1952 Western Canada Snapshots     

Below - an aerial photo of Abbott Field, North Battleford during the 7th game of the 1952 playoff final with 5,000 fans in attendance. [Photo courtesy of Lynn Meredith]

Abbott Field

Jim Harford          The Bentleys

Left - Moose Jaw catcher Jim Harford, a 19-year-old local product.  Right - The famous Bentleys playing for Saskatoon Gems at the Moose Jaw Tournament.  Front row - Doug (left) and Reg. Back row - Max and nephew Bev.

     Estevan Infield 1952     Clint Hodges

Left- The 1952 Estevan Maple Leafs' infield. Left to right, Bill Shea 2B, Andy Lillie SS, Charlie Selph 3B and Lou Pesce 1B.  Right  -   Clint Hodges, Moose Jaw manager.

Art WorthBill Clevenger     Moose Jaw Trio    

Left - Art Worth, lefty starter and outfielder.Middle- Bill Clevenger, catcher from California, and his brother Truman, suited up with Regina Caps. Right - Moose Jaw hopes for an improved offense with (left to right) Art Worth, Archie Templeton and Don Hinchberger.

Wayne Stephenson    Harry Monroe    Andy Lillie

From a 1952 Estevan program - stars of the Maple Leafs entry in the Saskatchewan League : Wayne Stephenson (left), Harry Monroe (centre), Andy Lillie (right). These Estevan photos courtesy of Gary McKechney

Gary McKechney   Bill Frady  Pete McLeod

Above : Gary McKechney (left), Bill Frady (centre), Pete McLeod (right).  Below : Rodolpho "Chico" Mesa (left), George Montz (centre), Harry Coe (right).

Chico Mesa   George Montz   Harry Coe

Ray Patterson     Bill Shea

Above : Ray Patterson (left) and Bill Shea (right). 
Below :  Lou Pesce (left) and Mel Torgenrud (right).

Lou Pesce     Mel Torgenrud

Below - Saskatoon Gems manager Ralph Mabee flanked by George Read and Frank Pickens.

Gems' trio

Thanks to Bob Fleming for the photos below - first is Bob "Big Daddy" Herron, premier slugger of the North Battleford Beavers.

Bob Herron

North Battleford's Curtis Tate, also a big man with the timber.

Curtis Tate

Four Beavers relaxing after a game - Bob Herron, Johnny Coleman, Louis Green & Curtis Tate

Four Beavers

And from Charlotte Lang, a few more photos from North Battleford, 1952, including a picture of a crowd at a Beavers' contest.

North Battleford crowd

Below left - North Battleford catcher Louis Green. Right - Outfielder/Pitcher Bob Herron.

Louis GreenBob Herron

Below, two views of third baseman Curtis Tate.

Curtis TateCurtis Tate