Western Canada Baseball        

Moose BaxterRoy Grover

Left - Moose Baxter (with the 1907 St. Louis Cardinals) played with the Edmonton Eskimos in 1910.  Right - Roy Grover advanced from the 1914 Saskatoon Quakers to play in the majors with Philadelphia A's in 1916-17.

Jake ThielmanJake ThielmanJohn Gillespie

(Left & centre - Jake Thielman lined with with Saskatoon in 1917 after pitching in the majors 1905-1908. Right - John Gillespie pitched for Calgary in 1921 before joining Cincinnati the following season.

Con StarkelRoxy Walters

Left - Con Starkel played with Moose Jaw in 1910 after a cup o' coffee in the majors in 1906. Right - Roxy Walters had an 11-year major league career, mainly with the Yankees and Red Sox, after two seasons in Saskatoon in 1913-14.

John GillespieJoe Lutz

Left - John Gillespie.  Right - Joe Lutz (in a photo from his minor league days in Montreal) played in the ManDak and Basin Leagues in the late 1950s and early 1960s after a few games in the majors with the St. Louis Browns in 1951.

Wilf LefebvreTom Burgess

Left - After pitching in the majors in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Wilf (Lefty) Lefebvre pitched for Minot of the ManDak League in 1950.  Right - Tom Burgess advanced from London of the Intercounty League to the majors with the Cardinals in 1954.

Larry Loughlin



Larry Loughlin, a lefty from Santa Clara University,
came to Calgary to pitch in the Western Canada
League in 1963 before advancing to the major
leagues for a few games with the Phillies in 1967.