1950 Rosters     



Colonsay Monarchs : Angrimson Norm "Lefty" P, Breckner John SS, Breckner Len 1B/3B/OF, Carlson Grant P/IF, Coffin Lloyd 2B, Folk Johnny P/C/IF, Gunther Don 3B/P, Hrynkiw Paul IF/OF, Johnson Lorne P/IF, Klotz George C/1B, Moldenhauer Roy OF, Nalywako Ed OF/SS, Pendleton Reg OF, Robison Verne OF, Rosher Les C//1B, Senko Steve C, Senko Ted P, Shier Herb, Smith Clarence P/IF

Delisle Gems : Bentley Bev 1B, Bentley Doug OF, Bentley Max 3B/P, Bentley Reg C, Bentley Roy, Brown Eddie 2B, Butler Dick OF, Coben Murray P, Chretien Joe Hollin OF/3B/P, Gostlin Doug P/OF, Griggs Bennie P/1B, Kembel Reinie P/IF, Morris OF, Piper Dick SS, Shirley Jim C, Shockey Glen P

North Battleford Beavers : Bailey Aquillon "Andy" 2B (also Ligon's), Brown Herb P/OF, Casey Arnold 2B (also Prince Albert), Dean Elton 1B, Dean Les P, Dean Roy 3B, Dodd Doug P, Ferry Bob OF, Francis Emile SS/Mgr, Grant Don 2B/OF/coach, Linnell Mickey OF, Maze Tony P/IF/OF (also Regina Caps), Maroniuk Johnny P/OF (also Legion), Meredith Matt OF/C, Oliphant Don OF, Prediger Pete C, Stewart Don, Sweeney Bud C, Tate Curtis 3B (also Ligon's), Torgeson Elmer P/OF, Uffleman Alex OF/P (also Regina Caps)

Prince Alberts Anavets : Badowsky Wally OF, Bigelow Allan P, Bird Ken P, Boden Johnny SS/P, Boettcher Doug SS/OF, Boettcher Fred 2B, Bremner Stan IF, Casey Arnold 2B/C, Fisher Beryl 3B, Hryciuk Gerry 2B/OF, Hunter Archie P, Kelsey Leo OF (also Saskatoon Cubs), Knutson Albert "Knute" P, Leslie Bob P/IF (also Saskatoon Cubs), Logue Albert OF, Logue Dave "Lefty" P/1B, Morrison P, McLellan Al 1B, Nishnik Joe OF, Ramage Ross C/OF, Reynoldson Ron P (also Saskatoon Legion), Slonski OF, Wilson Gordie C/3B

Saskatoon Cubs : Adolph Jack OF, Courtoreille Neil P (also Sceptre), Dubyk Mike C/OF, Falk Eric P/OF, Farthing Les P/OF, Fulton Jackie OF (also Regina Caps), Gilchrist Gene P, Green Jerry P, Herron Bob OF/P, Hopper Ken 2B, Hulme Porky IF, Johns Wayne OF, Kelsey Leo OF, Leslie Bob P (also Prince Albert), McPhail Len OF, Mitchelmore Don P, Moncur Hank 1B, Newbold Don P, Norman Ernie C/OF, Pizzuto Frank OF, Richardson Glenn 1B/OF, Ring Vic OF, Rittinger Jack 1B, Rouse Cy 3B/2B, Rumball Lorne P, Salmon Lloyd P, Stevens George 3B, Trost Alex OF/3B, Vandale Walt 1B, Watrous Sherman C, Webster Jerry SS

Saskatoon Legion : Almas Bernie 2B, Arnold Ross "Lefty" LHP, Burke Bill "Slim" RHP, Carpenter John RHP/OF, Clouston Merv OF, Crowder Lee OF (also Swift Current), Currie Stan "Lefty" LHP/OF, Dials Bill P (also Swift Current), Derksen Merv OF, Ens Danny SS, Hamilton Ray 1B/OF, Hanson Lowell C/1B, Howe Gordie SS/1B, Howe Vic OF/3B, Johnson Arnold OF, Joss Eddie SS, Lanman C, Leakos Jim OF/C, Maroniuk Johnny P/OF (also North Battleford), McCullough Chuck OF, Mitchell Cameron P, O'Brien Harry OF/IF, Pizzey Vic P, Reynoldson Ron P/C (also Prince Albert), Sasseville Bobby C/3B, Simms Toby IF/OF (also Swift Current), Sirota Alex P, Swick Julius "Jules" IF, Tatum George LHP/OF


Estevan Maple Leafs :  Abbott Dale P, Anthony Tex, Benson Baldy C, Bryant Allen Lefty LHP, Burke Eddie Inf, Carr Pappy P Mgr, Chapman Don P, Conley Tex/Buford P OF, Dubyk Mike C, Elson Don, Gouch P, Gray Chappy SS, Green Bobbie 3B, Greene Wilbur UT, Humphries OF, Jackson Bill OF, Landrum Lee C, Lewis Herman OF, Maddox Flash P, McClelland John OF, McKechney Gary P/1B, McKersie OF, Mitchell Jack, Morris Sante Fe P, Nichols Charlie OF, Parker Feets 1B, Pettus Leroy C/OF, Schnell Nasie 2B/OF, Skagges Edward P OF, Swanson Roy, Terrell Marvin/Herbert OF, Torgenrud Mel P, Verpe Orval P, Walton George Junior 1B, Weir 3B/2B, Williams Coney SS, Williams Johnny P, Williams Junior P, Wingate John INF, Yohner Frank 2B

It was a little difficult keeping up with the roster of the Leafs. Late in June they did a remake of the team with an announcement that twelve new  Negro imports would be arriving, including a coach. It would bring the number of imports to fifteen.  Catcher Lee Landrum, pitcher Flash Maddox and infielder Herman Lewis had been signed.  Three of the new imports were pitchers -- Sante Fe Morris who played for the Kansas City Monarchs, Lefty Allen Bryant who was with Minot Merchants in 1949,  and Johnny Williams. Others named were  J.W. Wingate at shortstop, Bobbie Green at 3b,  Feets Parker at 1b, Charlie Nichols of, and LeRoy Pettus an 18-year-old catcher from Los Angeles, Wilbur Greene p, Junior Walton, 

In early July, Baldy Benson the Estevan co-manager cited one of the prize additions as Negro shortstop Coney Williams, who played with Brandon for two seasons and started the 1950 season with the Brooklyn Cuban Giants.

Another player from the Giants was identified as pitcher Junior Williams. There would also be catcher Roy Swanson, Chappie Gray from Kansas City who had been playing with the House Of David,  Marvin (Herbert?) Terrell from New Orleans and Tex Anthony, manager of Muskogee Cardinals in 1949. The revised lineup was supposed to look something like this:

P - Mel Torgenrud, Santa Fe Morris, Lefty Bryant, Flash Maddox, Junior Williams, Johnny Williams, Pappy Carr, Wilbur Greene.

C - Roy Swanson, LeRoy Pettus, Baldy Benson

INF - Maddox, Eddie Burke, Coney Williams, Chappie Gray

OF - Herman Lewis, John Wingate, Marvin Terrell, Charlie Nichols, Tex Anthony.

Lumsden Royals :  Abel Ted IF/P (also Regina Caps), Angrimson Norman P, Dobson Bud OF, Evenson Denny OF, Frolick Art C/IF, Hammond Gord OF, Hingley Doug 1B, Irwin Dick Mgr, Lamborn OF, Larter Ron P 3B, Lysack Lou C, McCleneghan Ralph P, McMurtry Pete P, Montgomery Gerry C, Murray Ken P, Rogers Buddy IF/P, Ross Jimmy C/OF, Smith Bunny SS, Smith Don OF, Staley Al "Red" OF/SS, Woolley Lloyd "Schoolboy" P

Moose Jaw Purity Canucks : Boyce Harold "Curly" OF, Brown Norm SS (also Notre Dame), Buttgereit Walter 3B, Compton Lloyd P, Emerson Bill 1B/OF, Englehardt Ken 3B, Erfle Albert "Lefty" P, Erfle Rube IF/OF, Foord Ted 2B, Jones Ray 3B, Kerley Dick P/OF, Lauer Lambert "Lefty" P, Martin Stan "Stubby" C, Mellis Mike RHP/MGR, Metz Nick 2B, Mowbray Jack C, Nutzhorn Ray OF/P, Schmidt Fred SS, Smith Wally C, Squires Cliff OF, Thorseth Cy, Toddington Norm OF, Toole Doug OF, Wolstencroft Barry 1B

Notre Dame Hounds : Beattie Ralph CF, Becker Walt "Wally" OF/1B, Brown Norm C/IF (also Regina Caps), Carr (Dombowsky Hugo) Hugh P, Claggett Bus OF/P, Dornstauder Hank IF/OF/C, Germann Frank IF/P/C, Goodwin Wes OF, Huck Murray OF, Hunt OF, L'Heureux Lionel "Happy" P, McCarron Cece SS/3B, McCarthy Bob C, Mooney Bill OF/P, Obey Art P

Regina Caps : Abel Ted IF/P (also Lumsden), Allan Harold RHP, Boyd Lincoln OF (also Indian Head), Brown Norm C/IF (also Notre Dame), Charlton Ken OF, Clevenger Truman RHP, Fulton Jackie OF, Glasser Sully OF, Harrison Cliff "Lefty" P, Heidt Ed P/IF, Huartson Roy OF, Kyle Bill IF/OF, Kyle Walter "Gus" C/OF, Lambrecht Andy 1B, Lovelace Jim 2B, Maroniuk John, Maze Tony P (also North Battleford), Miller Johnny OF, Moffitt Dennis P, Righetti Tony 2B, Schumacher Jerry BB, Searcie Joe P (also Regina Red Sox), Stone Arthur 2B, Uffleman Alex MGR, Wardien Del 3B, Warwick Grant, Wells Ira LHP, Welsh Gerry P, Williams Claude 1B, Zerr Pete P

Regina Red Sox : Busch Wilmer P, Clary Bill SS P, Clow Al OF, Connor Ted OF, Davis Lorne 1B, Evans Fred OF/SS, Fisher Forrest(Dutch) 1B/P/MGR, Gamelin Bud OF, George Pat P, Georgette Bill 2B, Gillis 3B, Gray Pancho P (also Indian Head), Henderson Bob SS, Irwin Joe 1B, Kielman Don P C, McGowan Jim C OF, McNabb Morris C, McWhirter Bob OF, Mearns "Lefty" Doug OF, Millspaugh Frank OF, Mitton Gord C, Nybo Don P, Peterson Billy P, Pirack Bob P, Printz Wilbur 2B, Robillard Red P, Saxton Charlie SS, Searcie Joe P (also Regina Caps), Smith Charlie 3B, Snell Eric IF, Stauffer Marlin OF, Telles Ernie P, Warden Al P, Wittal Ed 3B

Weyburn Beavers : Anderson Jim OF, Barth OF, Beischel Dale 3B/OF, Birnie Howard SS, Burge Jim 1B/OF, Clark Vince P, Covert Keith "Casey" P/C, Garner Jim "Baldy" 2B, Hartgreaves P, Hogg Ralph P, Kot Alvin P, McTavish Don P, Metke Cubby 2B, Roache Pat 3B, Sathers Milt C, Schultz Bernard P, Shupe Blaine SS, Shupe Doug OF, Shupe Gayle P/IF, Strap Jack C/OF, Thompson Charlie C, Wilder Les 1B

Wilcox Cardinals : Bush Cec P/2B, Buttgereit Walter "Butch" P/IF, Chadwick Norm OF, Downton Aubrey P/OF, Downton Ernie 1B/P, Drew George 2B P, Ekdahl Elmer C, Lawrence Larry "Lorne" OF/P, Metz Don IF/P, Metz Nick IF, Metz Robert "Bob" OF/3B, Squires Clint OF, Weisshaar Carl C, Wiebe Irv 2B


Colonsay Monarchs :  Arngrimson Norm LHP, Breckner John SS, Breckner Len OF/1B, Carlson Grant, Coffin Lloyd 2B, Folk Johnny P/C, Hrynkiw Paul OF, Klotz George C, Moldenhauer Roy OF, Nalywako Eddie OF, Robison Verne OF, Rosher Les 1B, Senko Ted P

Delisle :  Bentley Bev 1B, Bentley Doug OF, Bentley Max OF, Brown Eddie 2B, Butler Dick OF, Coben Murray P, Gostlin Doug P, Griggs Bennie SS, Kembel Reinie 3B, Piper Dick SS, Shirley Jim C

Langham :  Brown OF, Dear Jack, Dear Ken, Dick John 1B, Farthing Les 3B, Johnston, Lowen OF, Major OF, Sherstibetoff, Sirota Andy P, Tarasoff Alex OF, Vogt Bill P

North Battleford Beavers :  Bailey Andy 2B, Dean Elton 1B, Dean Les P/1B, Dean Roy OF, Dodd Doug OF/P, Francis Emile SS, Grant Don OF, Linnell Mickey OF, Meredith Matt OF, Prediger Pete C, Tate Curtis 3B

Quill Lake :  Anderson OF, Arngrimson 2B, Brown OF, Giddeons Slim P/1B, Graham G. SS, Graham Harvey 3B, Gryba P. OF, Gryba S. C, Krinke OF, Metcalfe 1B, Reynolds OF, Strome RHP

Saskatoon Cubs :  Adolph Jack 2B, Courtoreille Neil LHP, Dubyk Mike OF/3B, Falk Eric 3B, Fulton Jackie OF, Herron Bob P/OF, McPhail Len OF, Richardson Glenn, Ring Vic OF, Rittinger Jack 3B, Rouse Cy 3B, Vandale Walt 1B, Watrous Sherman C, Webster Jerry SS

Saskatoon Legion :  Arnold Ross(Lefty) LHP, Carpenter John P, Dawes Bobby OF, Dials Bill P, Hamilton Ray 3B, Howe Gordie 1B, Joss Eddie 2B/SS, McCullough Chuck OF, O'Brien Harry OF, Reynoldson Ron SS, Sasseville Bobby C, Swick Jules 2B

Watson :  Androsen Alex 3B, Comeault C/OF, Cryzanowski Bill P, Davis Clayt OF/C, Davis Jack P, Gulioff, Gullickson 1B, Hobbs OF, Parker George SS, Semler OF, Sherman Gordon P, Zarchiekoff Sarge 2B


Kamsack Cyclones :  Derwores Bill SS, Eisen Dave, Eisner Jack P, Green Stan, McIsaac Jimmie 3B, Mohr, Sparkman Ken P, Taylor Travis C, Whatley Dave


Avonlea Arrows :  Campbell Garnet, Campbell Gordon, Dombowsky Al, Erdelyan John, Forer Remo, Kirkpatrick Jim, McRorie Eric, Sanderson Archie,  Sanderson Hugh, Smith Al

Carrot River Loggers :  Bailey Lou P, Bigelow Al P, Fennell Perley 3B, Fox Barney SS, Johnson Andy, Legard Joe Batboy, Lovett Gwynne OF, Lovett Herb IF/OF/C, McLane "Shorty" C, Percuoco Felix C/OF, Polus Pete P/3B, Rentz Alex OF, Sennell Perly, Swota Andy LHP/MGR, Wolff Art 3B/OF

Eston :  Bertram Bob MGR, Blakely Bill C, Caffie Cliff SS, Gardiner Ira 1B/C, Gilkinson Glen P, Grosz OF, Hester Elmer P, Jacobson Cliff 2B/P, Johnson Rudy P/OF, Mason Charlie P, McDonald Charlie 2B, McIvor 2B, McNeil Clint 1B/P, Stevenson Bob 3B/C, Stevenson Don OF, Stevenson Herb P/OF, Thompson Tommy P (also Swift Current), Toles Ted OF/P, Wylie Steve P (also Swift Current)

Indian Head Rockets : Alston Tom 1B, Blackman Jesse 1B/RHP, Boyd Lincoln OF (also Regina Caps), Burgess Tom OF, Calhoun Walter P, Cameron Henry Red OF, Carswell Lindsay OF, Collins Hubert PeeWee 2B/SS, Dennis Doc 1B (also Nashville), Gray Pancho (also Regina Red Sox) P, Green Cotshel, Green Louis C, Jenkins Dan P, Latham Horace INF, Lipscombe George OF, Morrow Jim RHP, Pane Holly, Quarterman Isiah C, Randolph Jimmy Colin INF, Russell Frank, Tillman Frank/Spike SS, Washington George, Williams Jim Big Jim MGR, Williams Wolf Alex P, Wylie Steve Ensloe RHP (also Minot, Swift Current)

Lloydminster Oilers :  Bruce Albert, Dodds Doug P, Granley Dean, King Hank C, Lampitt Alf P, Ley Andrew P, McLean Richie OF, Raisbeck Jim OF/SS, Rayson Tucker, Ruhl Alex P, Stewart Don 2B/P/OF

Marquis :  Cannon George 3B, Forbes George, Forbes Tracy, Franks Jim, Froehlich Jim, Guillaume George P/2B, Rample George, Smith John, Thul Gordon OF, Thul Jack

Melville :  Bowler K., Edwards H., Gray J., Nessitt B. C, Pick A., Propp A. P, Sundin M. P, Watt B., Whitmire J.

Sceptre : Courtoreille Neil P, DeBarnabo Eddy, Franks Ernie SS/3B (also Swift Current), Gracie Harry, Grant Clarence C/OF, Johnson Bob P, Lavarota Cookie, Lutcher Smoke Rinie 2B, Mahaffy George 1B, Mahaffy Harry, Olmstead Bert P/3B, Polus Pete, Powell Walt 3B, Price Hal LHP, Schappert Roy 2B, Serpa Lindy C, Shaw Dave OF, Shields Fergie MGR/1B, Shields Jim OF, Strath Donald OF

Swift Current :  Abel OF, Barron OF, Beisel Cliff INF/OF, Bing Keith 2B, Crowder Lee OF, Dayne (Dzingelowski) Mike LHP/1B, Dials Bill P, Emerson Paul OF, Franks Ernie SS (also Sceptre), Humble Ray 1B, Lang Ed 2B/OF, Maxwell Alex Mgr, McDonald SS, McGorlick Don OF, McLeod Jackie LHP/1B, More Earl C/OF, Nelson Kenneth OF, Phillips Johnny IF, Powell Al C, Powell Walter, Simms Fate C (also Dauphin), Simms Toby INF, Strong Ted SS/OF (also Minot), Thompson Tommy P, Travis Ted P, Wall Vic "Lefty" P/OF, Webb Joe C, Williams Len "Preacher" (also Minot) 2B, Willis Isaac "Pee Wee", Witherspoon Lester OF/1B (also Minot), Wylie Steve Ensloe RHP (also Minot, Indian Head)

Unity :   Allan Ross MGR, Blue Jim P, Cooper Jimmy, OF, Flanagan Irl 3B.P, Hoffard Martin C, Hornyak Lefty P,Olson Ole OF, Orr Don 1B, Orr Lyle OF, Robertson Harold OF, Rumberger Don SS/P

Yorkton Cardinals :  Campbell Merv P, Chorney Steve P., Drake C., Gerwing A., Obodiac Stan, Prystai Bill, Prystai Metro P, Seeran Don, Sharpe Jack., Yaholnitsky Steve P



Calgary Buffaloes :  Baldwin Dude P, Berlando Roger P, Brousseau Bob P, Clovinski Slim OF, Corrigan Dick P, Dodson Jerry C, Duncan Clarke 3B, Friehiet Vic 1B , Gadsby Bill OF, Gary C, Hammond Roy OF, Jenney Lloyd OF, Kreski Joe OF, Kruger Pete C, McQuarrie Gordon P, Murphy Joe RHP, Pesky Vince MGR/P, Petrunia George C, Saville Jim SS, Severyn Marshall P, Simms Willie 1B, Starkey Jim P, Vasey Chet 2B/OF, Weinstein Bernie OF, Wheeler Claude SS, Worth Art 1B/P

Calgary Purity 99 :   Abbott Don C, Allen Jerry P, Anderson Ted P, Beland Ernie OF, Botelho Bill P, Bradley Lloyd P/OF, Buono Gus C, Carlisle Rich 2B, Christensen Stan OF, Curby Ron P, Ebner Norm , Fernandez Arnie P, Gibbons Ron 3B, Gorbous Glen OF, Gully Walt 1B, Huckabay Woody SS, Johnson Mike P, Jurasin Norm 3B, Kelly Neil 2B, Noon Dick OF, Nygard Harry P, Peterson Paul P, Weaver Bing C, Wulf Gene P

Edmonton Dodgers :   Anderson Bernie OF, Bailey Don SS , Callihan Vern P, Coughlin Bob C, Darrah Doug P, Hall Jim SS, Hawkey Morrie RHP, Kapp Eddie P, Kemp Tom P, Kortgard Ross C, Latiff Dick 3B, McInerney Mike 2B, O'Connor Des 3B, Purvis Al P, Robertshaw Barry OF, Ryan James 1B, Samis Ken MGR, Stewart Don SS/OF, Stewart Doug OF, Tanner Eddie C, Wigeland Eric P

Edmonton Eskimos :   Belter Eddie Lefty LHP, Bradish George 1B, Brockie Dave OF, Clark Johnny 3B, Devine Jack P, Ducey John GM, Elsey Earl OF, Enjaian Ray 2B, Granato Fred 3B, Johnston Cliff OF, Johnson Marshall OF, Karlson Len OF, Lillis Bob SS, Lowe Dick P, Macnab Brent C, McGill Jack OF/P, Morris Ed MGR/UTIL, Peterson Bob P, Seaman Jerry P, Shuler Gene P, Smith Al LHP, Wachowich Alan BB, Wynn Don LHP


Bow Island-Burdett Combines :  Allen Bus C, Collins Shorty P, Emard Larry OF, Flamme Doug 2B, Granberg Wally P,  Knibbs Bert 3B, Knibbs Darryl SS, Knibbs Lloyd P, Knibbs Pat SS, Miller Bob P, Nelson Flip OF, Nelson Flip OF, Nelson Paul P, Sevelrud Lloyd P/OF, Shaw Ken, Thacker Herb MGR

Lethbridge Cubs : Arisman Joe OF, Berlando Doran, Dea Bill C, Fink Bob, Godlonton Arnold RHP, Gorrill Harry P, Klem Johnny OF/SS, Petrunia 2B, Stasiuk Vic 3B/1B, Walkingshaw Darwin 1B, Yanosik Clarence OF, Yanosik George MGR, Zasadny Alex Ziggy 2B

Lethbridge Miners :  Deak Frank C, Kucheran Bill RHP, Negrello Hec 3B/P, Odney Steve OF, Onofrychuk Fred SS/RHP, Petrie Norm/Red P, Price Bill 2B, Rice Wes, Rodzinyak George OF, Seaman Mitch 1B, Slavich Matt OF/LHP, Smerek Steve OF, Smith Gord, Tarnava Jocko C

Medicine Hat Tigers :  Allen Chuck 1B, Baldwin Jim, Baumbach Lorne C, Colthorpe Lloyd SS, Coutts Bill, Dunlop Johnny, Fedyna Mike 3B, Kapp Andy P/OF, Long Fred, Martin Peter 2B/SS, Miller Ron C/P, Pennington Wilf P, Sailer Bill RHP, Shupe Jack 2B/3B, Smith Ted OF, Swanson Terry, Syverson BJ Bud, Teel Gordon, Teel Howie


Northern Division

Beaverlodge : 
Dawson Creek Cardinals : 
Dawson Creek Legion : 


Brooks Buffaloes :  Anderson Dick 1B, Anderson Don OF, Anderson Gordon MGR, Baxter OF, Blennerhassett Dean SS, Bolton Ken OF, Doble Wilbur OF, Hrdlicka Jimmy 3B, McBride Jimmy C, McLeod Don P, Pashuk Wally P, Rasmussen P, Sagstuen Hans 2B/P, Thrum Wally P/1B, Tillman Bob 3B, White Cliff P/2B, Wiedemann Dave OF

Cecil Buffaloes :  Ackerman Johnny P, Buchanan Tery OF, Cleeve, Coutts 1B, Diebert Louie SS, Faichuk 3B, Gehring, Goldie Malcolm 2B, Hagen OF, Messmer Joey P, Millar C, Noviski Bill OF, Pennington Jack MGR, Pennington Len P, Pennington Wilf P, Scott Bill OF, Usselman John P, Wilson Mel P, Wolfer Harold C

Irvine Bats :  Ambrose Ches P, Hauseur Jimmy P, Herringer Roy P, Wiedemann Herman MGR, Wittke Art P

Medicine Hat Tigers :  Baldwin Jim P, Colthorpe Lloyd SS, Dorohoy Eddie , Fedyna Mike 3B/SS, Smith Ted OF, Swanson Terry, Teel Howie OF

Redcliffe Legion Red Sox :  Allenbach Roy OF, Baiers Joe C, Biko Alex P, Holowaty Walter 3B, Martin Bill OF, Rombo Herb 2B, Schaeffer Eddie P, Willis Bill Of, Wilton Jim(Jumbo) SS, Zacaruk Tony 3B/1B

South Alberta Regiment Flyers :  Barre Gerry OF, Chacalias Alex(Luke) P, Chacalias Bill, Colthorp Lloyd 2B, Cook Bruce 3B/2B, Craven Ron OF, Hall Grant(Skinny) 1B, Harnett Bill P, Harnett Bob P, Hinks Cliff P, Hoffman Donny(Ty) C, Hogle Bruce SS, Lindsay Bob, Martin Les OF, Miller Ron, Priest Bill, Rattray Jimm MGR, Syverson Bud 3B, VanBuskirk Billy P

Brooks Monarchs :  Fujimoto Fat LHP&RHP, Fujimoto Min P, Fujimoto Sat OF, Fujimoto Tats OF, Fujimoto Yosh C, Iwasa Tsugio 2B, Kimoto Lefty LHP. Kimoto Stumpo RHP, Kimura Winkie OF, Kitaguchi Jim 1B, Tamura Mac 3B, Tamura York OF, Yano Sam SS


Blairmore Columbus Club :  Cerney Laddie OF/P, Chala Angus P, Chala Johnny 1B, Dobek Joe C, Dobek John P, Giacamuzzi Moose, Giacamuzzi Pedro, Herman C, Luciente Uesko, Misuraca Armond, Vejprava Gordie, Vejprava Roy, Vejprava Tony MGR,

Coleman Cubs :  Fields Bill 2B, Fraser Bill, Hayashi Roy OF, Kimoto Lefty LHP, Kimoto Stump P (also Picture Butte), Kimoto Yoho 3B/SS, Kitaguchi Charlie C/P, Kitaguchi Jim 1B, Kovacik Alec OF, Pow Dave OF, Yoshinaka George C/MGR

Fernie :  Canfield Pete, Carvetta Patsy C, Cole Bill P, Connor Joe, Grisaflo Rolly, Kusair Bill, Riley Jim P

Hillcrest Miners :  Alec John C, Bianchini Armond OF/MGR, Brazzoni Enzo 3B, Elick John 2B, Ganger Steve P, Mayor Frank C, Petrini Luigi OF, Rhodes Albert SS, Richardson Bob 3B, Unilowski Pete LHP, Urbash Austin OF, Williams Ken P


Blackie :  Broz, Eceland, Hanwell, Mastin, McLear, Pakenham, Percyfield, Rockerfeller, Viggo

Claresholm Meteors :  Berg Wayne 3B, Brown Hugh OF, Diebold Dal INF, Dion A.W. 2B, Dodd Cecil(Dutch) C/P, Doyle Bob COACH, Edwardh Cal, Huddle Lefty 1B, Jenkins Jay SS, Johnson P, Kennedy Billie BATBOY, Linton Adam MGR, MacDonald Ward C/P, Matson Orin, Olsen Glen OF, Whitehead Boyd OF

Champion Red Sox :  Bouzyan Ferris(Shorty) OF/2B/MGR, Buchan Al, Dorohoy Eddie, Fath Robert, Hagg Larry C, Motokado Joe, Pasolli Livio, Pasolli Sev OF, Rhodes Leonard OF, Schaurmann Karl, Schumaker Lloyd,Siler Bud P, Smith Mervyn P, Wolfe Bill

Parkland :  Hansen, Hawk Dick, Hawk N., Hawk R., Hawk Stan., Jensen G., Oviatt, Scott J., Wood D.

Stavely :  Bouzyan G., Eskeland, Harris Len, Hughes Rolly CF, Macdonald Jim, MacDonald Rod, Marshall, McInnes, Yorgason Dale



Brandon Greys :  Cabrera Rafe SS/UT, Chacon Mario P, Dent Carl SS (also Roblin), Fenwick Percy MGR, Gibbons Dirk RHP, Godinez Manuel RHP, Gonzalez Wilfredo LHP, Hunt Art P, Johnson Tom P, Lowe lan 3B MGR, MacKay Gerry OF, Means Winslow Lefty LHP (also Roblin), Naranjo Pedro LHP, Peerman Don P, Peete Charles OF, Pigg Leonard C (also Roblin), Rodriguez Ramon C, Savigne Victor OF, Vasquez Armando 1B/LHP, Vinson Dick P (also Roblin), Watkins Frank RHP, Watkins Murray Skeeter INF, Wilson Chuck UT

Carman Cardinals : Adams Smokey Joe, Andrews Sonny SS, Bass John P, Brewer Chet RHP, Chojnowski Luke INF, Cobb Lillord P/OF, Dorohoy, Elliott Gord, Fuller Bill BB, Gardiner Lee P, Graves Morrell OF, House Red Charles 3B, Jessup Gentry RHP, Johnson Bob 1B, Malone Willie OF/C, Manning Bob P/OF, Massingale Mac OF, Mawhorter Ray, McKerlie Almer, McKerlie Clint, McWhorter Ray P/OF, Millon Harold 2B, Novak Ted Mgr, Reid Don P, Schaefer Jack OF, Teasley Ron INF, Thomas Walt C/P, Torner SS/2B, Webster Dan P, Wingo John P/OF

Elmwood Giants : Boney Marshall C, Carpenter, Cowan John 2B/OF, Crue Marty OF, Cunningham Bob P, Drake Solly SS, Finch Ray LHP, Haas Curly, Hyde Cowan OF, Jones Paul H RHP, Leier Ed OF, Longley Wyman Red UT, Patterson Pat INF, Pearson Frank RHP, Phillips Andy 3B, Preston Al P/OF, Redd Hickey UT, Sawchuk Terry OF, Smith Taylor RHP (also Winnipeg), Snead Sylvester UT, Warwick Jack 3B, Watson Amos P , Wiley Joe 2B/3B, Wilson Bob 3B

The Giants had hoped to attract even more talent.  A story in the April 14, 1950, Winnipeg Free Press mentioned more signings.

"Elmwood Giants, of the Manitoba-Dakota Baseball League, Wednesday night announced the signing of Clyde Golden, left-handed Negro pitcher, who it is hoped will make up for the loss of Hal Price, Negro ace who starred with the club for two seasons before signing a contract with a Brooklyn Dodger farm team. 

At the same time, Elmwood manager Curly Haas gave out a list of players whom the Giants have signed for the 1950 season.  From last year's team, only Marshall Boney, catcher, Jack Warwick, first base, Eddie Leier, Sol Drake and Terry Sawchuk, outfielders, and Amos Watson, pitcher, will be returning.  Newcomers are Rufus Baker, a 24-year-old catcher; Paul Hardy, 22-year-old second baseman; Bob Wilson 23-year-old third baseman;  Willie Williams, 23-year-old shortstop; Taylor Smith 26-year-old right-hander; Joe Heard, 28-year-old left-hander; Frank Pearson, 27-year-old right-handed curve artist.'"  (Winnipeg Free Press, April 14, 1950)

Minot Mallards :  Anderson Adolph Andy OF, Anderson Bill RHP, Bruton Jack RHP/OF, Cathey Willie LHP, Cope Bob RHP, Danielson Bob 1B/RHP, Dark Harold P, Fagan Gervis INF, Faunce Ev 2B/3B/OF Mgr, Felde Norm 1B, Fowler Ted UT, Hughes Roy P, Kempf Cliff C, Lapides Harvey OF, Lefebvre Wilf Lefty LHP/MGR, Mack Joe, McLean Clifton Zoonie SS, Miles Zell OF (also Winnipeg), Paige Leroy Satchel RHP, Peete Jimmy LHP, Pickens Frank RHP, Shaw OF, Sheppard Fred RHP/OF, Smith Henry 2B, Stewart Artis RHP, Strong Marley C, Strong Othello RHP (also Winnipeg), Strong Ted SS/OF (also Swift Current), Tolson Brad RHP, Triplett Del, Wasseth Paul 3B, Williams Len/Les "Preacher" (also Swift Current) 2B, Witherspoon Lester RHP/OF/1B (also Swift Current), Wylie Steve Ensloe RHP (also Indian Head, Swift Current)

Winnipeg Buffaloes :  Benson Lorne Boom Boom P/INF (also Grandview), Bostock Lyman 1B, Britton John 3B, Carter Ernest Spoon RHP, Crue OF, Davis Butch Robert Lomax OF, Day Leon RHP/OF, Harrison Smokey P, Haverstock B., Hector Jack, Hill Sam OF, Holly Stamp(s) OF, Howard Percy, Kennedy John 2B/SS, Miles Zell OF (also Minot), Morton Cy INF, Newberry James RHP, Nicholson Bill P, Porter Andy RHP, Robinson Frazier C, Smith Taylor RHP (also Elmwood), Snead Sylvester SS, Strong Othello RHP (also Minot), Taylor Joe C, WellsJr Willie INF, WellsSr. Willie SS/MGR


Dauphin Redbirds:   Aikens Cliff/Norris OF, Angus Ken 3B, Bourbonnais Lou 1B/C/MGR, Boughen Herb 3B/2B, Bourbonnais Lou 1B/C, Boushy Ernie 3B, Boushy Steve 2B, Brass Buddy P, Callisle, Clark Jack 1B, Dufault, Gardiner Don P, Goran Johnny P, Harris Tom, Jones Collins OF/INF, Mayor Orville P, Mazur Ed LHP/OF, McPhee Stan OF/P, Nash Ray C/OF/3B, Robertson Alex SS/OF, Simms Fate P/UT/MGR, Slobodian Matt MGR, Smegelski William OF, Stephenson Wayne(Wimpy) RHP/OF, Styles Norris, Warbeck Walter(Babe) OF

Neepawa :  Baker P, Bodnar Jack P, Cruw, Davidson Don P, Inverarity Tommy 2B, Johnson Bob P, Lawston Don INF/P, Masters Gord SS, Mattson Ralph C, McConacy Dave C MGR, Myles Keith , Ridley Ken SS, Rush Merv C, Rush Rayborne OF, Watson Amos P , Wilson Jim P

Roblin :  Aabigail, Chacon Mario P, Dent Carl SS (also, Brandon), Gove 2B, Keast W. C/P, Means Winslow(Lefty) LHP, Pigg Leonard C, Scott Jack MGR, Shiner Earl OF, Vinson Dick P, Weitzel Herman P, Weitzel Richard p, Yakmysky/Yakmyshn

Gilbert Plains :  Alexander Bill LHP, Bender C, Franzcak Vic P, Howelko Frank, Hunt Dave P, Jacousky Al LHP, Macey Frank(Hub) P/OF, McDonald Eddie OF/LHP, Minish Orville LHP/1B, Minish Roy P, Morden Doug P, Morton Ted 3B/OF, Murray Bill INF, Plummer Bill OF/2B, Plummer Stan, Puchalski Ab OF, Stempak John C, Wilson Johnny UT

Grandview :  Benson Lorne Boom Boom P/INF (also Winnipeg), Coffee Howie P/C, Dame C, Douglas Les, Goodman Joe 2B/OF, Hainstock Bill P, Hubchick Bunt OF, Lawson Don, McDonald Eddie OF/LHP, Ross Dave, Sabo Lou 3B/P, Seymour Al RHP, VanBargan Orlan, Williamson Spud P



Collingwood :  Addison 3B, Alton Jack P/OF, Armstrong Ken, Blackhall Bob OF, Hallam Bob 2B, Hill OF/C, Hlady Paul P, Jenkinson Tom LHP, Maguire P, McIntyre Don 2B, Paialunga Ken P/C, Rys 1B, Yanchuk OF

Grandview Chiefs :  Adams Doug 2B, Arnold Ross LHP, Bertram Harvey OF, Bogdanovich George LHP, Connell Jack RHP, CraigJr. Nick RHP, Drew Stan P, Greaves Tom OF/MGR, Hole Freddy SS, Maxwell OF, McKay Don 1B, Ricketts Jerry INF, Robertson C, Robinson Harry, Scambler P, Watley Keith(Butch) SS

Langley Prairie :  Bishop P/1B, Gillies P, Grant Claude OF, Hantor P, Hoodekoff P, Hunter Mel RHP, Johnson OF, Kennedy OF, Kitsui SS/3B, Larkin SS/C, Mountain, Porter 3B, Robinson Wendell OF, Ross Art, Ruffo OF

South Burnaby Athletics :   Booth Al P, Buckle Al OF, Drummond Lorne P, Forbes Don P, Hallgren Jerry 1B/3B, Henry Ed 1B/MGR, Kelley Jim OF, Kinder Bill SS, Kozak Frank, Lamont Dale C, Lapthorne Grant P, Lennox Bud OF, Matthews Eldie/Eldy P, Mulhern Dale C/OF, O'Shaughnessey L., Philley Brian 2B, Rope OF, Ruckbrough P, Russell Jim 2B

Steveston Hotel :  Bellamy Vince C, Biggan Jimmy OF/MGR, Crosato P, Daniels Jack 3B, Davis P, Gainor, Johnson OF, Lennox 2B, Matheson Glen P, Paris Armand , Richardson Russ P/OF, Sawden OF, Simpson Bill 1B/Coach, Tompkins Don

Westerns :  Adshead Billy 1B, Donaldson Jack(Snowy) LHP, Kanik P/OF, Liskis P, Massey J. OF/C, Massey Paul MGR/OF, McDonald Hec C, Palek Bill, Sherban Bill 1B, Surphilis 3B, Taylor 3B, Thirsk Bruce 2B, Tough Jimmy SS, Venturato SS, Zailo Gary RHP


Vancouver Boilermakers :  Beauchamp 1B, Beaulieu P, Bell OF, Cluckie M. 2B, Goeft OF, Hemmerling Ron SS, Hume C, Makarenko G. 2B/OF, Marsh J. 3B, Moerike OF, Patrick Al P/OF, Peters C, Straat A. OF, Taggart Bud, Vickers John C/P

Vancouver Longshoremen :  Bailey Bud P/1B, Brown OF, Dale Lorne INF, Dean OF, Foster Rich, Fox OF, Hemmerling J. 1B, Litzen Ronnie P, Makarenko M. OF, Makarenko S. P/OF, Rondpre Ray C/P, Rondpre V. OF, Smith C

Vancouver Machinists :  Barrillaro P/OF, Campbell OF, Chaplin OF, Clark P, Evans 1B, Fee OF, Gordon OF, Gunnlaugson Ray C, Hellier SS, Keil Elgin, Makarenko Willie P, Marsh R. 2B, Phipps Dick OF

Vancouver Nisei :   Hinada Tumpy P, Koyanagi Min, Okano Danny

Vancouver Western Bridge :  Blitch Gerry P, Caswell Bill/Jim OF/C, Donegan Joe OF, Gutenberg Tony, Hemmerling Doug, MacDonald 3B, Mauro C, Morrison 1B, Roxborough P/2B, Thrower Ernie P/OF, Western OF/P, Wilson OF


Agassiz :

Chilliwack : 


Sardis Army :


Cloverdale : 

Langley Legion : 

Langley Tigers : 

Whalley : 


Duncan Athletics :  Cain Jim OF, Cessford K. OF, Dame Sam C, English Doug P, Folk Tony P/2B, Gergel Joe SS, Goldy/Goldie A. P, Hawryluk Pete 3B, Jansch/Jantz, Johnstone D. P, Nelson Kenny OF, Patterson 3B, Prior Bill P, Rodger Eric , Rodger Lyell OF, Schappert Roy 2B/P, Simmonds OF, Stroulger Charlie 1B/P, Syme Bill OF, Syme J. OF, Syrotuck George MGR, Williams D., Wyllie Doug C/1B

Nanaimo Clippers :  Bracewell Bill P, Easterbrook Billy P, Edmunds Fat MGR, Hewitt Charlie OF, Hindmarch Bob C, Hindmarch Wally OF, Naylor Red SS, Negrin , Patterson Ernie 2B, Pausch Bruce C, Potts George UT, Robinson Earl P, Rozzano Dave P, Rowledge Bob 1B, Rowledge Russ OF, Smith Don 3B

Victoria Eagles :  Carson Frank C, Clarke Tommy P, Davies Stan P, Dorohoy Eddie 3B, Evans Verne(Red) 2B, Forbes Norm P, Higgs Ken OF, Hume Cliff P, Kubicek Alf, Leachmen Mike MGR, McGee Dan 3B, McKinnon Don LHP, Moir Bill OF, Peden Doug 1B, Prior Bill P, Robinson, Sheppard Eddie OF, Woolcock Ronny C, Worrell /Worrall Geoff 2B/3B, Wright Ken 1B, Wright Rookie SS/3B

Victoria Capitals :  Bendall Bud OF, Bishop Tony P, Cameron Walt C, Charlton Glenn OF, Evans Verne 1B, Green Art P, Hanson Ray 2B, Lavis Jack MGR, Logie Roy SS, MacArthur Grant 2B/P, MacArthur Hollie OF, MacArthur Murray P, Stewart Doug P, Worrell Geoff OF, Wright Jack 3B


Campbell River Athletics : Borgfjord, Calnan Horace C, Cameron D., Crosetti Jimmie, Haramboure, Jones, Korsa Joe, MacDonald Skip C, Marshall Don(Smoothy) P, Marshall J., Morrison P, Motion, Telosky Andy C, Thirsk Bruce, Thulin H. , Thulin R., Turcotte

Comox Valley Tigers :   Burchell, Clifford Freddie P, Downs, Fontana, Geyaeu, Hawkins Johnny, Ingram Biff C, Jackson, Janes Don, Janes W., Marshall Frank P, Marshall R., Matthews, Pratt Gordon P, Redona, Reid Dave, Smith Adrian, Smith Jack, Smith Ray

Courtenay Legion :   Briggs Tillman, Chalmers Junior, Downey Dick, Downey Ray SS, McDonald Somerled 1B, McIvor Bob(Shorty) P, McKenzie Lyle C, McNish, Moore Bill, Moore Roy C, Orr Freddie, Quinn Spit P, Robinson Robbie, Strachan Lefty LHP, Urquhart, Woods Earl P

Cumberland Cubs :   Bone F., Boyd Charlie P, Brown J., Ellis Gordon, Galeazzi T., Moncrief W., Murdoch J., Murphy G., Pearce B., Pearce Roy C, Pezel P., Pisto F., Raga G., Rallison W., Somerville Art P, Stockand S., Walker Ray P, Younger Jack P

Cumberland Robins :   Aitken R., Baird D. , Bannerman J. , Bannerman L., Bond Leroy , Boyd R., Bulatovich P., Cochrane G., Conti Ty C, Davis D., Faulds J., Ferguson Jim(Fergie) P, Frelone R., Hunt Snipe, James R., Minary C., Murlak, Scavarda Charlie P, Somerville A., Watson M., Weir W., Welsh D.

Union Bay :   Bennie D., Campbell D. , Coe L., Geary, Kennedy A., Kennedy H., McKay D., McKay J., McKay R., McKay S., McKay T., Peters F., Pratt Ron LHP, Renwick J. , Renwick K. , Richardson L., Shillito E., Wiley

Maillardville :  Gervais P, Laverdure, Switch, Thomas, U'ren P

Port Alberni Young Liberals :  Prior Bill P, Smote P, Walters Harvey, Wylie Jocko

Port Moody :  Bedard Jim 1B, Flashoway Gordon 2B, Norman, Pane, Parker, Rollins Al MGR


Brewster :  Asmussen OF, Beaudoin George OF/1B, Bohringer Andy 3B, Cleveland Jack 2B, Cleveland S. C, Driessen Eli OF, Hanford Tom 1B/C, Henderson 1B, Holt Vic SS/OF, Kiefer Bud P, McKay OF, Morris Randy C, Nickle OF, Sampson OF, Smith B. OF, Sparks Terry SS, Taber Fordean(Corky). P, Williams Leonard OF

Coulee Dam Athletics :  Boast 3B, Czaplewski 1B, Dyer 2B, Hayden, Helm C, Hill 2B, Johnson SS, Kleifgen P, Lowe OF/SS, Milliken C/OF, Redmond OF, Schildnecht SS, Swan Bud P, Verhei P, Walker OF

Mansfield Sportsmen :  Johnson Bob 1B/OF, Beard OF, Bowers P/OF, Collins OF, Glessner Loren C, Hanford SS/1B, Hannan 1B/P, Judd SS, Kinzel John 3B/1B, Mathieson 2B/OF, Nelson G. OF, Nelson J. OF, Rose OF, Tupling OF

Oliver Elks :  Becker 3B, Bray Harry 2B, Coulter Red P/OF/C, Cousins Hal P (also Rutland), Coy Don OF, Crucetti OF, Dinsmore Johnny MGR/PH, Eisenhut Paul 2B/3B, Lawley Bill OF, McIvor Bob C/OF, McLaren 1B, Norton Eric LHP, Steffen Eddie P, Thompson Harold OF,

Omak Orphans :  Beaser C, Cottrell 1B, Lightly Bob 2B, Lightly Jim OF/P, Mallott 1B, Maple P, Marchand Joe P, McCormick OF, Moberly, Picard Howard 3B, Picard R. OF, Russell B. SS, Russell C. OF, Shattuck C, Thorpe P, Visser H. OF (also Tonasket)

Penticton Canucks :  Apolzer Johnny P, Ashley Barry OF, Bowsfield Ted “Kid” LHP, Clovinski Bill(Slim) OF, Drossos Sam C/UT, Edwards Les P/OF/MGR, Eshleman Val SS/3B, Gatin Len P (also Kamloops Elks), Gibb Pat 3B (also Oliver), Gibbons OF, Gunn Bill OF, Ivesich/Ivezich OF, Kidd Don OF, MacDonald SS, Neaves Bill C/OF, Nicholson Bill 2B, Powell Aubrey C/OF, Raptis Bill 3B/OF, Russell Bud OF, Shaw Brian RHP (also Nelson), Tidball Bud 1B

Summerland Merchants :  Brawner OF/P, Coffey P, Day Wally RHP/3B, Dunham 2B/OF, Evans P, Jomori Sandy SS, Kuroda Frank OF, Metcalfe Frank C, Nesbitt OF, Schwab C, Taylor SS/2B, Vanderburgh John 1B, Walsh P/SS, Weitzel D. OF

Tonasket Indians :  Burgart Willard SS, Compton Jerry P, Compton Jess 1B, Friels/Freels P/C/1B, Hardenburgh C, Kronschnabel 2B/SS, Osborne C/OF, Robinson OF, Rounds Carl P/OF, Visser H. OF, Visser Ray P/OF, Visser Roy 3B, Ziegler 2B


Copper Mountain :   Backaway P, Boudreau 2B, Gabrey OF, Gerin A. 3B, Gerin E. C, Gerin V. P, Hurd A. P/OF, Morrison OF, Pacton 1B, Portman OF, Slakski SS, Stremel OF, White OF, Zaklofski SS

Hedley :   Allison SS, Beele 1B, Carmotta OF, Holmes OF/2B, Lumberg C, McDonald 2B/P, McLaren 3B, Quadvleg P/OF, Soannon OF

Keremeos :   Bulwar 1B/P, Bush 2B, Clifton P/SS, Gemmel P/1B/3B, Laughlin OF, Masoneau SS/OF/2B, McCord 3B, McCord C, Peach OF, Sinclair SS, Smith OF, Smitheran C, Walters C, Wilkins OF, Wilkins P, Wisenberg OF

Merritt :  Chadwick 2B, Collett 1B, Ellingsen OF, Ellingsen T. OF, Fairley C, Forsey OF/2B, Gauthier Phil P, Gillis OF, Hoggan 2B/OF, Johnson C, Josephson 3B, Lancour C, McCreight Billy OF, McIvor 2B/SS/OF, McKernan SS

Osoyoos :   Carlisle OF/P, Farmer OF/P/1B, Graf 2B, Hall, Jardine SS/OF, Krause N. OF, Krause OF/3B, Lang SS, Lewis C, Malden 2B, Martin 1B, McConnell 2B/OF, Montgomery P/OF, Osborne P/C/1B, Tyre 3B

Peachland :   Clements P/2B, Cousins C, Downie 2B/OF, Flintoff OF, Fulks OF/3B, Jones C, McLaughlin OF, Moore 1B/SS, Renneberg OF, Robbins SS/P, Shaw 3B/P, Sutherland C/1B, Thompson 2B, Williamson OF

Penticton :  Apolzer P, Ashley/Eshley OF, Boulding 1B, Burgart SS/3B, Dempster OF, Eshelman 2B, Hill OF, Johnson 1B/OF, Lowe OF, Moog OF, Neaves C, Price 3B/SS


Kamloops CYO :   Egely Ollie C, Francis Harry 1B/OF, Garay Lou OF, Haywood Johnny SS/OF, Hornsby OF, Kaminishi Kaye 3B/OF, Marriott Bill OF/2B/SS, Marriott G. 1B, Marriott L. 1B, Marriott W. 2B/OF, Maxwell SS, McDonald C, Portman Bill OF, Prehara Paul P, Schall Bill 3B/P/2B, Sherban LHP, Terry Ken P,

Kamloops Elks :  Beaton Grant OF/1B, Fisher OF, Gatin Len P (also Penticton Canucks), Hryciuk OF, Johnson Wilf 3B/OF, Jones Casey 1B, Kanik Joe P, Laidlaw OF, MacDonald Bill P/INF, Maralia Harry OF/C, Marshall P, Mayson Ash SS, McNaughton C, McQuarrie Gordon OF/P, Ottem Mel 1B/OF/MGR, Ottem Ray 3B/1B/C, Shannon Glen, Thompson Art 1B/2B

Kelowna Elks :  Bakowy Mike LHP, Favell Cec OF, Foster Richie 2B, Garrow George 3B, Kielbiski Eddie UT, Kitsch Rudy OF/2B/MGR, Koenig Bob SS/2B, Lowe Jim OF, Middleton Bob OF, Middleton Jimmy OF/RHP, Murray Dick Coach, Newton Dave OF, Peters Don OF/C, Scott Pete RHP, Stewart Ken MGR/C , Strandberg 3B, Tostenson Hank 1B,

North Kamloops :  Beecroft Gordon OF/LHP, Brkich Johnny OF/LHP, Brkich Nick “Zeke” 1B, Buchanan Keith “Buck” 1B, Byman Al OF/RHP, Corea Sam OF/MGR, Dalzell OF, Fowles George P, Fowles Len SS, Fuoco Eddie 2B, Garay Ed C/OF, Kato Stan P, Saklofsky Bob 3B/OF, Takanaka OF/3B, Tanakaka T. P, Vaselenak OF

Princeton Royals :  Anderson OF, Gee Fred C, Gerein Otto P, Gray P, Harman/Harmon OF, Kovich SS/3B, Mitchell OF, Mullins 1B, Nishihara Nag/Harold P/1B, Paul 2B/3B, Schisler 2B, Thomas K. OF

Revelstoke Spikes :  Coreale 3B, Couston George OF/1B/P, Ditomassi 2B, Fleming Gordon P/3B, Harding Phil C, Koronko OF, McCaskill/McAskill Al UT, McKay OF, Pradolini Al P/1B/3B, Pratico Victor(Lefty) P/1B/OF, Pratico Vince(Chappy) 2B/SS, Rota C, Segur Don OF/2B, Venutti OF, Wakita OF

Rutland Adanacs :  Bach Paul MGR/P/OF, Brummet Tony C/P, Campbell Bob C/P, Cousins Hal P, Cousins V. C, Ellergot 3B, Gallagher Ed SS/P, Gillard Don 3B/SS/1B, Graff Russell “Red” 1B, Holitzki John C/1B, Kitaura Jim OF, Kitsch Andy 1B, Koga Mits RHP/SS, Koga Morio SS/OF, Lesmeister Wally P/OF, Lingor Johnny LHP/OF, Mallach Roy OF, Mende Achio INF, Schneider Otto 2B/3B, Senger Tony OF/3B/SS, Stewart Hugh P/OF, Truitt Maurice OF, Wanless Aubrey OF, Wostradowski Hank RHP/OF

Vernon Canadians :  Dye Vern INF/MGR, Fukuyama George P, Inglis Bill OF, Ingram John OF/P, Jackson Ike P/OF, Janicki Nick C/SS, Janicki Walt “Wally” OF, Kawaguchi 2B, Kulak OF, Loudon Johnny 3B, McCluskey Morgan, McFarlane C, Munk Al OF, Munk Otto SS, Petruk Bill MGR/C, Smith OF, Vanetta 1B


Fruitvale Beavers :  Anselmo Mush UT, Bilesky Andy P/1B/3B, Bilesky Julie SS/2B (also Trail), Boisvert Pete LHP/1B,, Byington 2B, DeBiasio Jim 2B, Ewing Dave SS/RHP/OF, Fredericks Dennis OF/P, Gardner 3B, Gariepy Ray 3B/OF, Gariepy Rolly OF, Grieve Elliott 2B, Grieve Gordon(Fuzzy) LHP, Haines Doug 1B, Kalusik OF, McInnis H.(Sandy) OF/C, McKinnon Bob P, Saddler Mel OF/3B, Simpson Jerry C, Veysey OF,

Nelson Peerless 9 :  Anderson Roy OF/MGR, Brown Ron P, Cohen J. 2B, Collings Ron OF, Cone Johnny OF/SS, Dozzi Bill/Argilio SS, Haldane Bill OF, Hamakawa Yo OF/3B, Hufty Frank OF, Hufty Les RHP, Koehle Bob(Bunny) UT, Koehle Fritz 2B/3B/OF, Koehle Red SS/OF, Larsen Al(Swede) C, Locatelli Carl INF, Madden Fred OF, McNabb Bob SS/2B, Nash Ron C/OF/MGR, Richardson Gordon(Fats) C/MGR, Shaw Brian RHP, Swenson Lloyd 3B, Todd Jimmy LHP/OF, Townsend Freddy RHP, Wassick Bill(Red) 1B, Whitehead Jack P, Winlaw Doug OF

Rossland Cubs :  Baril Dick OF, Brown Walter RHP, Campbell Kelly C/1B, Corrado Lui INF, Crowder Ed OF/3B/C, Davis Don OF, Geronazzo Danny OF/3B, Jankola Joey P/OF, Jones Harold SS/2B/P, Lavorato Irv LHP/OF, Martin Seth OF/3B, McKinnon Bobby RHP/OF, Robb Teddy 2B, Scott Archie 3B/SS, Scott Ray C/OF, Scott Willie 3B/2B, Shute Wayne OF/1B, Thomas Roy OF, Turyk Max OF, Wynn Rusty 1B/P

Nelson :  Blackmore R., Boyer F., Christenson C., Galloway M., Grindrop J., Hamakawa Y., Heighton J., Kraft Denny, Malcolm B., Nash Ron C, Wassick Red

Kaslo :  Anderson O.J. 3B, Carney Frank OF, Dickson G. C, Driver Roy SS/3B, Harbottie H., Lind Gilbert C/1B, Matsuzaki Hubbo C/OF, Norberg Ray P/3B, Norberg Arnold(Sonny) RHP/2B/C, Ringheim J. OF, Shinmoto Shigeo SS/2B, White Ken OF

Trail BC :  Anselmo C, Bilesky Julie SS/2B, Boisvert Pete P/1B, McIntyre Busher P/INF, Monaldi Joe P, Pisacreta Noro 3B, Stanton Ken OF, Verigin 2B 


Burton :  Hawkins Wally, Johnson Jarret 3B, Johnson Lawrence, Marcolli Henry, Marshall Bill OF, Marshall Clark(Sandy), McCormack John P, Robazza Joe P, Robson Jim, Sundstrom Roy, Walker Jock, Walton Ted

Nakusp :  Couling Herb P/2B, Desrochers Ed OF/P, Desrochers Fred SS/C, Hale Robert P, Hayashi Katsumi(Kuts) SS/2B/RHP, Hempseed Brian, Henderson Al, Hoshizaki Kaz 3B/2B, LaRue O., LaRue Melvin, Marshall G., Maxwell Harry, McFedrin Pete, Olson Del P, Parent Milt, Patterson Buster, Shaw Neil OF, Steenhoff Tony, Warrender Hugh, Yanagisawa Otto C/MGR, Yoshida Barin OF

New Denver :  Clarkson J. OF, Hashimoto R.(Dick), Hayashi Kuts 3B/P, Hayashi Nobuyoshi(Nobby) SS/OF, Hiyahara K. SS, Hope D., Kiyono Shig 3B/2B/1B, Miyahara Frank OF, Oikawa M., Oikawa W., Pearson Tommy RHP/OF, Suryama Chris(Wahoo), Saruyama L., Takenaka Tamo OF/LHP, Tateishi Jimmy P/3B/C, Thring Walt 1B/OF, Tippie C.Ray, Yamada Mas(Cuke) C, Yasui Roy

Silverton :  Clough Stan 1B/OF, Dryden B., Gordon Ken RHP, Gordon W.(Bill) 1B/3B, Groenhuysen George(Dutch) P, Hambly R.(Dick) 2B, Harding Randolph OF, Lind Allan C/OF, Nelson Gordon OF, O'Grady N., Orr A. OF, Turly Bob

Slocan City :  Doi George P, Hayashida T., Hicks Jim, Hicks Ted 3B/SS/P, Higashi B., Matsubayashi Ako, Nishimura M., Nishimura Tad, Oikawa T., Sakamoto Nappy, Terika B.

Winlaw :   Adio/Aido G. P, Avis Bert, Avis Harold, Avis W. OF/2B, Gustafson E. P, Gustafson K. OF, Lister Benny 3B, Moran Johnny P/OF, Nishimura T. SS, Shukin F., Zaytsoff Nick


Giscome Dodgers :   Adams C. C, Adams T. 3B, Berndt Floyd P, Coogan SS, Ekblad 2B, Granley C, Klotz SS, Lord P, McLean 3B/OF, Merritt OF, Pocha OF, Schmidt OF, Sinclair OF, Stafford 1B, Struthers Doug P, Trask OF

Prince George Pollards :  Astoria Harry OF (also Timbars), Bent Ed P, Berry Don, Brady OF, Candell “Corky” P/C/3B, Favero Syl SS, Fleming William 1B (also Timbars), Makarenko SS, McQuarrie Jim C/1B, Muirhead Wilson C/OF, Palin OF/1B, Rhodes “Stoddy” P/2B, Schnepf Norm P/OF, Sorochan OF, Zolli Lud P/OF

Prince George Timbars (an early dropout)  :  Astoria Harry SS (also Pollards), Corrigan Keith (also West Lake Loggers), Fleming William 1B/MGR (also Pollards), Gabrielle Chuck P (also Willow River Red Sox), Harvey Bruce P, Senkpiel P

Quesnel Lumbermen :  Campbell, Friezen Frank P, Harris, McIntyre Mel C, Nichol/Nicol P, Oliver P, Proudlove Jim P, Stevens, Thomason P, Wilkie Don P

Vanderhoof Cubs :  Archibald SS, Campbell 1B, Kent 1B/SS, Reeves, Reinke Darrell 2B, Reinke G. 3B, Russell OF, Sargent OF, Silver, Smith Jim P/OF, Smith John C, Smithers, Spencer P, Wall Abe P/OF, Wall Dave P/OF

West Lake Loggers :  Amos "Slim" P/3B (also Willow River Red Sox), Corrigan Keith 3B (also Timbars), Craig OF, Doyle C, Gatin Len P/OF, Glazier Hugh P, Holder Merv 2B, Holder Wes 3B/2B, Lloyd OF, McEachnie Don 1B/OF, McEachnie Reg P/OF, Meiers Dick OF, Meiers Walter MGR, Sims Doug SS, Skalicky Pete C/OF, Skalicky “Slim” OF, Stewart Jack P, Vickers Roy 1B, Ward OF

Willow River Red Sox :  Amos “Slim” P/3B (also West Lake Loggers), Anderson Alex P, Appleton, Church Ted C, Dalton P, Gabriele Chuck (also Timbars), Kurchern, Kaschunen C, Laidlow Bob P, Robinson Leo P, Roos Amos P, Simms, Southwick P, Vaillancourt/Valencourt Fred P


Kimberley Elks :  Kilburn Doug, Smart



Brantford Red Sox : 

Galt Terriers : 

Guelph Maple Leafs

Kitchener Legionnaires,: 

London Majors : 

St. Thomas Legion : 

Stratford Nationals : 

Waterloo Tigers : 


Mahers : 

Mayfairs : 

Westerns :  Gibula T., Hisaki E., Ichi D., Ikeda K., Judson D., Kutsukake  Ken MGR, Mori S., Nakatsu P., Nekoda J., Nishimura J., Saito C., Sasaki P., Takemura T., Tanaka R., Tsukamoto T.

West York : 


Ace Bowling : 

Dover Sports : 

Oshawa : 

Peterborough : 

Simpson Fords : 


Stevenson Bruins : 


Albert Lea Packers :  Austinson Warren(Ozzie) SS/3B, Bowers Ray RHP, Burns Bud 1B/MGR, Cookson Jimmy OF/MGR, Donovan Jack C/2B, German Bob LHP, Gorham Spike OF, Marquardt Del C/OF , Marquardt Rollie RHP, McCabe Bob 2B, Poliak John 3B/OF, Raso Joey 2B/SS, Strunk Werner OF, Tepler Boyd LHP, Turck Don 3B/OF, West Gordy OF

Austin Packers :  Bartkowski Roman LHP, Beckel Bob 2B, Campeau Bill C, Davis Bill RHP, Elliott Harry OF/C, Harpuder Mel OF/3B, House Sam 2B/OF/P, Koval George P/OF, Kuhlman Bob RHP/OF , LaVelle Jack OF, Lindgren Duane(Red) 1B , Morem Bobby 3B, Riley Ray OF, Scheid Emil MGR, Seltz Dick SS, Skowron Bill 3B, Turck Don 3B/OF

Faribault Lakers :  Barrett Tommy OF/3B/SS, Bergeson Hal OF, Chmiel Herb LHP, Davison Jean P/OF, Jaros Tony OF/1B, Kaess Dick SS, Lucken Ole OF, Mealey Hudson(Hockey) UT, Plotnik Len MGR, Reint Bob C, Sagedahl Manny RHP/OF, Schlaffer Augie OF/1B , Schuldt John 3B, Thompson Adrian 2B

Mankato Merchants :  Anhorn Bobby SS, Brinsky Whitey OF/P, Burgess Don RHP, Constantz Quinn , Garrett Glen RHP, Glenn Don LHP, Hafiz Robert C, Hoffman Eddie OF, Hoffman Jerry 3B, Huntley C, Isert Lou C/MGR, Kindler Bill 1B, Lundquist Jack OF, Marso Jack P, Masterson Tom OF , Mauer Jake 2B, Mauer Kenny SS, Miller John(Lefty) LHP/OF, Miller Wendy MGR, Nelson Dale SS, Ness John 2B/1B/3B, Randol Lloyd 3B, Vondrashek George P, Wigley 1B, Wiles Charley C, Zara Chet LHP/OF

Owatonna Aces :  Albertson Bob P, Blanchard Don SS, Boys R. SS, Carroll Bill OF, Enright Bill P, Faber Bob RHP, Fletcher Murray P, Giebel Arnie C/OF/MGR, Grass Paul C/OF , Kassel Lloyd OF, Kornbaum , McCarthy , Nelson Arnie 1B/OF, Nowak Wally 1B, Petersdorf Ted P, Pofahl Jimmy 2B/MGR, Ronglien Harvey , Sobek George 2B , Steffens Howie 3B, Sullivan , Thurnblad Jack 3B, Tobias Claire RHP

Rochester Royals :  Carlson Ray SS , Carter Mel 3B, Cavosie Joe OF, Cherney Ernie C, Creevey John P/OF, Fowler Jim P, Hutchinson Willie P, Jensen Babe OF, Mathis Verdell LHP/OF, McKinnis Gread LHP, Powell Spike 2B, Raddant Ken C, Schultz Carl SS, Smith Gene OF/P, Sternberg Benny MGR, Sunday Steve 2B, Whorley Lew C/OF, Wolfe Bud 1B,

Waseca Braves :  Afremow Buddy SS/3B, Anderson H.O.(Harry) 1B/OF , Austinson Warren(Ozzie) SS/3B, Balance Bob OF/3B/MGR , Bartholomew Bob OF , Cordell Johnny LHP, Enright Bill P, Foster 2B, Hrdlicka Fred OF, Kasid Ed OF, Kelly Ron, Kraupa Arleigh LHP, Miller Don 3B/SS/2B, O'Brien Bob C, Olive Gene 1B/OF, Rediske Dick 2B , Snyder P, Sybilrud Ronnie OF/P, Vane Nip OF

Winona Chiefs :  Danneker Frank 2B, Dyke Paul OF, Ekern Windy 1B, Fox Barney SS, Fuchs Bill OF , Gabrych Ray SS/3B, Jaszewski Frankie C/OF, Kowalewski Lambert OF, Kulig Al RHP, Matthiesen Ken OF/LHP, McGill Bob 3B/C, Michalowski John 2B/1B, Morgan Frank C, Nascak Emil SS, Ocpercis OF, Orphan Hugh RHP, Prokopowicz Stan OF/1B, Radtke Horst C/2B, Ricks Bill P, Roberts Don LHP, Rosenthal Larry OF, Shillings Alger(Corky) P, Sobota Ralph OF/2B, Wieczorek Chester OF/MGR


Alaska Command :   Baker OF, Brown C, Burke SS, Daily 1B, Dverney Ted LHP, Frasier OF, Hutchings Walter P, Moore Lew OF/SS, Murray 2B, Nicholls Paul P, Schneider Jack OF, Sullivan 3B

Brooklyn Cuban Giants :  Chapman OF, Christopher Thad C, Cooper C, Ellison John C, Harrison P, Hunt Arthur P, Johnson Brady MGR, Johnson Johnny P, Mitchell Joe P, Mitchell Joe 3B, Phillips Cleo P, Smith Henry 2B, Swanson 2B, Terrell SS, Valentine Russell P, Varona Clemente SS, Wheeler OF, Wilder Bill P, Williams Coney 1B, Williams Roy OF

California Mohawks : Abbott Jake LHP, Barnett Don RHP, Bartels Fred LHP/1B, Bauhofer Bud RHP, Beiden Pete MGR, Bolger Larry RHP OF, Bricker Don C, Donkersley Bob SS, Makras Chris, Milano Ed OF, Pisani Lou, Rubcic Mike/John, Sommers Fred UT, Swegle Brick Mgr, Taylor Roy 2B/1B/MGR, Watkins Reeve Bud RHP, Welton Jack

Harlem Globe Trotters :  Coswell P, Fishbaugh Jim 2B, Hardy Paul C, Mancao Chris P, Miles Zell OF, Simpson Herbert 1B, Smith OF, Wheeler Sam OF, Williams Jess SS, Williams John P, Williams Roy C, Woods Parnell 3B

House of David : Anderson George 3B, Anderson Lloyd OF, Bolen Jim OF, Chapetta Alvin 1B, Chew Ray C, Freshour Lefty P, Kafoury George SS, Kish Elmer P, Maurer Gus 2B, McCloud Ralph P, Morrow Frank OF, Owens C, Tracey George P

Kansas City Monarchs : Battles Charley C, Bell B, Bell J CoolPapa, Betts Russell P, Cartmill Art 2B, Everett Curtis OF, Fowlkes Sam P, Guyton Miller 3B, Henderson Duke OF, McCarey Bill OF, Moody Lee/Jake 1B, Pierre Joe SS, Wooten(Wootton?) Nate P/UT

La Conner Indians, WA :  Underwood Mike MGR

Ligon's All-Stars :  Bailey AQ Aquillon (also North Battleford), Beltran Isidro OF, Bilbo 3B/P, Broady Ken P, Holland Buford C, Lewis P, Ligon George MGR, Ligon Marvin OF, Ligon Rufus P, Neal James/Art OF, Nears "Red" Henry OF, O'Neill OF, Snoddy Tom 1B, Tate Curtis 3B (also North Battleford), Valdez Chino, Valdez Felix, Willis Bernard SS, Woods Edward Lefty

Louisiana Travelers (1949-1950) : Anthony OF, Barnes C, Burdon SS, Cowans Levelle 3B, Drake Scotty OF, Green P, Pickens P, Sheppard Fred Mgr-OF, Stewart OF, Suttels 1B, Turner SS, Williams 2B, Williams G OF

Muskogee Cardinals : Anderson Babe OF, Giddeons Slim P, Givens 2B, Haskins Leroy 1B, Locke Ernest SS, Locke J. OF, McPherson 1B, Nash P, Patrick Ulysses P/C, Prim C, Staton Ollie P, Thomas C

Nashville Stars : Black C, Dennis 1B, Evans OF, Heffner OF, Logan C, Marvray OF, O'Farrill SS, Rouse 3B, Russell Debb P, Searcy Kelly LHP, Thompson Tommy P, Williams E 2B

New Orleans Creoles :  Barrow Wesley MGR, Bradford James OF, Brooks Joseph OF, Cartwright Cleveland OF, Costello Irving SS, Johnson Lefty P, Pinkston Al 1B, Stone Toni 2B, Swanson Roy C, Terrel Morgan 3B, Williams Junior P

San Francisco Cubs : Brooks Al 3B, Bruton Nap Lanky P, Cain Marion Sugar P/OF MGR, Ellison Johnny C, Glenn Hubert P, Hope Syl, Jenkins Wendel Willie 2B, Morrison Felton OF, Morton Cy SS, Neal Loyal OF,  Richardson Charles 1B, Richardson Len P,  Richardson Louis OF, Taylor Frank P, Ward Eli P, Williams Bill OF, Williams Mansfield 3B

St. Louis Black Cardinals :  Gibbons Mac P, Harris J. SS, Hendrix James, Hunn C, Peterson Harvey P/C