgary Fourex team while Blairmore, Taber and Cardston carried the torch for the southern district. Cardston, champions of the 1922 Southern Alberta League, drew the first-round bye.

First Round (Quarter-finals, Best of three )     
(Taber vs Blairmore) 

(July 30)  Taber – 3  @ Blairmore – 4

Tufteland (L) and Harris
Pruden (W) and Brown

(August 2)  Blairmore – 3  @ Taber – 4

Pruden (L) and Brown
Tufteland (W) and Harris

(August 4)  Blairmore baseball officials announced the forfeiture of their series with Taber on the basis of financial difficulties.

Taber advances to the second round

First Round (Quarter-finals, Best-of-three)
(Big Valley vs Calgary Fourex) 

(July 26)  Calgary Fourex – 7  @ Big Valley – 5

Lucas (W) and Henderson
Stoetzel (L) and Lewis

(July 29)  game #1     Big Valley – 13  @ Calgary Fourex – 8

Stoetzel (W) and Lewis
Castagner (L) and Henderson

               game #2     Calgary Fourex – 11  @ Big Valley – 13

Edmunds, Henderson (4) Castagner (5), Henderson (L) (5), Thompson (6) and Savage
D. Dorman (W) and Lewis

Big Valley wins the quarter-final series 2 games to 1

First Round (Quarter-finals, Best-of-three)    
(Brule vs Edmonton Red Sox)

(July 26)  First game of the series played in Brule – no result found in Edmonton Bulletin 

(July 27)  The Brule baseball club wired manager Godson of the Edmonton Red Sox that they would be unable to make the trip to Edmonton to play the second game of the quarter-finals and would be compelled to forfeit the series.

The Edmonton Red Sox advance to the semi-final round  

Second Round (Semi-finals, Best-of-three)     
(Big Valley vs Edmonton Red Sox)

(August 5)  Edmonton Red Sox – 5  @ Big Valley – 6  (10 innings)

Geddes (L) and Roots
Stoetzel (W) and Lewis

(August 9)  game #1     Big Valley – 1  @ Edmonton Red Sox – 8

Gemeroy (L), D. Dorman (7) and Lewis
Nehring (W) and Campbell

                    game #2     Big Valley – 3  @ Edmonton Red Sox – 9

Stoetzel (L), D. Dorman (3) and Lewis
Godfrey (W) and Campbell

The Edmonton Red Sox win the semi-final series 2 games to 1

Second Round (Semi-finals, Best-of-three)      
(Taber vs Cardston)

(August 9)  Cardston – 1  @ Taber – 1  (called after 11 innings – darkness)

Beazer and J. McKenzie
Tufteland and Harris

(August 17)     game #1     Taber – 12  @ Cardston – 6

Tufteland (W) and Harris
Beazer (L) and J. McKenzie

                        game #2     Taber – 5  @ Cardston – 2

Tufteland (W), Lewis and xxx
Beazer (L), R. McKenzie and xxx

Taber wins the best-of-three series 2 games to 0 with one game tied

Third Round (Finals, Best-of-five)       
(Edmonton Red Sox vs Taber)

(August 23)     game #1     Edmonton Red Sox – 8  @ Taber – 6

Godfrey (W) and Campbell
Lewis (L) and Harris

                         game #2     Edmonton Red Sox – 9  @ Taber – 5

Geddes, Godfrey (W) (4) and Campbell
Tufteland (L) and Harris

(August 30)  Taber – 1  @ Edmonton – 9

Tufteland (L), Lewis (8) and Harris
Geddes (W) and Campbell

The Edmonton Red Sox win the 1922 provincial crown by taking the series in three straight games

Carstairs and Rockyford met in the 1922 Alberta intermediate finals, a best-of-three affair.

(August 23)  Rockyford – 7  @ Carstairs – 14

Brown (L), M. Smith (4) and M. Smith, Reisch (4)
Guyn (W) and Boyce

(August 28)  Carstairs – 4  @ Rockyford – 8

Guyn (L) and Boyce
Brown (W) and M. Smith

(September 4)  Rockyford – 7  @ Carstairs – 2

Brown (W) and M. Smith
Guyn (L) and Boyce

Rockyford wins the 1922 Alberta Intermediate Baseball championship 

(July 30)  Nacmine Athletics staged their best performance of the season Sunday to defeat Trochu 3-1 in the final game of a district series in the Alberta senior playoffs. They'll advance to the next round against Stavely or Calgary. The A's came from behind with three runs in the seventh inning to settle a dandy pitcher's duel between Virgil Neis of Nacmine and Brooks of Trochu.  Schmierer connected for a double and was scored by Dunham in the fifth inning to give Trochu a 1-0 lead.  Clappison tied the scored on Blake's two-bagger, Brown's bunt brought in Blake with the winner and and McCoy scored Brown with an insurance run.

Neis (W) and McLaughlin
Brooks (L) and Huston

(July 30)   The mound work of playing-manager Jack Pennington and the robust slugging of third baseman Jimmy Toole carried the Medicine Hat Royals to the Gas City title Sunday with a 10-1 victory over the Cee Pees at Athletic Park in the final game of their series. Toole drove in six runs with a triple and two doubles. Pennington was touched for just three hits and the lone run against him was unearned with Lynch tripling to centre and coming home on a passed ball. In the second frame, Pennington doubled to left and scored on Toole's two-bagger to tie the score. Sadler's infield out scored Toole and the Royals were in front to stay.

McDonald (L), Riddell (4), Vockeroth (6) and Rattray, Matheson
Pennington (W) and Teel