1926 Rosters      



C.N.R. : Aitkenhead Andy C/3B/SS, Atcheson Lawson P, Brown OF/SS, Cummings Jerry P, Dafoe “Hub” 2B/P/3B, Forsythe Jack C/3B, Forsyth(e) Roy OF/2B/P/SS/3B, Furse Lew 2B/LHP/OF, Garrity 2B/OF, Houston 2B, Jones Ossie P/OF, McDonald P, McKenzie Bruce OF/2B/P, Robins George OF, Taylor Wally C/2B, Turnbull Alex OF/2B, Wanless Jack 3B/2B, Watkins Ray SS, Wilson H.L.(Hobb) 1B/OF, Woods Garnet P, Wortz OF

Elks (pennant winners in both halves of split schedule) : Bird Webb 1B/3B/P/OF, Clouston Maurice(Bunny) 2B/MGR, Cuff Fred(Lefty) P/OF, Falby Merril P/OF/SS/2B, Fuller Earl OF/C, Goodman Fred OF, Hamilton Frank C, Hoeschet Al P, Hunter Harold(Scoop) OF, Lawson P/OF, Lyle Frank P/OF, McCulloch Joe 3B, Pipe Stan OF, Reeve Thomas(Curly) C, Robinson Sid SS, Smith Finlay(Pee Wee) 2B/SS/OF 

North Stars : Aiken Norm 1B, Bennett Alf P/OF/SS, Bennett Harry 1B/3B, Campbell 1B, Carmichael C, Charmbury OF, Comstock Bob OF/3B, Cummings 1B, Downey George 3B/C, Fortiner 3B/SS/OF, Graham Ted C/3B, Hill Bruce 2B/SS/OF/P, Hilldrup Hank OF/P, Hunter Len 3B/OF, Irvin OF, Law OF, Little Robert(Viv) 2B, McKenzie Paul P/1B, Montgomery Tommy OF, Myers OF, Postlewaite Ted OF/P, Slinger OF/3B, Talbot “Rube” C, Wakeford Millard SS/P


Champs : Alexander 1B/P, Bannister Bill P/OF/1B, Bennett G. OF, Boyle OF, Brundage Fred OF, Cranstoun Jack OF/2B, Daly OF/3B, Delaney P, Drew Keith(Slats) 1B, Ferguson P, Fritz Alvin(Specs) P/2B/OF, Hugli OF, Johnston Joe 2B/C/P, Lavallie OF, Leigh Stew C/2B, McKenzie OF/2B, McRadu Johnny 2B, Milne Howie SS/3B, Nelson Tommy 2B/OF, Palmer 1B, Parkinson Ashley 1B, Ramsay/Ramsey P/OF, Robertson P, Rogers Heinie 3B/SS/OF/2B, Rowand Jack OF/1B/2B, Smith Mathew “Mutt” 2B/P/3B, Sparling C/OF, Therrien Pete P, Urness OF/C, Watson 2B, Weir OF, Wolver Carl P/3B, Young “Pep” P/3B/OF/2B

C.P.R. : Anderson Sid OF, Coey 2B, Dreschler Sherman C/P/1B, Farquhar Jack SS/2B, Hackney OF/1B/2B, Irvin OF/SS, Kain Terence “Ted” P, Longpre Mickey 1B, Lowings “Lefty” P/OF, Malone C, March Harold “Mush” 2B/SS/P/3B, McCarger SS, McDougall Len 1B/2B/OF, McIntyre P, Nuttall Harry P/3B, Orchard Jeff 3B, Quest Cliff P/OF/SS, Spence “Red” C, Tannahill Claude C, Thomson Bob OF, Warner  Red 3B/2B/OF

Darke’s Hardware : Baker OF, Barker Fred 1B/OF, Bennett Amadee P/OF, Bennett Charlie “Bugs” C/OF, Campbell Jack “Jersey” OF/2B, Crawford Ray “Happy” 3B, Fulton Earl OF, Gottselig Johnny P/2B, Haberman Joe SS/OF, Hogg Andy 2B/3B/SS/1B, Hogg Cliff 1B, Hogg Walter P, Kasenburg 1B, Milligan OF/2B, Powell C/2B, Prowse Roy OF/3B, Rennick OF, Stevenson C/OF, Thompson Gordon 3B/OF/SS, White Clyde C, White Floyd “Smiley” P/OF/3B/SS/2B


Kiwanis Club : Arneson Arlo C/2B/P/SS, Ball Alvy 1B/SS/2B, Banting Charlie 2B/3B/P/SS, Craigen Jack OF/P/2B, Dillon 1B, Forsythe SS/C, Fremmer OF, Hefflefinger Cecil OF, Hunter 2B/3B/OF, Mapes Lyle OF, Miles OF, Mills Don “Haddo” C, Mowbray Fred OF, Powell OF, Robinson Chuck 2B/C, Schull Joe P/3B, Scott Eddie OF, Wilson “Smokey” 3B/P/OF/SS

Moose Jaw Club : Bailey Eric P/OF, Beatty P/OF, Currie C, Dixon Floyd C, Haigh George P/OF/1B, Hodgkinson Billy OF/SS, Hollenback OF, Joyner George  OF, MacDonald Jim 1B/OF/2B, McKenna Pat OF, Pascoe Allan(Pallie) OF, Pascoe W.(Fuzzy) 2B/OF/SS, Phillips SS/C, Schaefer C, Scribner Charlie “Slushball” P/OF/1B, Waugh Murray 3B, Yorke Hal OF

St. Joseph’s (regular-season pennant winners) : Armstrong Al 3B, Craigen Hughie OF/C, Dawson Johnny SS, Duchak OF/2B, Hyland “Bus” 2B, Jenner Jiggs C/2B/3B, Mapes Les 3B/C/OF/P, Mapes Roy P, Paul OF, Pearson OF, Ramsey P/OF/3B, Slack OF/C/3B, Upex Joe 1B


Birch Hills : Baker Lyle OF, Bird Claude P/SS, Braaten Louis OF/C, Brooks 3B, Gerlach Pete 1B, Grambo OF/1B, Hagen OF/2B, Lunan Lorne P, Simpson Art 2B/SS/OF (also Cubs), Slominski C, Wilson OF, Yoos Dale P/SS/2B/C

Cubs : Baker OF, Beseiulle, Blanchfield Earl 3B/C, Byron Wally SS/2B, Erickson 1B/2B, Galarneau, Howard OF, Maimann Ernie OF/3B, Marshall SS/OF, Mosher Fred C/OF, Mumm Art P, Phillips OF, Roach OF, Robertson OF, Simpson Art 2B (also Birch Hills)

Davis : Bell C. OF/2B, Bell W. “Bill” 3B, Brown OF, Halcro 2B/SS, Howe Charlie C, Robertson 1B, Short OF, Stanley G. OF, Stanley N. OF, Stevens D. SS/P, Stevens F. P/OF, Young A. 2B, Young G. P

Elks : Ashwin Guy 2B, Casey Allan SS/3B, Davis Red OF, Eagles Brent(Red) 1B, Gray Walter P, Johnson Charles(Pug) C, McMillan OF, Mosher B. 3B/OF/2B, Parmenter P, Rosser “Giffy” OF/P/SS, Standen 2B/SS, Terris Eli OF, Wilson OF

Henribourg (withdrew from league in late June) : Billstein C, Botting OF, Gear 1B, Godin 2B/OF, Hanson Palmer P/SS/1B, Hebert SS/P/2B, Lacroix 1B/OF, Piercy Chet OF/3B, Samson 3B/P/2B, Simpson C, Smythe OF/SS, Spence P/SS/3B, Terris George 1B/OF/2B/SS, Vien OF


Asquith : Abbott OF, Bentley OF, Besse SS, Currie 1B, Furse Lew LHP/3B, Grasby 3B, Gregory 3B, Mohr Carl P/3B, Moore 2B, Sweet OF, Talbot Rube C

Battleford : Binns OF/2B/1B, Dixon C, Edwards Archie 2B/P, Kirkpatrick 3B, McKee 1B/OF, Parmentor OF, Rowed H. SS, Strong Larry LHP, Swainson Swainey 2B, Wilde OF

Cory : Bamford 3B, Cherry SS, Crawford 1B, Johnson/Johnston C, McCormick G. OF, Munroe 2B, Myers Eddie P, Myers H. OF, O'Hara OF

Fiske : Begley OF, Bigelow OF, Calvert OF, Chambers OF, Craig 1B, Dunn A. SS, Dunn L. 2B, Fisher 3B, Grady Tom OF, Martin Steve P, McNeil C

Floral : Baird P/OF, Bissett Con 3B, Collins OF/2B, Cook 1B, Cummings Jerry OF/P, Dunbar Bill OF, Graham SS/2B/OF, Loblick Herman 2B/P/OF, McKenzie Paul OF, Murray Bill SS/2B, Smith 3B, Washburn Vern C

Grandora : Coombs SS, Huffman A. OF, Huffman C. 2B, Shockey Carl OF, Shockey E. 1B, Shockey H. OF, Stewart 3B, Thomas P, Weldon Curly

Lac Vert-Eldersley : Armstrong J. OF, Armstrong Orville 3B, Cook Frank(Bun) 2B/1B, Ellis C, Gray Lefty LHP, Gunther Albert SS, Hutchinson Les P/OF, Moss Bob OF, Moss R. 2B, Porterfield C/OF, Wilson OF

Moose Range : Bender Bill 2B, Bigelow E. 3B, Bigelow Gideon 1B, Bigelow Horace P, Bigelow O. OF, Bigelow P. OF, Eade OF, Fennell C, Koffsky SS

Neilburg : Davidson OF, Gibbons Lindsay OF, McKenzie OF, Muzzy 2B, Nugent 1B, Paquette C, Robinson J. SS, Robinson R. 3B, Wason P

Ruthilda : Baker OF, Besse Tom 3B/SS, Cushing 2B/SS, Edwards Earl OF/1B/P, Ferguson C, Gordon OF, Gould P, Lenson 1B, Moore Keith Tiny P/2B, Morrison OF/3B, Skene SS

Swanson : Comston OF, Fortiner SS, Humlin OF, Hupp 1B, Jackson 3B, Maguire Pete LHP, Marshall OF/2B, McMahon S. 2B, McMurchy P, Nelson 2B/OF, Tredwell OF, Webster P, Williams C

Viscount : Andreen S. 2B, Andreen T. OF, Dubois J. C, Hamilton OF, Hanson Lowell 3B, Kaab 1B, Kerr Artie OF, McLachlan SS, Wolfe Hank


Bradwell :  Badgely 3B, Baker 2B, Comstock OF, Cummings 1B, Graham 2B, Hilldrup P/SS/OF, Hunter SS, McGuire SS/P, Reilly C, Shillington OF

Brownlee : Cox SS, Lenthan OF, Lester OF, Matson 1B/P, Norin P/SS, Olson A. C, Olson C. 2B, Olson T. 3B, Quamme OF  

Caron : Hawks 2B, McLaughlin SS, Nutzhorn Bill P/3B, Powell OF, Smart B. 3B/OF, Smart M. OF, Smith P/OF, Smith W. C, Thompson 1B

Climax : Bailey OF, Brown 1B, Comartin H. "Co" C, Dailey OF, Desilet Doc OF, Eastman 1B, Fisher Tom P (also RBA), Greer R. 3B/SS/P, Kelly 3B, Kelner Shorty SS, Kilmer 2B, Leifer Elmer UT/MGR (Also LBC), Morey George OF/1B, Morrison Dick 1B/OF, Puccinelli "Pooch" 1B (also HAV), Ramsey Gordon 2B/SS, Thomassen P/OF, Thomson 1B, West Neil OF, Wissler Al P/OF (also RBA)

Craik : Dumler 3B, Fitzgerald P/1B, Goodrich OF, Grassie 2B, Hill 1B/P, Jones SS, Moyer OF, Newlove OF, Stensgard SS, Stenchoel H. C

Delisle :  Bentley Jack. OF, Bentley Roy 3B, Currie 1B/C, Furse Lew P, George Norman 2B, Needham SS, Watson OF, Wilson C/1B, Woods OF

Estevan : Armstrong Cliff 2B, Berner John P, Blondeau P, Campbell 1B, Coppick, Dunbar, Dupuis 3B, Elson Sam(BoxCar) SS, Foster, Hanson C, Henderson C, Holmgren Herb P/OF, Krivell Mickey, McDermont, McLeod Norman(Hec) OF, Mosley, Rogers P, Taylor OF

Eyebrow : Fournier SS, Hill OF, Johnstone 1B, Marriet OF, Merrill C, Potruff 2B, Purdy OF, Schafer P, Strong 3B 

Grandora :  Brady 1B, Huffman C. 2B, Huffman L. OF, Shockey C. OF, Shockey E. SS, Shockey Ed P, Shockey H. OF, Stewart 3B, Weldon C

Keeler : Anderson SS, Clark OF, Darby C, Fowle OF/1B, Heistand OF, Lee 3B/OF, Matson SS/1B, McInnes P/3B, Metheral OF/3B, Stuart P, Van OF, Watson 1B, Wilson 3B/P, Wylie 2B 

Kinley :  Dunbar Bill OF, McMahon B. 1B, McMahon Len 2B/OF, McMahon S. 2B, Pace OF, Petreault OF, Scott C, Sunderland 3B, Thomas P, Watkins SS

Liberty : Anhorn E. C, Anhorn H. OF, Anthony 2B, Fraize OF, Gessell P, Larsen 1B, Pells SS, Tannahill Clyde OF, Weinand 3B

Melville : Anderson OF, Beaubier 2B/OF, Bergstrom OF, Brownridge OF/SS, Burke Larry OF/1B, Conn C, Dinnen 3B, Fritz P, Henderson 3B/1B, Heyden SS/2B, Hinton SS, MacDonald/McDonald OF, Mitchell 1B, Popp OF, Smith OF, Triten OF

Moose Jaw All-Stars :  Armstrong Al INF, Ball "Alvy" 1B/2B, Beatty 2B/P, Craigen Hughie OF, Craigen John(Jack) OF, Currie C, Darby C (also SKA), Dawson Johnny SS, Dojack SS, Donaldson John P, Duchak Dave OF (also SKA), Fremmer, Haigh George OF/P, Hyland 2B (also SKA), Jenner "Jiggs" 3B/C (also SKA), Jones C, Lee OF, MacDonald Jim UT, Mapes Merl(Molly) P/OF (also SKA), McCarger OF, Mills Haddo C, Mowbray Fred (also SKA), Nutzhorn Bill P (also RBA), O'Day Hank 2B, Phillips Al 1B/OF/SS, Robinson Chuck 3B, Scott Eddie OF, Scribner Charlie(Slushball) P, Upex Joe 1B (also SKA), Waugh Murray 3B (also SKA), Wilson Gordon(Smokey) OF/P, Yorke Joe OF (also SKA)

Mossbank : Johansen SS, Lund P, McLaughlin 2B, Miller C, Quinn OF, Shattuck 1B, Thompson 3B, Winters L. OF, Winters V. OF

Regina Northside All-Stars :  Anderson Sid OF, Brundage Fred OF, Dreschler Sherman C, Farquhar Jack SS, Fulton Earl OF, Haberman Joe OF/SS, Hogg Cliff 1B/P, Hogg Walker(Dave) P/3B, Powell 2B/OF, Quest Cliff P, Ramsey P, Thompson Gordon 2B, Watson 2B

Regina Balmorals :  Armstrong Allan(Lefty) P/OF (also SC), Casey OF, Cline Edward P, Clink George RHP/OF, Cottingham Del P/OF (also VIR), Dobbyns Leo SS, Drew Sam OF/P, Dunbar Bill SS/OF/P/MGR, Felsch Oscar(Hap) OF, Fisher Tom P (also CX), Green Tommy 2B/P/OF, Hay George/Geordie INF, Hinton OF, Lewis Frank C/3B, Lewis Lincoln(Dodger) RHP/UT, McNeally Pat C/MGR, Milne Chuck OF, Moroschan Pamfil(Casey) MGR/2B, Morrison C. OF, Newhouse Eddie 2B/SS (Also SY), Nutzhorn Bill P (also MAS), Runkle Ernie SS, Snell Floyd(Rancher) C, Stenchoel H. C, Vineberg Leo SS/2B, White Elmer(Specs) LHP/OF, Wissler Al P/OF (also CX)

Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw) All-Stars :  Darby C (also MAS), Duchak Dave OF (also MAS), Hyland 2B (also MAS), Jenner "Jiggs" 3B/C (also MAS), Mapes H.(Molly) P/OF (also MAS), Mowbray Fred (also MAS), Upex Joe 1B (also MAS), Waugh 3B (also MAS), Wilson SS, Yorke Joe OF (also MAS)

Swanson :  Aiken C, Brown OF, Cummings P, Fortiner SS, Johnson OF, Mark 3B, Nelson OF, Shea/Shay 1B, Tredwell OF, Webb 2B

Swift Current :  Armstrong Allan(Lefty) P/OF (also RBA), Borthwick Jimmy P/LF, Elliott Abe 2B, Knipfel Earl OF, Knipfel Edler OF, Reidler Angus(Gus) C, Shail 3B, Summers SS, Sykes OF

Vanscoy :  Forsyth 3B, Grasby OF, Gugery 2B, Kelly OF, Lenson 1B, Mohr Carl P, Mohr SS, Sweet OF, Talbot C

Vibank : Bullock J. C, Deis OF, Flanan D. 1B, Huck J. OF, Leboldus Mar. SS/3B, Lorenz J. OF, Lorenz M. 2B, O’Dwyer P

Yorkton : Brownridge OF, Doole Les 1B, Duncan Fred OF, Eckhardt Dude SS, Hunter OF, Lebrecht Dave P, Markham W. 3B, Martinuk C, Rapchuk C/OF, Schramm Ernie 2B/OF, Smukowich OF/3B



Centrals :   Adam Frenchy SS, Busby 2B/SS/P, Campbell Clarence C/OF, Clark OF/3B, Enright Jimmy OF, Goldsworthy Leroy P, Grant Buck, Henderson Chuck 1B, Johnson C, Lobson 2B, McIntyre Lloyd OF/2B, Rogers Archie MGR, Stack OF, Stone 3B, Teel Gordon 1B/OF, Wilson Speedy SS/3B

Elks :   Baldwin Joe P, Calhoun OF, Carrigan Tommy 2B, Dodge Norman P/MGR, Dolighan Amby OF, Glenn Ray P, Goggins Hughie C, Hamilton Syd SS, Johnson Winn P/1B, Lapp Orson(Buck) 3B, McCarger OF, McLeod Cliff OF/1B, Oslund P, Robinson Cliff SS, Ryan 1B, Sheppard Johnny , Shore Eddie OF, Stacey Al C/OF, Starky Jack 3B/P

Selkirks :   Best OF/3B, Conklin Don(Slim) 1B/P, Dolighan Russ 3B/2B, Downey Cecil SS/C, Fairbairn Lefty OF/SS/LHP, Forman Roy/Jack OF/SS, Horne Phil OF, Hughes Frank MGR, Lee P/OF, Murray Bill 3B, Peterson “Happy” P, Russell, Scott Laurie C/2B, SmithAlbert(Silver) P/OF, Stacey Jerry 3B/OF

Edmonton Stockyard Bulls :  Cruthers Ava(Speed), Duteau Paul(Doc) OF


Athletics :  Adams 2B, Bride Jean 3B, Gainor Norman(Dutch) 2B, Helmer Rosie 1B, Johnson, Kilen Eddie P/2B, Love C, Lucas Stuart P, Mastel Frankie OF, McGoldrick Joe SS, McTeer Archie OF, McTeer Gordon C, Richardson 1B, Smith Frank(Red) OF

Hustlers :   Bealand OF, Brown Lefty P, Dawson 1B, Gibson Russ 2B/1B, Gleason OF, Howard Art(Blood) C, Kennedy OF, Mackenzie/McKenzie Pudge OF, Mackenzie R.(Bobby) P, MacNabb, McFadyen Donnie SS, Mulholland P, Murray OF/2B, Skinner OF, Stoddart Dave 3B/2B, Thompson/Thomson J., Willard Sharkey C/3B

White Sox :  Borgeans E.W. OF, Fleming SS, Gerlitz OF, Henderson C/P, Murphy Leo 2B, Palfrey Hank 2B, Riley SS, Savage Stan P/C, Scott Norman(Chubby) 1B, Sibbett Alva 3B/C, Thompson Paul OF, Thompson Tiny 1B, Walker Wilfred(Bill) 3B /P

Calgary All-Stars :  Bride Jean 3B, Helmer Rosie 1B, Henderson C, Johnson OF, Kilen Eddie P/3B, Lucas Stuart RHP/1B, MacKenzie Pudge OF, Martin Ronnie SS, Mastel Frankie OF, McGoldrick Joe C/2B, McTeer Archie OF/1B, McTeer Gordon OF/3B/SS, Richardson OF, Riley INF, Thompson P OF, Walker Bill P

Barons :   Ridpath Allan (Young Cheese) P

Clive :  Baldwin Alan C, Jeglum Howie OF, Jeglum Wally 3B, Johnson P, Kocher P. 1B, Meldrum H. OF, Olsen 2B, Shortt W. SS, Waldron OF

Lethbridge Cubs :  Geoghegan Norman(Big Six/Tiny) RHP, Greenway Gordon SS/OF, Kosko Mike OF, Leifer Elmer UT/RHP/MGR, Lorang P, Malone SS, Morrison Gordon 1B/SS/3B/P, Nelson C/OF, Sang Charlie C/2B/1B, Yanosik George 3B

Lethbridge Miners :  Chumick G, Greenway Gordon, Kosko Mike OF, Luciani 2B, Morrison Gordon, Ridpath Wade(Big Cheese) P, Sang Charlie C/2B/1B, Seaman Pete P/3B, Sinclair Scott 1B/SS/3B, Swedish G. OF/3B, Sweet, Troyan OF/SS, Wylie 1B/2B/OF, Yanosik George MGR, Yorko OF/C, Zubach Nick SS

Magrath :  Blumel Russell(Huckleberry(1B), Campbell P/SS, Harris Leonard(Lennie) OF, Minnion Dallas C/2B, Minnion Gerald(Mick) OF, Minnion Leory(Skinny) SS, Olstead Ben(Bengal) C, Shaefer Henry OF, Tuftland Joe P/MGR, Workman Leonard 3B

Medicine Hat :  Pennington Wilf(Lefty) LHP/OF

Nanton :  Geddes Alva(Buzz) OF/P/SS

Red Deer :   Beatty OF, Caldwell C, Dancocks George OF, Malcolm Howard 2B, Nelson 1B, Osterland P, Reid George OF, Springbett Ed 3B, Weber SS

Stavely :   Allan/Allen Alex, Anderson Vern, Bouzyan Ferris(Shorty), Haynes Lester(Slim) P/OF, Jenkins Roy, Reid Earl(Jersey), Siler George/Si P, Smith Bob, Wagness Earl(Swede)

Vulcan :  Killen Ed P/3B



Arenas : Beddome Bobby P, Cann Pat 1B, Fitch Herb OF/P/2B, Frick Art OF, Irvine Dunc P/OF, Knight Bill SS/2B, Lawton Wally P/OF, Mickelson “Mickey” OF, Mobberly/Moberly C, Rosenstock Rosy 3B/SS/OF, Siddle William(Snake) SS/P/1B/OF, Sinclair Len C, Warren Fred(Bunny) 2B/SS/3B/MGR, Warren Greig OF/1B, Wise Ness OF

Columbus Club : Arnott Jimmy C, Bradley Jimmy OF, Brown 3B, Clifford Bill 2B, Dalziel R.(Bob) SS, Davis Bill 1B, Deakin “Lefty” P, Dick “Lefty” P, Doyle Nick 3B/2B/1B/C, Flanagan “Doc” OF, Harris “Smokey” P, Kelly P, Kokran Marty OF/C, Lowe Odie P/OF, Malloy OF, May Sid P, McCorquodale Dunc C/3B, O’Brien Pat 2B/OF, Pridham OF, Shandre 2B, Shannon Tommy OF/P/MGR, Thurston 1B, Young OF

Elks : Arnison Rookie P/1B/OF, Brown Bev C, Caslake Gordon OF/C, Cuthbert Lawrie 2B/1B/SS/OF, Daily C/OF/SS, Dakins Gordon C, Darlington Joe MGR, Davidson Johnny “Red” P/OF, Hind Jack P/1B, Lee Barney P, McDonald T. P/OF/1B, McFarlane “Packy” OF, Mooney Nelson C, Olien Ole/Ollie 1B/3B/P/OF, Penu Steve OF/2B, Rivers George 3B, Rivers Joe SS, Rivers Romeo SS/OF/2B/1B, Wilson Ed P, Wilson Larry P/OF

Norwood : Borland Bill MGR, Brandt 1B, Cochrane OF/SS, Dion Henry 3B, Dunbar Johnny SS/2B/OF, Duncan OF, Hopper Keith 2B/OF,Hultman P, Mackie Dave P, Marinelli Dick SS, May Herb C/OF, May Toddy OF, Mulligan Andy C, Olien Alex C/OF, Puhan Connie OF, Roberts “Lefty” P, Seel Jack OF/3B, Stobie Fred P/OF, Stobie W.(Bill) P/OF, Van Beneen 3B/SS/OF

Tammany Tigers : Armstrong OF/3B, Arnott Wilf OF, Austman Johnny(Slim) OF/1B, Cockburn Bill OF/C, Crowe Bill P/OF/SS, Fairfield Finley P/OF, Grant Jimmy OF, Johnson Leo P/OF, Kendall 1B, Kennedy OF, MacKenzie Gordie 2B/SS/3B, McCallum Sammy P/SS/OF/3B, McDonald Frank 2B, McDonald J. OF,  McDonald Tony OF, McVey Carson, McVey Ward OF/2B/1B/MGR, Perry SS, Singbush Ron C/OF/1B, Starr Gordon SS, Unsworth OF, Van Vleit/Van Vliet 3B

Brandon Greys :   Carpenter Jack OF, Corey Clare C/OF, Corey Cliff P, Dundas Jack 2B, Dunn, Finnson/Finnon Art OF, Fry Nick P, Hitchins Charlie 3B, Kirkham 2B, Kirkham H. OF, Moir Scotty , Scott 2B, Sebastian 1B, Stenshoel 1B/C, Stuart Herb SS, Thompson Harry P, Walker 1B


Maroons : Carpenter Jack OF, Cowan Cy C, Cowan Tom 2B/SS/3B, Dundas F. MGR, Dundas Jack SS/3B, Dundas Ken P/OF/1B, Finnson Art OF/3B/P, Fraser C. OF, Gray Lorne P/OF, Grieve OF, Hart OF, Hope Alan OF, Johnson OF, McIntosh Joe OF, Miller, Mitchell OF/3B, Ransom/Ranson OF, Sadler Reg P, Scott Doug OF/3B/2B, Shewan 1B, Walker OF

Nationals * : Brannon Wally SS/C, Buchanan “Happy” P/OF, Butler C, Carr Tom P/OF/2B/1B/3B, Cochlan Harvey/Alfred(Honey) C, Cowan Hod OF/1B/3B/C, Frame 1B/P, Hughes Jim OF, Munroe 2B, Plum Johnny OF, Rathwell 2B/3B, Reid Ollie C/OF/1B/MGR, Ruller P, Spafford 2B/OF, Sutherland 3B/OF, Symington Bill “Buck” OF, Trafford Reg P/OF

Shamrocks : Bird/Byrd OF, Clark 2B/SS/OF, Crane C, Cranston 1B/SS/OF, Creighton Jimmy OF/3B, Eamer 3B, Finlay OF, Greig OF/2B, Hyndman P/OF/SS, Lane Jack P, Manson SS, Matheson SS/OF, McFarlane SS, McKenzie 3B.OF, McLeod OF, McPhail 1B, Munson SS, Pelletier OF, Smith Reg P/3B/1B/OF, Westcott 3B/1B

* 1926 league champions

Neepawa : Adams SS, Atkins C, Belton 3B, Brown 2B, McPhail OF, Nelson P, Rush OF, Scott OF, Thompson 1B

Sperling : Brown 2B, Fanger OF, Harris “Smokey” P/OF, Hay OF, Jerome C, Jorgan OF, McNulty 1B/MGR, Moir “Scotty” C, Unsworth OF/P, Waddell SS, Welsh OF, Woods 3B

Virden :  Caldwell Gordon 1B, Carr Tom 3B, Cottingham Del P/OF (also RBA), Darcy P, Ducharme SS, Lamond 2B, Lloyd 3B/P,  Lund SS, McGaffin OF, McKay “Curly”, McLellan C, McNichol Shell C/OF, Palmer D. OF, Palmer H. OF, Sanford/Stanford OF, Warren 1B/2B, Young P



Collingwood : Condon Jimmy 1B, Daniels Johnny S. C, Delcourt Camille(Lefty) P/OF, Dillon “Lefty” P, Esplen Baden(Babe) SS/P/3B/OF, King Dudley C/OF, King Eric OF/1B/3B/P, Kozak Steve P, Lindsay Stew 3B/SS/P Lovely OF, Lundie Bob OF, McLean Cy C/OF, Nestman Joe MGR, Nestman Johnny OF/SS/3B, Puder Hal P (also Young Liberals), Robertson OF, Silver Neil OF (also Mount Pleasant – Terminal League), Stevenson Charlie 2B, Traeger Les P

Elks : Brown OF, Bullard Russ SS, Callaghan 3B, Campbell 2B, Chapman Harry P, Coyle OF, Duff Cameron(Peggy) OF, Evans Charlie P, Holden Larry P/3B, Irvine OF, Kelly OF, Knipfel OF, Levin H.C.(Sonny) OF/2B, Maveety Herb OF, Paepke Ernie(Dutch) 2B/3B, Richardson Harry C/OF (also Young Liberals), Scott Dave P, Simpson Bill OF (also Shell – Twilight League), Tuson Bill OF, Watters Jimmy 1B/3B, Whyte Syd C/1B/MGR

Young Conservatives : Andrews Jack 2B, Brand Bill P, Brown OF, Buchanan Jack C (also Shell – Twilight League), Butler OF/3B, Clark Bill 2B/C, Cross Norman(Abe) 1B, Ferguson C, Goodall Norm C/OF, Goodall Roy MGR, Hall Coleman C/OF, Kimberley Cecil P/OF, May Doug OF, Miller Arne SS, Mills Bobby OF, Moffat/Moffatt “Lefty” OF, Morrow 2B, Morse Art 3B, Thompson Lorne P/OF, Williams “Windy” OF

Young Liberals : Anderson SS, Bacon Jack C/OF/3B, Cann Hec 2B/MGR, Craig Nick OF/P, Jackson Haley 1B, Kaye George(Lefty) P, Larson Tat 3B/SS/P, McMahon “Mickey” MGR, Miron Charlie 3B/OF, Mitchell Bruce 3B, Payne OF, Puder Hal P (also Collingwood), Reynolds Jerry P, Richardson Harry C/OF (also Elks), Seymour Cy(Rumpy) OF, Simons Alex(Lefty) P/OF, Smith “Googy” C, Solloway Russell(Rap) OF, Tisman Louie 3B/SS


Asahis : Doi Kenichi(Ken) P, Furumoto Teddy P, Horii Yo C, Ito Junji “George” 3B, Kato George P/OF/2B/1B/3B, Kitigawa Eddie OF, Matoba Tom OF/1B/C, Miyasaki Sanzoku(Harry) 1B/MGR, Miyata Tom OF, Nakamura Hiroshi “Frank” 2B, Nakamura Satochi “Sally” 2B, Nishi/Nishidera Roy P/OF, Sato “Mickey” OF/P, Suga Ty P/OF, Tanaka Charles 1B/OF/2B/C, Tanaka George, Tanaka Herb, Yamamura Ken, Yamamura Roy SS, Yasui Reg OF/C

Ex-King George : Armstrong OF, Bain OF, Choate Percy P/3B/OF/1B, Dobbins Alex(Scotty) P/OF/SS/2B/1B, Gustafson OF/3B, Henderson Bill C, Hope Glen OF/C, Jones 3B, Leek Chuck 1B, McIlwaine C, McIntyre Bruce 2B/SS, McIntyre D. C, McIntyre Earl SS/2B, McIntyre Harvey 2B, Menzies Clarence OF/2B/3B/P/C, Purdy OF, Sherman 3B, Stein OF, Wright 2B/C

Hanbury’s : Bell OF, Bestwick/Bestwetherick 3B, Binns 2B, Black Jack C, Bruce 3B, Delbridge Slim P, Emeri 3B/SS, Harris SS, Herbert 1B/2B, Johnson/Johnston P/OF/1B/2B/3B, Leamond OF, Leonard P/OF, May C. C/2B, May Max P/OF/SS/2B/1B, May S. OF/2B, McGrath OF, McKenzie P/OF, McKissock G. OF/SS/2B, McLean SS, Newby OF, Pickering OF/P, Pinchback 3B/OF/C, Pitt SS/C/2B, Sproule 2B/SS, Sweeting OF/3B/SS/1B, Thomas OF/C, Vernon SS, Woodman Jack 3B/P/2B

Mount Pleasant : Armstrong Roy MGR, Armstrong Ted OF, Arthur Len P/OF/1B, Bennett Arne/Arnold P, Betts Jack(Lefty) OF, Cadenhead Bill P/SS (also Powell River), Callaghan/Callahan 3B, Couvelier George OF/2B/3B/1B, Ferguson Gordon C/2B, Harold Bert OF, Inch Ferd P/OF, Inkster 1B,  Jones Harry OF/SS, Lister William(Scotty) 1B, Lowry Lorne P/OF/SS/3B/2B, McKissock Jimmy SS/2B, Miller OF/P, O’Connell 3B/1B/SS, Pouche C, Silver Neil OF (also Collingwood – Vancouver Senior City League), Sinclair Sammy OF, Stein 3B/OF, Thacker Art 2B/P/3B/OF/SS, Tolmie Andrew “Andy” 3B, Wilson Harry 2B/SS/MGR, Worley Pat SS/C/2B/3B


Burnaby : Anderson SS, Brady J. 3B, Cooper OF, Crowder Carl P/OF/1B (also South Vancouver Elks), Gray Dave P/OF/MGR, Irvine OF, Johnston Ernie OF (also Kerrisdale), Kinney C, McKee Doc OF, McLean Don OF/1B, McSorley/MacSorley OF, Olson 1B, Payne 1B, Porter Art OF, Reid 3B/OF, Warren C, Widdows 2B (also South Vancouver Elks), Young 2B

Kerrisdale : Bell 2B, Brennan OF, Caswell OF/2B/P, Dawe SS, Douglas OF, Gibson 1B, Hall C, Herod SS/2B/3B/OF, Ingledew 3B/OF/SS, Johnston Ernie OF/C (also Burnaby), Logan G. C, Logan King P/2B/OF, McDonald Murray 3B/OF, McLean Gordie OF/SS, McRae Don OF/P, Murray OF, Setna Mickey P/C, Shaw SS/C/OF, Teeporten P, Watkins 2B/3B

Shell : Alton 1B/OF/2B, Asserlind Harvey SS, Bain Phil 3B/2B, Barnes P/OF, Brady 2B, Buchanan Jack C (also Young Conservatives – Senior City League), Butler 3B, Coffey OF, Cummings OF/3B/P, Diebolt A. OF, Diebolt Johnny(Lefty) P/3B/OF, Ferguson P/2B/OF/3B, Gardiner 3B/P/OF, Gray Jim 1B/2B, Hamilton 2B/OF, McDonald A. OF, McDonald D. 2B/3B/OF, McDonald “Red”, McGregor OF, Moote 1B, Murray OF, Necomb OF, Oben OF, Robertson P, Simpson Bill C (also Elks – Senior City League), Smith #1 3B/OF/2B/P, Smith R. W. OF, Tentouth Warren 2B/OF, Trotter OF/C/1B, Warren 3B/C/1B/2B/OF, Wyard Jack OF

South Vancouver Elks : Basiren/Basireau SS/C, Bellamy P, Blownski Joe C, Boyes F.C.(Tat) P, Crowder Carl P (also Burnaby), Dwan OF/3B, Finlayson 2B, Hunter “Lefty” OF/P, Loban/Lobban OF/3B, Mills Don P/1B/OF, Oates/Oatis OF/3B/1B, Pitt/Pitts 2B/3B, Ross OF/2B, Sanders “Lefty” P/OF, Taylor Fred 1B/C, Trayling Ed OF/1B, White Frank MGR, Widdows SS/3B/2B (also Burnaby), Wilkes/Wilks OF

Vancouver All-Stars : Cann Hec 2B, Craig Nick OF, Holden Larry RHP, Miller Ross SS, Miron Charlie OF, Morse Art 3B, Seymour Cy(Rumpy) OF, Solloway OF, Watters Jimmy 1B, Wayte C


Chryslers (dropped out of league on June 30) : Bean Barclay/Bart 3B/OF/2B/P (also Fraser Mills), Beaton 2B/3B, Brown Clare MGR, Butler P. 2B, Connar Jack OF (also New Westminster Royals), Cromer Lefty P, Cruver Earl MGR, Davis Ray SS (also White Rock), Digman OF, Downing Leo P/1B/OF (also White Rock), Dyer OF, Frykman Arnold P/OF (also White Rock), Gordon SS/OF, Hedlund Gus P/1B/SS (also New Westminster Royals), Minnahan OF/C/2B (also White Rock), Paulson OF, Perry 1B, Roddick Jimmy OF (also New Westminster Royals), Somerville Harry C (also New Westminster Royals)

Fraser Mills : Bean Barclay/Bart 3B/OF/1B/P (also New Westminster Chryslers), Chestnut Armour(Lefty) P/OF, Clarke OF, Freshfield Dean 3B, Gifford P, Hawkes Ray 1B/3B, Jones Stan(Beaner/Lefty) P, Maxwell Bill OF/3B, McLeod Earl MGR, McLeod Don MGR, Muscutt Doug P/1B, O’Dell SS, Ogilvie “Nip” C/OF, Richardson C, Ryan Maurice OF/3B, Scott Al 2B, Thon C (also Bellingham), Thorburn Bobby P/OF, Walby Gene C

Royals : Abraham 3B/OF, Andreson/Andresen Neil C, Butler R.(Dick) OF, Butler Tanny 1B/OF, Connar Jack OF (also New Westminster Chryslers), Crawford Sam(Wahoo) OF, Currie Gordon(Sweeper) OF, Duplin “Frenchy” 2B, Fraser Doug 3B, Grimston Doug 1B, Hedlund Gus P (also New Westminster Chryslers), Herrle Joe SS, Johnson Axel OF/1B/SS, Mills Clare P, Morgan Jack MGR, Olson Eddie P/OF, Robertson OF/P, Roddick Jimmy OF (also New Westminster Chryslers), Somerville Harry C (also New Westminster Chryslers)

White Rock : Bailey Bill 3B/OF, Bearisto Slim C, Blackwell OF, Brouland 2B, Bruns P/OF, Davis Ray 2B/SS/C (also New Westminster Chryslers), Downing Leo OF (also New Westminster Chryslers), Frykman Arnold P/OF (also New Westminster Chryslers), Hawkins 3B/OF, Hunter Earl(Tiny) OF/MGR, Kilgore OF/P, Larsen O. 3B, Lewis Ollie P/3B/OF, Lindsay SS, Minnahan C (also New Westminster Chryslers) Nemyre 1B/OF/C, Olson Art P, Valdeson, Visintainer 1B (also Bellingham)


Britannia Beach :  Bollans, Cole OF, Durfee OF/2B, Etter P/OF, Fisher P, Gardell G. P, Hammond Dick(Lefty) P/OF/1B, Hammond G. 1B/P, Hull 2B/C, McKenzie Ken C, Newby OF, Pitt 2B, Stewart 2B, Tesreau Louis SS, Vollans 3B/SS

Britannia Mines : Cadenhead Bill P, Reynolds, Tolmie 3B


Eagles : Durkee/Durkie OF (also Sons of Canada), Gandy E.H.(Hap) 3B, Gandy George OF, Givens OF, Hall Walter SS/OF/P, Kerr Johnny P/OF, Miller Ross SS/3B/OF/C, Moore Frank 3B/SS/OF (also U. C. T.), Nex Bert 3B/2B/OF, Oatman Russell/Ross 1B/2B, Post Jimmy SS/OF, Potts Alex 1B/C, Richards Cal 2B, Ross Percy P/SS/OF, Ross R.(Bobby) C, Storch P, Taylor OF, Todd J.(Doc) P, Wachter Tommy OF/3B/2B

Sons of Canada : Chambers Percy P/OF, Cummins/Cummings Jimmy 1B, Cuppage SS/OF, Curtis Jack OF/P, Durkee/Durkie OF (also Eagles), Dunn Murty 3B/2B, Hocking “Bud” SS, Holman Bill OF, Johnson Lex OF/SS, McGinnis/McInnis F. C, McLean OF/P, Milne F.C.(Cy) MGR, More Bill 1B (also U. C. T.), Moser Louie P/OF, Parfitt Ray P, Sallaway/Salloway Pete OF, Thomas 2B/3B

United Commercial Travelers : Bowden Tommy C, Campbell Colin C/3B/OF, Campbell Falconer(Kim) 2B, Copas Harry SS/2B, Copas Roy OF/2B/P, Cottet M. OF, Fetherstone Harold 1B, Forbes Norm P/3B, Lewis “Lefty” P, Lidstone Dan P, Minnis Art 3B/SS/2B, Moore Frank OF (also Eagles), More Bill C/OF (also Sons of Canada), Noble Jack P/OF, Robinson Roy 2B/OF, Turpel W.(Doc) OF/SS, Webster Art SS/OF/1B/2B/P, Williams Jimmy MGR


C.P.R. : Pollard P

Priors : Benwell G. 1B, Benwell #2 2B, Corbett OF, Darcus OF, De Macedo SS, Dominey C, Mowatt OF, Oatman 3B, Stark Jack P, White P

Spencers : Barry OF, Benson 1B, Cann Lloyd RHP, Donaldson Dave P/3B, Gravlin OF, Quinn C, Rutledge 2B, Saville Bert OF, Smith SS, Stewart Jock OF


Elks : Barclay OF/3B, Falcioni 3B, Gold OF/P, Inch P/C, Martin W. C/OF, Maveety Jack 2B/P, McPherson 1B, Norminton SS/OF, Sangster SS, Spicer C/OF, Stratton OF

Engineers : Barter 1B, Bone J. P, Bone T. 3B, Bullock OF, Cummings SS, Reed OF, Ross OF, Thorpe C, Trimble 2B

Native Sons : Abbott Mickey OF/P, Clayton Ralph P/3B/C, Deacon George 3B/SS, Kendall P/OF, Lillington Gus 2B, McFarland OF, Morden H. C/2B/OF, Mosher 1B, Ralston Jimmy 3B, Romans M. OF/C, Romans R. 3B, Russell OF

Squamish Indians : Amskold Gus OF, Baker Ray C/OF, Gallagher Art 2B, Gallagher Joe 1B, Gallagher Willie P, Gavin J. 3B, Johnston Fred 1B/OF, Josephs Stan OF/P, Manson F. SS, Nahanee Ed P, Paul/Paull Andy MGR, Rafferty Ben OF, Tom Paddy OF/C


Kelowna : Gaspardone P, Mills P, Parkinson Jack, Rainbow C, Roth, Saigo P

Oyama : Crawford C, Pattullo P

Rutland : Dalgleish Ken P, Dalgleish #2 C, Lewis OF

Winfield : Duggan P, Simpson H. P, Thorlakson C


Enderby : Bercy C, Graham OF, Johnson OF, Jones George 1B/P, Jones Jack SS, Kearon/Keron 2B, McAusland 3B, Rowland OF, Skyrme OF, Sparrow P/1B

Kamloops : Brown Moe P, Chater M. OF/1B/3B/2B, Craig Johnny SS/3B, Cunnington M. 2B/OF, Dalgleish Bert C/OF, Dalgleish Clair P/OF, Fishleigh Dunc 2B, LaRocque MGR, McCall Barr(“Lefty) 1B/3B/SS, McCormick J. OF, McGinn Danny OF/C, Milton Allan OF, Negrean Bob P, Potter Bob OF/SS, Robertson Chuck 1B, Stainton Jack C/1B, Weatherby Leigh OF, Wolfe Bert SS

Revelstoke : Cowan 2B, Dean H. 3B, Dean P. OF/SS, Donaldson E. SS, Gallicano/Galicano H. OF, Grandstrom/Granstrom/Granstron 3B/P/2B, Grimmett OF, Henderson C. 1B, Hooley P, Kincaid C, McIntyre B. OF, McMahon/McMann OF, Nelson OF, Pradolini Elio(Al/Tiny) P/2B, Thacker P

Salmon Arm : Barr OF, Brown OF, Coates SS, Currie 3B, Donnelly C/OF, Farrow, Gayton, Johnston 2B,  Loyst, Turner C, Watkins C. P, Watkins L. OF/2B, Watkins W. 1B/C, Williamson SS, Williston 1B, Woods L. OF


Nelson : Argue Mickey OF/SS, Bamford Frank SS/2B/OF, Brennan Jim C, Chapman Eric, Gillette Harold(Chick) 1B/OF, Hunt E. OF, Kirby R. MGR, Kraft Iner/Einar(Slim) P/2B, Notman James(Scotty) 3B/1B, Scanlon Anthony(Addy) 3B, Schumaker/Shoemaker "Lefty" OF/SS, Sikora George P/2B/SS/OF, Wallace Johnny. SS/2B, Whitehead Bert OF, Whitehead R.(Dick) 1B/SS/2B

Rossland Miners : Burke Leo 1B, Cobain Harry(Lefty) OF, Cosgriff F. OF, Costello William, Coulture Dutch-Mascot, Dewar Ken 3B/OF, Ferko Joe 2B/SS/C, Ferko John OF, Hunter George MGR, Hunter Leo OF, Hunton John(Puggy), Johnson Ernie C, Johnson J. OF, Luce Frank/Ernie OF/SS, MacKenzie Don P/SS/OF, Marsters H.(Skid) OF/P, Molisky Bill SS/3B/2B, Teters Paul 2B/3B, Pratt Jack OF/C, Ralls P, Rotchford Herb SS, Singer Frank(Dutch) OF/2B

Trail : Butorac Mike OF, DiPasquale Bill(Mystery) 3B/SS (also Giants), Flaherty P, Garland Ralph “Tuffy” C (also Giants), Hanson Jim 1B/P, Lauriente Fred 2B (also Giants), Lauriente Hank OF/C (also Giants), Letcher Leo P/1B, Luce 2B/P, McDonald AngusW.(Gus) OF/2B, Morgan Cliff OF (also Giants), Morrison Jack SS/2B, Reddick Clarence (also Giants) 2B/SS


Curlew WA :  Atkins 1B, Brown #1 P/OF, Brown #2 C, Horning SS, Moeller OF, Nelson Merle P, Pace Bob 3B, Showers 2B, Strownes OF

Grand Forks : Biddlecombe George OF, Cagnon E. 2B/1B, Crowe A.F. OF/P/1B, Eamer Les P/SS/1B, Galipeau A. OF, Henderson Ken P, Innes Jimmy SS,  Kidwell Cy/Si C, Manson “Skinny” C, Newbauer F. OF, Otterbine Jimmy OF/2B, Scott Perry 3B/C, Scott Tunis SS/OF, Smith W.D.(Doc) 1B/P

Malo WA : 

Midway :  Brown OF, Delisle E. SS

Republic WA :  Bowman P, Dodson 1B, Miles 3B, Nillis OF, Pierce C, Rumsey OF, Slater 2B, Sullivan OF, Wonderly SS


Cubs :  Scott J.M. P 

High School :

I.O.O.F :  Bailey E. OF, Crowe A.F. SS, Henderson H. OF, Henderson Ken P, Kidwell Cy/Si C, Killam G.F. 1B, Pearson C. 2B, Pearson W. 3B, Scott A. OF

Knights of Pythias :  Dunn Osmond OF, Hodgson G. C, Larsen W. OF, Manly D. SS, McCannon Bert P, Newbauer F. OF, Ramsay J. 3B, Smith W.D.(Doc) 1B, Weir C. 2B


Giants : Brown SS/OF, Drew Dick P, Garland Ralph “Tuffy” C (also Trail WKBL), Gibson C/3B, Hanson OF/SS, Lauriente Fred 2B (also Trail WKBL), Lauriente Hank 1B (also Trail WKBL), McDonald Doug OF/1B, Morgan Cliff OF (also Trail WKBL), O’Grady 3B/SS, Pierce OF, Reddick 3B (also Trail WKBL)

Sheiks : Blake SS, Buckley Archie 1B, Christie P, Demidoff Peter P/OF, DeMore Louis OF/P, DiPasquale “Mystery” 3B (also Trail WKBL), Dorman 1B/P/OF, Drew Dick 3B, Eustis Sammy OF, Gavrilik Si 1B, Hall Al OF/C, Hall “Tick” SS, Marshall Matty C , Matovich Steve 2B, Mero/Miro/Moro OF, Spurgeon P/1B, Stewart Sam MGR

Cranbrook :  Armstrong H. 3B, Armstrong R. OF, Bamford F. P, Crowe A. 1B, Crowe T. 2B, Kay G. C, McNeil P., Musser C. OF, Spence E. OF, Spence W. SS

Kimberley :  Pennington Jack(Lefty)

Wycliffe : Belton F. C, Clarke 2B, Crowe 2B, Forbes P, Huffman SS, Jones, Logan OF, McPeake S. 3B, Staples E. OF, Staples W. OF

Chemainus : Horne, Horton Joe OF, Howe 2B, Johns C.(Fat) P, McBride Dick, McBride R.(Bob) OF, McKinnon Jack 1B, Pervis OF, Rice SS/P, Robertson 3B, Robinson George OF/SS, Smith Gordon OF/SS, Worthington C, Wyllie Peter

Courtenay :  Bannerman Danny, Bates Charlie, Bennie Hank, Bobba G., Bono T., Cameron Neilo(Doc) MGR,, Conti Sacki, Cummins T., Dixon Haley, Downey S., Farmer Amos, Harris S., Hunden O., Little Tom, Malard A., McKee T., McKee W.(Bill), Robinson Andy, Robinson/Robertson R., Stant W.(Bill), Stewart Matt

Duncan : Bonsall 2B, Brown Harold C, Doney Bert OF, Evans OF, Lawrence OF, Little 3B, Myles 1B, Robinson Henry P, Vidal SS

Nanaimo Tar Flats :  Edmunds Ernie(Fat) P, Wilson C/P

Port Alberni :  Clegg, Dickson, Drummond, Gilliland, Herbertsoon, Lee, Marshall, McLean, McNaughton, Naslund, Watson, White, Wilson

Sidney (Victoria Commercial Baseball League) : Barr Jackie OF, Bishop OF,  Cressley 2B, Dick SS, Lind 1B, Lines C, Paul OF, Simpson 3B, Williams Sylvester P 


Abbotsford (Delta League) : Barney SS, Beaton 3B/OF/2B, Crossley 1B, Fossett C, Griffiths OF, Inene SS, Minckler Frank P, Murphy E. OF, Mutch 2B/3B, Patch S. OF/3B, Sayce Bill MGR, Smith R. OF/SS

Alberni (Vancouver Island champions) : Bedford OF, Clegg OF, Duff 3B, Frost 1B, Miles Pard P, Milligan OF, Moton/Motion OF, Murray 2B, North C

Canco (Goulding League) : Barnett OF/2B, Brown E. 2B/3B, Brown H. OF, Corbett 3B/C, Eldred J. OF/SS, Gemmell George SS/P, House P/OF, Kasmer Johnny C/OF, McLeod OF, Russell 1B

Collingwood Bees (South Vancouver League) : Cropley SS, Dwan OF, Heardon OF, Lovely 1B, McMyn P/OF, Moore E. OF/1B, Moore R. 2B, Morgan 3B, Murray P, Nassey C, Sager P/OF, Scott OF

New Westminster Elks (New Westminster Senior B League) : 

Port Haney (Dewdney League) : Burnett Hank OF, Duncan Jim 3B, Duncan Johnny C, George A. C, George H. OF, Minty Bill P, Muntz W. P, Muscutt Bob 2B, Muscutt Frank SS, Telosky OF, Zeron 1B

Revelstoke (Mainline League) : Dean H. 3B, Dean P. OF, Donaldson E. SS, Gallicano/Galicano H. OF, Grandstrom/Granstrom/Granstron 3B/P/2B, Henderson C. 1B, Kincaid C, McMahon/McMann OF, Pradoni Elio/Al(Tiny) P/2B, Pulley Harry 3B

Squamish Indians (North Shore League) : Amskold Gus OF, Baker Ray C/OF, Gallagher Art 2B, Gallagher Joe 1B, Gallagher Willie P, Gavin J. 3B, Johnston Fred 1B/OF, Josephs Stan OF, Manson F. SS, Nahanee Ed P, Paul/Paull Andy MGR, Rafferty Ben OF, Tom Paddy OF/C

Trail Sheiks (Trail Senior B League) : DeMore Louis OF/P, Dorman 1B/P/OF, Drew 3B/OF, Eustis OF, Ganerty 1B, Gavrilik P, Hall Al OF, Hall “Tick” SS, Lauriente OF/3B, Marshall Matty C, Matovich 2B, Spurgeon P/1B

Young Conservatives (Vancouver Senior B City League) : Downie 1B, Hackman C, Kay Bill OF/SS/2B, Kay N. OF, Leith Murray SS/P, McKenzie Ken OF/P, Muir 3B, Noble Bill P, Parker Pat 2B/P, Pepper, Yates Jim OF/SS


Toronto Ossington League

Beavers : Ashley Norm, Bochnek Hy, Brooks, Carey Art MGR, Comiskey Bruce, Crump Johnnie, Erwin, Genlan Fred, Gold Sammy, Harrigan Bill, Kenney George(Bunny), McDonald, Michie Lyall, Morley, Orville, Scott Bus., Stokes Cliff

Highlanders : Barker Sailor, Buckey Walter, Carelton Ken, Dennison A., McGeachie Jim, Sleightholme Fred, Snyder Lou, Stringer Rip, Symington Norm, Wemys Stan

Hillcrests : Beaune Ed, Carl Harry, Clifford W., Donohue Bert, Gavin George MGR, Irwin Bert, Irwin Pete, Lancaster Art, Lang Oscar, Mulholland Bill, O'Connell Les, Richards Bill, Scruton Rolly, Sinclair Bill(Hank), Waller George

Oakmounts : Armstrong F., Baker tom, Barton Lorne, Boraird Len, Boyd "Yank", Bradley Len, Butler Doc, Clayton Bert, Evans, Finan Harold, Gibbs Herb, Green Rex, Harper Lionel, Hughes P., Matthews Lefty, McConnell Barney, Metcalf George, Rose Fred, Tress Charlie, Wortley Ernie MGR

Oslers : Ashton Eddie OF/1B, Breen Joe SS, Burt Tom OF/P, Dodds Harvey OF, Egan Jack 3B, Fleming Jim 2B, Greer W.(Billy) RHP/OF, Hamilton Fred MGR, Hoose Clare C, Hughes Bert(Buck) 1B, McCay Charlie LHP, McIlroy Bill SS, Reid Percy(Pucker) SS, Spring Joe RHP/OF, Walker Clarence(Teedle) OF/C, Watson Hap P


Bellingham WA : Bateman Ray 2B, Bray Elmer P/OF, Higgerson “Red” 3B, Johnson OF, Keplinger E. SS, Padovan Andy OF/C, Rankin P, Staggs/McCready Pete OF, Thon C (also Fraser Mills), Visintainer 1B (also White Rock)

Copper Cliff, ONT :  Cloutier P

Everett WA : Bridges 3B, Herbert OF, Jones OF, Mounger Al C, Mounger Aubrey OF,  Mounger L. 1B, Novak P, Pollock 2B, White SS

Grenora (N-Dakota)  :   Amundsen SS, Anderson 1B, Broadland OF, Hub C, Leggie OF, Morris OF, Peterson P, Prim 3B, Sletten 2B

Havre (MT) :  Arbogast Charley C, Corey OF, Harper Harry OF , Hester Herb P/MGR, Ling OF/P, Martin OF, Puccinelli "Pooch" 1B (also CX), McInnis George SS, Rathjen Ed 2B, Rooney 3B/OF, Schorr "Hunk" OF, Stivers Vernon(Skippy) 3B

House of David (Benton Harbor MI) : Champion C/2B, Curtis P, Eckman OF, Faust Walter(Dutch) SS, Harrison 3B, Hipp 2B/P/OF, Hockman OF, Kendale C, Miller Lorne P, Sharrock Jay OF, Smith P, Tally “Doc” OF, Tucker 1B

Orient WA :  Brigham #1 OF, Brigham #2 C, Dahl Fred SS, Dilley Joe 1B, Hoges OF, Kibby P, Longhew 2B, Marchand OF, McPhee 3B   

Plentywood, Montana :  Boyle OF, Bromberg "Wop" P, Burke Tom 1B, Chekaluk Steve P/OF, Collins OF, Dallas Porky 2B/OF, Davenport Dave RHP, Edmonson OF, Fishback SS, Hub/.Hubb 3B, Leake 3B, Montana (also Scobey), Munson OF, Pearce/Pierce C, Peterson P, Risberg Charles(Swede) P/1B, Smith OF, Sterner OF, Walters Earl 3B/P, White OF, Wirtzberger 3B

Port Angles WA :   Anderson OF, Bayton OF, Draper OF, Fackler P, Gallacci SS, Howe 3B, Saari R. 1B, Saari S. C, Shore 2B, Vincent P

Port Angeles WA Pulp & Paper : Adams “Babe” P, Arey 1B, Cable Tony C, Glen OF, Infield OF, Kennedy 3B, McLarney Art SS, McLarney Ralph 3B, Ostenson George OF, Swanson P, White OF

Roche Harbor WA : Benjaman 1B, Fraser C, Gregory 3B, Paul OF, Rossman P, Sam SS, Sass OF, Willette OF, Williams 2B

Scobey, Montana :   Boardman Charlie LHP/OF, Bucholtz P/OF, Cadreau William(Chief) RHP, Felsch Oscar(Hap) OF, Fleek C, Hilden Wally OF, Kells Lefty P, Kingsley OF/P, Meyers Johnny INF/P, Newhouse Eddie 2B/SS, Nighbor C, Tissman SS, Turen 1B, Wagner Hans OF/2B, Walker OF, Weires C, Whipple OF, Wiedel/Weidell OF/P, Zeiser P

Seattle WA Alki Merchants : Arnold Les 3B, Beckett 3B, Burnsed Sam C, Gaw Wilson 1B, Glenn 3B, Jury Ray OF, Kohl Ernie 2B, Langlie 2B, Olson Gil P, O’Neill Len OF, Sen “Bud” OF, Smith Dewey P, Walsh Dick SS

St. Paul MN Northern Pacific Railway : Bauman J. 2B, Drost C. OF, Gardell G. P, Jackson F. OF/SS, Kiebiak/Kubiak L. OF, Larson/Larsen C. P, McGowan Everett OF, Nichols C. 2B, Oettle C, Ristine K. P, Rouse OF, Schultz OF, Seller L. 1B, Stemig Abe P/OF, Stemig C. 3B, Stemig J. OF, Stepnick A. C, Thompson H. C, Wellman H. SS/2B

University of Washington Huskies : Beckett Hughie 3B, Davis N. OF, Dobson John OF/1B, Graves Dorsett(Tubby) MGR, Johnson Joe SS, Jones Stan P, Langlie Art 2B, Leavers Luke 1B, Lindsay C, Malone Coe OF, Prevost Al P/OF, Shager Grant P, Shidler Harold P, Stowell P, Tesreau Elmer P, Walby Gene C, Wallingford Don OF